A few minutes ago, tonight before 3.20 a.m., when MTVJ was doing its tribute to Michael Jackson, the video that was transmitting stopped and stuck on one image from one of his first videos. It stayed on that image at least three or four minutes – on that one image from the video.

It was strange because the way the lighting looked in that scene, there was a stream of vibrant green light that came into his body from behind and emanated across from the top right of the screen to the left where he stood motionless looking down. It was as if seeing him for the first time with the look of sadness and seriousness on his face. The dance was stopped in the middle of the song, just as the life of Michael Jackson was stopped before its dance had ended. And it stopped long before his song was to be finished.

Behind him on the left there was a splay of the green light from the staged lighting that created an angel wing that seemed to be attached behind his right arm. In the distance behind him on the right was a tiny double of himself with rays of green light emanating from him with also what looked like angel wings made from the bright green light embracing him. He was stopped in motion, a ghost of the life he had lived with all its vibrancy and sorrow captured in that moment of stopped time standing in my television screen without a sound as minute after minute passed.

I didn’t think to grab my camera and capture this unusual experience where the video stopped in the midst of its transmission and remained stuck in that moment of the video. After several frozen disquieting minutes on that one frame, the MTV transmission melted into a digital mosaic of boxes and jumped into the middle of the next video they were playing with Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan cutting up and playing like two really big kids.

Michael Jackson, we all miss you. Living as a creative life will never be the same without you here – I am very sad that you are gone. I hope you are dancing through the heavens with all the joy that God can give you every moment of eternity. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

– cricketdiane, 06-27-09