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PARIS (AP) — Iranian authorities have arrested at least 24 journalists and bloggers since postelection protests began a week ago, and a media watchdog says reporters are a “priority target” for Iran’s leadership.

Among those detained were the head of the Association of Iranian Journalists and a Canadian reporter for Newsweek. The British Broadcasting Corporation’s correspondent has been ordered to leave the country.


Others detained include a blogger known as the “Blogging Mullah,” a cartoonist, a TV producer, the publisher of several newspapers, a disabled former newspaper editor and a business reporter.

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Hervieu said blogs, Twitter, YouTube and other Internet methods are the only way most people can convey information from the street. But the use of anonymity by blog posters trying to avoid repercussions makes information difficult to verify.

Many of those posting “are both spectators and activists,” blurring lines of impartiality, he said.

He said small digital cameras passed from activist to activist and then to a foreign colleague or news organization are helping spread images, though their provenance is not always clear.

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My Note –

There was a story on CNN about the 7 year old who was beaten by police during the Iran protests. The mother screamed in grief. That is the answer of Khamenei who is no more than a political appointee and his puppet, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, both of whom serve no one but himself and their ties to Iran’s military power structure, while undermining Iran on the world stage and making evident the dictatorship that actually exists.