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Cop hollers ‘ TASER  Taser  TASER  then beats man. 0:46
Video shows a man being Tasered and beaten by police in Nottingham, England.

My Note –

The police in this video are psychologically unfit for police work. This is what police brutality looks like.

After Tasing the supposed offender once,  supposedly the offender was still able to resist and required a second tasing and a few good sucker punches to the head while three other officers held him to the ground.

The officers were called in by a club bouncer for an agressive customer. At no time did the offending man pull out a weapon. After being hit before getting tased a second time, the man does appear to kick out at the taser happy officer. The excuse for tasing the man a second time was refusal to follow the officers’ instructions and place his arms by his side, consequently resisting arrest.

Electrocution on site – judge, jury and executioner – in the hands of police with tasers.

One amp can stop the heart, take out the amps and add more voltage,  mucles contract and release in rapid movements simular to a seizure, while sending electrical shocks to the brain disrupting basic brain patterns and functions. Don’t think breathing is an option. For those of you that have put a hand on a live wire or a screwdriver in an active light socket with its  familiar sensations at lower voltages and amperages, breathing is in a suspended state.

Never mind if you have underlying health problems such as a heart condition or epilepsy which can trigger an attack if tased by 50,000 volts of electricity once and most wouldn’t survive a second taser attack.

Ticketed in your own yard – if you live in OHIO

Monday, June 15, 2009


My Note –

52 weeks in a year and only a five viable business days in a week equals about 260 days.

Times 20 tickets a day at 25 dollars a piece equals a variable minimum of 500 dollars a day in revenue.
Now times that by the 260 usable business days and you get $130,000 a year minus the salary of the county workers and transportation costs of a fleet of non-eco friendly trucks to do it, which includes insurance, premium gas, and the basic upkeep of the vehicles including a fully staffed maintenance barn that the city has paid to acquire and use.

Assuming a salary of $35,000 a year each for the workers to go out and give tickets to people parked on unpaved areas including but not limited to gravel driveways and unfinished areas for parking, with only two workers out a day, the city would put out $70,000 just for two salaries, cutting the revenue stream in half immediately.

With paid mechanics, gas prices at premium highs, with insurance costs of fully insured vehicles and maintenance bays – they would have a greater flow of income by just saying no to this insanity and using the resources they already have elsewhere.

Whether it is Toledo, Ohio or any city, county, state or territory – there is this same mentality which continues to cover costs which harass the citizens by its activities without yielding the revenue stream that underlies its purpose.

And, in cities where the crime rates are staggering, the unemployment numbers are in figures resembling the Great Depression, where home foreclosures and consequent homelessness are literally a social crisis of magnitude, to utilize public resources and tax money from citizens to harass them for inconsequential and arbitrary offenses is unconscionable.


And in Oklahoma –
One year for raping 4-year-old 5:20

An admitted child rapist in Oklahoma has been sentenced to one year in prison for molesting a 4-year-old girl. Prime News reports.

* Guy rapes 4-year-old, gets 1 year in jail Video

(from CNN)

My note-

After watching several vid clips and reading several articles defending the judge for his agreement to accept a plea bargain reached by the child advocate and the leading DA. I can only assume that there is some greater political stakes in this.  Something must be said when a child rapist can get less times served in jailed than a drunk driver on their first offense, or somebody with 15 parking tickets.

However the best defense heard from people in defense of the decision is that there are circumstances that we as the public do not and cannot begin to understand. Whats the understanding? A known child molester and rapist took the innocence of a four year old child (unknown gender) and got AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE ……….?  that’s the understanding part we need, what can make three people that are supposed to be public defenders and justice makers agree to suspend 19 years of a 20 year sentence with time served… the defendant gets out in September.


And from Illinois –

Exelon told federal regulators last week that workers found tritium-contaminated water in one monitoring well, in nearby storm drains and in a concrete vault. The source of the leak was subsequently traced to a 24-inch aluminum pipe that carries tritiated water between storage tanks and plant systems, the Herald-News said.

[from – ]


Tritium leak isolated at Ill. power plant
Published: June 16, 2009 at 11:53 AM


My note-

Exelon has issued a written statement  At no time has there been a threat to public or employee health and safety,  Dresden Station site Vice President Tim Hanley.

For those of us that are science stupid……

Tritium, an isotope of hydrogen that emits very low levels of radiation, occurs naturally in water but is found in higher levels in water that passes through nuclear reactors, the newspaper reported. Health officials
say prolonged exposure to it can cause an increased likelihood of cancer.

That means, that even though it occurs in nature in low dosages, when you mix the Tritium water with a nuclear reaction core for the cooling process, then radiation and Tritium occur in higher levels. Exposure to these have been linked to cancer cases in other areas where core water has leaked from seemingly sealed, well-maintained and safe pipes, reactor systems – remembering Three-mile Island and Chernobyl, among others.

As with other cases, companies that run these  safe  systems have denied any public hazards to health or environments while refuting any culpability, allowing many to go unscreened and untreated for poisoning until the damage is irreversible and in most cases fatal. Think half-life for Tritium –  five million years.

How many years do you think you will live?