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Good Living is to stand where the trees filled with bright green leaves sparkling in the sunlight bow over a gently gurgling creek with its waters singing from little waterfalls and swirls over round glistening moss-covered rocks. It is to put a hand into the cool water and find a pretty rock or two and put the wet sparkling treasures into a pocket to discover later at home. It is to stand with pants rolled up in the bubbling swirls to feel rocks underfoot and waterfall spray under the canopy of arching branches and leaves that spreads out as far up the stream as the eye can see.

That is good living. It doesn’t cost much, doesn’t pay any bills, isn’t harnessed for anything except the sheer joy of the moment, but it nourishes the soul and complements the mind. It is a moment of time stopped from today and tomorrow and yesterday. Long before now, the creek has flowed and long after today, it will continue. The trees will sparkle with rays of the sun casting long strands of light through the branches and the new spring leaves will be the most marvelous colors of every green and yellow-green that exists. The spray of the creek’s falls will be cool on the skin, a gentle breeze will flow through the canopy and the beautiful water-polished rocks will sit on the creek bed highlighting their colors beneath the moving water.

Skipping rocks across a still pool a little ways from the drifting water, watching for crawdads and water snakes, finding rose quartz and rubies under the water on the creek bed and sunning on a flat rock that has been smoothed by the water over hundreds of years, are exceptional special moments to carry back into a hustled modern world of streets and buildings and buzzing activity.

In Japan, there are beautiful gardens with water features because of the soothing effects to the spirit and in many homes of the Middle East, there are fountains, pools and gently moving water channels in a central courtyard of the home for its spiritually nourishing qualities. There are sounds of water which cannot be acquired any other way but by its fall and splash with the echo of it against rocks or marble basin.

This sound sings to the soul of every human being. It calls to the life of living, it nourishes and forebears, it completes and awakens, it soothes and calms while restoring thoughts to a flow of focus and breadth at the same time. It is amazing and even the memory of it can do the same thing, filling the mind with wonder again and with a child-like delight at the world in its newness and potential, calming and awakening the mind to consider the possibilities with openness and the willingness to contemplate challenge.

– cricketdiane, 06-01-09