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as a solution to the gang killings and violence – why not send them to Iraq as civilian contractors, to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban or to Somalia to fight the insurgents and pirates? That would put their skills to good use where they would do some good instead of destroying people’s lives in America.

– cricketdiane


Chicago – gang killings – shootings of children by gangs – American Life –

In the last three months, two stabbings and a shooting, all gang-related, took place within two blocks of the house. Last weekend, a woman was killed in what police say was a domestic dispute less than three blocks away.

[ . . . ]

Since last November, there have been 12 violent crimes – ­­five of them since May 5 – in Hanover Park, and residents are on edge.

Yet despite the fear, residents offer myriad suggestions about how to stem the violence and keep their families safe, from a teen’s recommendation that gang prevention programs start in middle school, to a woman’s rule that if you’re a teen you just don’t go out at night, period.

Most said that “tough love” and making family come first are the best, and possibly only, lines of defense against the plague of gangs.

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One of the people accused of taking an active role in planning the killing and robbery of an armored car guard in Lakewood last week belonged to a Chicago street gang before moving to the Tacoma area, according to court records obtained by The News Tribune.

A witness told police that Odies D. Walker, 41, is a “hardcore Black Gangster Disciple” from Chicago who has “previously been shot several times,” according to the court records.

Another witness, Walker’s adult son, told investigators his father “was a BGD from long ago and had been active in gang life in Chicago before moving to Washington to escape gang life,” the documents state.


A Chicago homicide detective contacted by Lakewood police shortly after the shooting June 2 at the Lakewood Wal-Mart confirmed Walker’s Chicago gang ties.



Gun control hasn’t stopped Chicago shooting deaths

June 1, 8:29 AM

And here are a few other things that haven’t worked:

The federal ban on firearm possession by “prohibited persons.”

The Illinois requirement for a Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card.

The Illinois prohibition on concealed carry.

Chicago’s ban on handgun ownership.

So-called “gun control” has utterly failed at declawing the predators. The only thing it has done is ensure them a disarmed and defenseless victim pool. And any “strategy” that fails to recognize this essential truth will only guarantee that it will be a long, hot summer.

(and also from this same article – )

Violence in Chicago is beyond any pretense of control by the authorities. NPR sums up the symptoms:

Young people in Chicago are dying violent deaths at an alarming rate.

So far this school year, at least 36 Chicago Public School students have been killed, most of them victims of gunshots. Scores of other Chicago children and teenagers have been wounded in shootings, and there are concerns that the gun violence could escalate when school is out for the summer in a few weeks.

This past weekend was no exception:

Stansbury was among seven people slain in several shootings Saturday night and Sunday in Chicago. No one was charged in any of the slayings.


Back to the NPR story:

Gun violence is so pervasive in Chicago because of the sheer number of gang members, according to Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis.

“We have the largest gang population of any city in the United States,” Weis says. “The only city that rivals us is Los Angeles.”

Weis says that while L.A.’s gang population is estimated to be somewhere between 55,000 and 70,000, he estimates there are at least 100,000 gang members in Chicago.


Youth Killings Reach Crisis Level In Chicago

An upside-down flag flies outside of St. Sabina Catholic church and school on Chicago's South Side

David Schaper/NPR

Pastor Michael Pfleger flies the American flag upside down outside of St. Sabina Church and School on Chicago’s South Side. The U.S. Flag Code states this should only be done as a signal of distress.


CeaseFire, which treats violence like a preventable disease, operates in Waukegan and North Chicago. It was founded in Chicago in 1999 by epidemiologist Dr. Gary Slutkin, who battled infectious diseases including AIDS in Africa.

Families of two of the latest victims — Jonathan Quebrado, 15, of North Chicago and Spencer Buckle, 17, of Zion — were there. Quebrado was shot to death in March at Woodward Park in North Chicago. Buckle, who belonged to the gang that did the shooting, was executed by one of his own in April.

“We want people to stop killing,” said Thalia Castillo, 9, Quebrado’s sister.

[ . . . ]

CeaseFire outreach worker Alan Gates wore the face of his son, a toddler with a sparkling smile. Terreal Gates was 15 when he was killed in a drive-by shooting in Park City in 2004.

“I’ve been a victim of the violence in the street, and I’ve been a contributor to the violence in the street,” said Gates, 45, of North Chicago. “It’s insanity. But for those of us who live in the trenches, it’s a way of life.”

As one of 24 CeaseFire workers, many who have felony convictions, Gates said he wants to “turn the light on in somebody’s mind.”

“We need to touch people in a hands-on way,” he said.

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The above chart shows the nationalities of civilian contractors reported injured or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The above chart shows the nationalities of civilian contractors reported injured or killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

KBR Inc. is the largest employer of contract workers in Iraq, with about 16,000, most of them U.S. citizens, according to a July 2007 Pentagon census.

The Houston engineering and construction firm reported more than 700 serious injuries or deaths in the first six months of 2007 — almost five incidents for every 100 workers.

Prime Projects International of Dubai was the largest employer of foreigners in Iraq, with about 10,000 civilian workers.

The company reported 43 serious injuries or deaths in the first six months of 2007 — less than one per 100 workers.

The same held for other subcontractors with large foreign workforces, such as Saudi-based Gulf Catering Co. and Tamimi Global Co. and Turkish firm Kulak. None of the companies responded to requests for comment.

[ . . . ]

Insurance for civilians working in war zones is required under a World War II-era law known as the Defense Base Act [4]. Companies providing services to the U.S. government must secure a special type of workers’ compensation coverage for their employees, both American and foreign.

The insurance covers all injuries and deaths, whether caused by workplace accidents or roadside bombs. Companies bill the cost to U.S. taxpayers as part of their government contracts.

For decades, this system was overseen by a handful of federal bureaucrats who processed a few hundred claims a year. That changed when the U.S. went to war in Afghanistan in 2001 and later in Iraq.

In both conflicts, the U.S. military has relied on civilian workers to a greater extent than ever before — to cook meals, clean latrines, deliver fuel and translate for troops, among many other tasks. There are more civilians than uniformed soldiers in the two war zones, and more than 1,400 contract workers have died [5].

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(and from this same site – )

The original story [1] was co-published with the Los Angeles Times and also appeared in that newspaper on Friday, April 17, 2009.

The second part of the investigation [9] was also co-published with the Los Angeles Times and will appear in that newspaper on Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two [10] versions [11] of the original story were co-produced with the Brian Ross Investigative Unit [12] for ABC News’ 20/20 and aired on that program on Friday, April 17, 2009.

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The Horn of Africa – Somalia Spring 2009 Chronicles IV – Viewpoints on Piracy, War, and Chinás Role

June 10, 2009

In this article, are excerpts from the no 186 Ecoterra Press Release SMCM (Somali Marine & Coastal Monitor).


Rumours and so far unconfirmed reports say that Hassan Dahir Aweys, the leader of the Somali insurgents, has been wounded, while Hassan Turki, a leader of the al-Shabaab would have been killed in intense fighting near Wabho in central Somalia, which saw 120 fighters dead. Other sources speak of false propaganda, while a spokesman of Hizbul Islam from Addis Ababa confirmed that Hassan Dahir Aweys had been slightly wounded. Sources from the TFG speak of a serious wounding of Hassan Dahir Aweys at his back, while he himself talks only of a few scratches. Hassan Turki, however, who had escaped even air-strikes by the US earlier, is reported to not even have been in the area where the fighting erupted yesterday, while Shabaab leader Gudanne was reportedly killed.

T/B YENEGOA OCEAN (registered as YENEGOA, but also called YENAGOA) with 11 Nigerian sailors has finally been freed after an ordeal of over 10 month. The Panama -flagged vessel with some clandestine cargo and two Mercedes-Benz as well as one BMW luxury vehicles on board was kept at the very tip of the Horn of Africa while negotiations with the Nigerian owner regularly broke down. The off-shore tug – owned by Nigerian ESL Integrated Services, and her crew were captured in the Gulf of Aden on 4th August 2008. After initial attempts by the owner to achieve the release through Yemen, he walked away for long stretches of time and claimed to not have the money for the release. After the intervention of an international humanitarian organization, which over the months several times helped with supplies, the Nigerian government stepped in and achieved that the owner at least sent $80.000.- for supplies to the crew’s upkeep.




My Note –

So why not send those gangs and gang members who have nothing else to offer except killing children, robbing, shooting and making life dangerous for everyone – to fight the same guerrilla jackasses in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq or wherever the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are making life unbearable.

Then, the gangs and those convicted of killings from Chicago can use their skills to do what they are obviously good at doing which is guerrilla fighting, following orders of the very hierarchal and bureaucratic authority provided in gang membership, killing, planning and following through on the plans for ambushing, robbing, thieving, killing, raping, pillaging and plundering America.

The only difference would be the target of their skills and the location which could be provided by judges and community choices to send those Chicago and Los Angeles gangs to Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan with photos of their targets. We might not even have to provide them with a gun since they seem to be able to acquire them damn near anywhere along with ammunition even where gun control laws make it prohibited and difficult.

Given that these human beings that have claimed gang membership are going to keep killing precious lives that are worthwhile, destroying neighborhoods, and making life treacherous for everyone, why not send them where their skills and devotion to bureaucratic leadership would do some good?

There is no use wasting the “best of the best” in these fights with the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and any extremists intent on carrying out terrorist acts – might as well send the Chicago gang members that have already killed somebody or are trying to endanger the community with criminal acts, violence and gang activities.

That would solve the gang violence problems – once these individuals realized that to continue violent and criminal behaviors / gang involvement would mean being rewarded with a trip to fight in Somalia against an extreme environment and extremely violent terrorists or pirates on the high seas – or in Afghanistan’s extremely harsh and violent territory with its guerrilla Taliban fighters – maybe these gang members would change their minds.

But, if not – then these gang members and murdering gangs could be put where their skill sets are appropriate, justified and necessary. They can always be sent to Iraq as civilian contractors – the life expectancy their lifestyle offers in Chicago or Los Angeles gangs isn’t any better and their skill sets are misplaced and misguided as they are using them in those and other cities of America.

These gang members obviously know how to use a gun and shoot somebody. They can apparently plan a mission and carry it out or they wouldn’t be able to rob an armored car or a person coming home from work with a paycheck. These individuals gang members carry out the orders of their gang leadership and are willing to move like a group of pack animals, so obviously they can follow orders, take orders and give orders, as well as operating as a unit in a coordinated way. They are perfect for military applications against guerrillas, extremists, terrorists and extreme environments of violence and harsh conditions.

– cricketdiane, 06-21-09

Just a thought . . .