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Response to comment on Climate Change –

There has to come a time when big industry, big business, crude oil based technologies such as cars and refining for plastics and fuels actually participate in the stewardship of our environment as conscientious citizens during the production and manufacturing phases of their products and in responsible accounting for the end-products that undermine the safety and health of us all because of their pollutants. These business decision-makers and politicians serving them have set themselves apart by insisting that to do anything differently from the way it is being done currently cuts into their viability as a business and thwarts their enterprise.

For about three hundred dollars each, filters could have been placed on airborne emissions from manufacturing plants during the 1970’s when air pollution was already many years of piped crud socked over nearly every American city and suburb. But, they didn’t want to do that.

And, every attempt to harness emissions and effluents from manufacturing processes to filter or reclaim them for another use was given your standard reply over the past twenty years and given the other standard political response about hippies and tree-huggers in the years before that.

Now, here we stand in America and in a World where exotic chemical combinations reek through the air, soil and water; where entire volumes of massive areas in the oceans are dead zones; where the children and grandchildren of all of us cannot go outside to play for many days of the year; and where cars still pump massive quantities of exotic pollutants in the air making a walk to health or jogging on any sidewalk in America, nothing more than an increased risk of cancer, lung disease, sun stroke, heat stroke and asthma.

Climate change is only a small representative part of what is happening as a result of the business community and the politicians in their back pockets insisting on being allowed to continue without regard for what they are forcing everyone to endure in by-products, end products that pollute, manufacturing chemical run-off, air pollutants that they are emitting into the air which then come down into rivers and yards where children and families should be enjoying a life of freedom rather than ending up in hospitals suffering exotic diseases and cancers.

We can’t afford to stand as enemies anymore where it is only one way at the expense of the other. It cannot be either big business or the people and our future, one or the other. That isn’t going to be viable as we go forward.

Without the people, business has nothing. Without a future world where prosperity can be enjoyed in the light of the sun with the winds of the earth gently moving the air that is safe to breath and able to drink the waters of our planet safely to quench our thirst, without that – there is nothing prosperity can be worth and nothing it can buy that will be worthwhile. Didn’t that ever occur to you and to those whose views your comment espouses?

– cricketdiane

Above is my response to –

comment made on my blog about Climate Change – same old story – different day – he apparently didn’t get the memo . . .

Howard Lowe
Submitted on 2009/06/26 at 2:05pm

It is very disturbing for we earth scientists to be left out of the dialogue on climate change. The psuedo-scientists like Al Gore should pick up a book – a FRESHMAN GEOLOGY book. I realize that the book might be a little too complicated for them, BUT.
Earth warming and cooling has been going on ever since the Earth was formed 3.5 billion years ago, and this is long before God placed mammals into the evolutionary tree, much less MAN.
A distinguished professor of GEOLOGY at the Univeristy of Texas (Jackson College of Geological Science) recently completed a study of worldwide glacial activity throughout the GEOLGICAL eras. By studying the growth and recession of glacial ice during many ICE AGES he discovered the likelihood of the Earth now being in a warming period was wrong – he believes the Earth is going into a long period of global cooling. So do most earth scientists.
But then, who is this professor to try and compete with the world’s greatest self-appointed climate expert – Al Gore! The next time I am in Austin I will recommend that hereafter we send out journalists or lawyers to analyze the geological data – after all they seem to be the only ones anyone is listening to.
The arrogance of climate change kooks to believe they can manage the universe is ridiculous. Ice Ages come and go, but politicians stay and stay.
So, in spite of scientific facts and solid research the politicians will still pass a bill to reduce global warming anyway. They are arrogant enough to think that their vote will reverse God’s natural laws and stop global warming in its tracks. TRUE?
Howard R. Lowe

FALSO| False.

My Note –

Mr. Lowe and others he is repeating are distorting the truth by using the techniques found in rhetorical debate.

The issue of climate change and others like it – are not rhetorical debates, they are not theoretical science, they are not conjecture and in fact, they are not a matter of opinion.

The exotic chemical combinations that have been found in the air, soil and waters of every body of salt or fresh water in the United States can be found on the EPA websites data bases.

Every change in the weather patterns, convection currents and regional weather / temperature norms can be found on the NOAA statistical charts.

The average temperature change caused by massive ash clouds from volcanoes can be found, having already been studied. When the ash comes from industry – those charts apply in the same manner.

It isn’t rocket science to look through a data base of mean averages in rainfall, temperature, storm intensities, lightning strikes, severe events and see the changes that have already positioned in the records.

There are regions of the US where the average temperature since 1965 has been an increase of ten degrees. It does change the weather.

There are air current changes which have altered weather patterns and changed the climate dramatically right now, as a result of freeways, roadways, massive asphalted parking lots, cities of buildings rising up into the natural currents, from massive land lot changes by making them into reservoirs and damming into lakes where a river used to be.

Entire forests that would have converted the carbon dioxide into usable oxygen and other nutrients for the soil and our continued survival have been decimated to be replaced by huge shopping malls and also by huge industrial and manufacturing complexes who then put carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides and other even more exotic chemicals into the air, soil and water.

We didn’t come out ahead in the exchange doing it that way and then to amplify that by city after city, suburb on top of suburb, all over the US and now all over the world – it was just a matter of time before the scale would be tipped and permanent changes would occur in the overall global climate.

It isn’t a choice of either business and particularly big business and the oil industry gets its way or nobody does. It can’t be in the best interest of business to do it that way from here on out. It isn’t going to result in a viable business foundation going forward because in a very simple sense – we don’t have another planet where we can live and there isn’t another planet where those business people making bad choices as citizens can live either.

As a geologic event, the mantle of the earth could be in a cooling phase which has a half-life of 300 million years. A rhetorical argument could take that study and suggest that as climatic factor, however it is still a fact that long before that cycle plays into our climate, our own business practices and insistence on unregulated emissions and pollution, sprawling city building practices and industry changes to the landscape and climate will alter the global climate and regional sub-climates in profound ways. We’ve already passed that tipping point. It isn’t rhetoric – it is called, facts.

When hurricanes, monsoons, floods, wildfires, heat waves, blizzards, storms and other severe events damage facilities and infrastructures, it costs these same businesses a tremendous amount more than the costs of filtering systems would have been. It makes sense to be a good steward and a conscientious citizen.

– cricketdiane

and, just a note – God’s natural laws in every way suggests that you don’t tear up the planet that He made for you to stand on.