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About Michael Jackson and the autopsy results expected in 6 weeks –

“Earlier, the doctor who was with the singer when he suffered a suspected heart attack at his home in LA was reported to have returned to the city.

Celebrity website Tmz.com said Dr Conrad Murray is preparing to speak to police investigating the star’s death.

Officials were reportedly keen to interview him after Jackson’s family suggested he died because of a drug overdose.

Tmz.com said Jackson had been receiving a daily injection of Demerol, a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine, and may have been given “too much” on Thursday.

Dr Murray lived with the singer and administered his injections but police were initially unable to trace him, Tmz reported.”


Jackson Death: Weeks Before Cause Is Known

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11:59pm UK, Friday June 26, 2009


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Sky News Story about Michael Jackson – 06-26-09

My Note –

Why would a doctor disappear from the scene, who had just tried to revive his patient from cardiac arrest which happens to be our admired and loved Michael Jackson in that doctor’s private care? What right did that doctor have to get scarce when he had been treating the star?

And Dr Conrad Murray, didn’t just get scarce – he left the city. Now, what is that? Why did he leave his car and have someone take him away from the scene when he had all the medical knowledge of, history of his care of, and his prescribed medications for Michael Jackson as well as his first-hand experience with the cardiac arrest and collapse that had just occurred? What kind of person and especially what kind of doctor would do that? How could he leave city and have to come back to talk with the police – why wasn’t he at the hospital?

“Dr Murray lived with the singer and administered his injections but police were initially unable to trace him, Tmz reported.” – SkyNews / TMZ


I find so much sorrow in the world from the loss of Michael Jackson, not only among the fans but in every person touched by his music and personality. The life of Michael Jackson will always inspire me, my children and my family and we too are filled with the sorrow of this loss.

– cricketdiane