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If you’d like to be on a DIY Network program, check the list below for shows seeking guests, personal stories, featured homes and more!

If the show you’re interested in applying for isn’t listed, new episodes are not currently being produced or the show is not soliciting viewers at this time. Our list is updated frequently, though—so please check back soon.
Do you want to take your house from average to amazing?
We’re here to help! DIY’s newest renovation show will transform your house into a beautiful space that you cannot wait to show off to your neighbors and friends. We’ll show you what it means to put some tough love into home improvement. If you live within an hour of NYC, we want to hear from you! To apply, email yhs@boywonderproductions.net
the following information:

  • Please submit photographs of “problem” areas. Photos that show off entire rooms are ideal.
  • Send photos and a brief description of yourself and/or family and what you think your house needs the most and why?
  • Where is your house located?
  • Contact information

Sick of being told to take your feet off the coffee table? Looking for a spot to put your fantasy football trophy? Are you embarrassed that your poker table has a doily on it? You need a Man Cave! Looking for homeowners in the New Jersey area who have a basement, guest house, attic, tool shed or large room that can be reconstructed in to a dream room for a guy.


Do You Want to Make Your Bathroom BATHtastic?
If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and send your ugly bathroom packing, then we want to help! BATHtastic! is the new series that focuses on fun, fast and creative ways to makeover a bathroom – WITHOUT getting into a major remodel.
We are looking for … energetic homeowners who are open to “out-of-the-box” design ideas, live within 25 miles of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, and have a large bathroom in need of a makeover.How to Apply:
Please e-mail BathCasting@Edelmanmn.com and include:

  • A brief description of what you like/dislike about your bathroom
  • Photos of your bathroom & a photo of yourself
  • A daytime phone, e-mail address, city of residence
  • An approximate budget


Ready to Show What Really Happens During Home Improvement?
If you have started a home renovation project, or plan to in the near future, you might be an excellent candidate for the DIY Network’s newest TV show, Renovation Realities!

Have a Landscaping Project You’ve Been Dying to Do?
Do you live in the NY, NJ, CT area and have a landscaping or hardscaping project you’ve been dying to do? Maybe you want to install a koi pond or a waterfall into your pool or build a new patio and walkway with a gazebo … Or maybe you have a yard full of dirt and you’ve finally decided to hire professionals to come and do the plantings you’ve always dreamt of. If you want your yard project featured on DIY, come hire our newest landscaping team and see your dream become a reality. Please Email Us!Please tell us your location and a detailed description of what you’d like done in your yard. Also attach a photo of you, your home and the space in your yard that needs work.

Do YOU Have an Extreme Job? PROVE IT!
Do YOU have an extreme job AND the pictures or video to prove it? If so, we just might call you to be on a future episode of PROJECT XTREME!

Project Xtreme explores many of the common do-it-yourself activities we see every day – but these are taken to the extreme! From the simple act of changing a light bulb on top of New York City’s Empire State Building to steelblasting and painting the Queensboro Bridge, licensed contractor Jason Cameron goes behind the scenes, with extreme tools, dangerous obstacles, and fascinating stories at every stop.

Casting Call

Do YOU have an extreme job AND the photos or video to prove it? Upload your photos or video here and we just might call you to be on a future episode of PROJECT XTREME!


Increase the Value of Your Home on Sweat Equity
Edelman Productions is looking for handy, energetic homeowners living within 25 miles of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota that want to update!

Casting Call: Homeowners who want to save $10,000 on construction projects
Put $10,000 in Your Hand !! Right now we’re casting for a new series that helps homeowners trim at least 10k from their remodeling or construction project by doing some of the work themselves (of course with our team of experts helping!). This includes kitchen and bath renovations, home additions, garage or backyard additions, any type of home renovation or construction. It’s instant sweat equity … and a chunk of cash free for you to spend on something else! We’re looking for homeowners within 35 miles of Cincinnati who are:

  • Serious about a remodeling/addition/construction project with a budget of $20,000 and above (this includes everything from kitchen and bath remodeling to room additions, garages, etc.)
  • Are working with a contractor or have signed contracts for the project.
  • Plan to begin construction Summer or Fall 2009.
  • Are willing and able to work alongside our DIY experts.

If you are interested in being on this TV series, please e-mail JayTV directly. We also encourage contractors to contact us with interesting projects that might work for the show.



Do you have a horrible kitchen? Let us help you fix it.

If your kitchen is so bad you’d rather eat out than in, maybe we can help.

Does cooking in your 1970s-style lime green kitchen make you want to eat out?
Are your outdated appliances and cramped cupboards making you cringe? Then let us help. We are searching for fun homeowners currently planning to remodel their ugly kitchen and in need of a little professional help. We’ll kick in some goods and labor that will be added to your budget and send along our ace design team to help kick the renovation into high gear and bring your new room to life. All applicants must have outgoing personalities, be willing to appear on TV and be ready to pitch in financially and physically to get the job done.

To be considered for this new show, visit http://www.nancyglassproductions.com and fill out an application.



The shows below are seeking potential guests and information that may be used in a show. If the show you’re interested in applying for is not listed, new episodes are not in production or the show is not soliciting viewers at this time. This list is updated frequently, so please check back.

Would You Like to Work With an HGTV Designer?
Armchair Designer

Are you a homeowner who made a mess of a “do-it-yourself” remodeling project?
Over Your Head

Let Steve Watson Help With Your Home Improvements
Don’t Sweat It

Are you a first-time homebuyer in Philadelphia, Portland or the Washington DC/Baltimore area?
My First Place

What’s your best-kept design secret?
Share it with us and it might get featured in a series of online videos with Kim Myles. MORE INFO »

Are you confused as to how much your home is really worth? Do you need some impartial real estate advice?
Real Estate Intervention MORE INFO »

Are you a first-time buyer trying to navigate the real estate market?
Property Virgins MORE INFO »

Are you trying to sell your home and having no luck? Let us show a photo of it on HGTV!
Get it Sold

Let Our Expert Team of Home Stagers Get Your Home Ready to Sell
Get it Sold

Are you getting ready to put your house on the market? Would you like advice from a real estate pro on how to get top dollar?
Top Dollar

Let Our Talented Team of Craftsmen Take on Your Most Challenging Project!
Hammer Heads

Need help with a remodel project?

Are you and your partner at odds over decorating?
Designing for the Sexes

Do you have a compelling home improvement project that seems impossible?
Carter Can

Are you in a rush to buy a new home? Is time running out before you have to move?

Are you a homeowner in need of a complete room makeover?
Deserving Design

Do you have a horrible kitchen? Let us help you fix it!
Over Your Head



The Spanish aerospace industry has expanded internationally by investing in cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled workforce.


With new companies, new products, and new research centers, Spain has become a world-class contender in the biotech industry.


Spanish innovation contributes to advancing desalination to bring sustainable clean water to millions.


Through financial and technological innovations, Spanish companies lead the international market in the development of infrastructure concessions.


Spain’s machinery industry is developing innovative new technologies and techniques to meet ever changing consumer needs.


As researchers continue to explore new ways to promote and improve solar power, Spanish companies are becoming world leaders in this emerging field.


To meet the world’s growing demand for high-speed rail networks, Spanish companies are innovating numerous new products and services.


As some of the largest wind energy producers in the world, Spanish companies lead the global wind market.





Solar Energy
As researchers continue to explore new ways to promote and improve solar power, Spanish companies are becoming world leaders in this emerging field.


Spain’s Solar Energy Slideshow
Click here to learn more about Spain’s solar energy research.


Acciona Energía


Institute for Solar Energy




Solar Platform of Almería


Spanish Photovoltaic Industry Association

[Found here – ]



Chess–The Cafe International vs. The Brooklyn Chess Club.

July 14, 1870, Wednesday

Page 3, 116 words

A match has been arranged between the Cafe International and the Brooklyn Chess Club, which will commence in a few days. Capt. MACKENZIE, Dr. BARNETT, Mr. E. DELMAR, and two or three more strong players, will do battle for the Cafe International, and Brooklyn will be represented by Messrs. F. E. BRENZINGER, [ END OF FIRST PARAGRAPH ]

view full articleNote: This article will open in PDF format.



Video Viewer Mail – G4CurrentTV – YouTube – Commercials – User Generated Content
BBC America
National Geographic
Chess Cafe






Animal Planet
Dedicated to the unique relationship between people and animals.

HD Theater
Wildlife, world culture, adventure and more exclusive content in HD.

Planet Green
A global initiative including a television network, interactive tools and  how-to  resources.

Discovery Health
Your source for health & wellness info, tips, tools & support.

Military Channel
Your only destination for weapons, warfighters and history – 24/7.

Investigation Discovery
Delivering remarkable insight into investigation, forensic analysis and true stories that piece together puzzles of human nature.

The Science Channel
The only network devoted entirely to the wonders of science.

Discovery Channel
The premier provider of real-world entertainment.

High performance content about the technology and culture of cars, motorcycles, airplanes and more.

DISCOVERY SITES      Discovery Channel / TLC / Animal Planet / Discovery Health / Science Channel / Planet Green / Discovery Kids / Military Channel /
Investigation Discovery / HD Theater / Turbo / FitTV / HowStuffWorks / TreeHugger / Petfinder / PetVideo / Discovery Education



* Boost Your Remote’s Signal
* Make Your Own Lie Detector
* Hack a Flashlight
* Trigger Green Lights
* Make Spy Glasses


Top 10 Doomed Expeditions
Be it due to human error, divine anger, bad luck or some mix of the three, sometimes everything goes wrong.
Top 10 Doomed Expeditions

* Top 10 Hot Alien Chicks
* Top 10 Natural Disasters
* Top 10 Extinct Species
* Top 10 Accidental Inventions
* Top 10 Eureka Moments
* Top 10 Mad Scientists



Production Companies

ably. Productions Inc.: a production company that deals in all aspects of creative projects from film and television production to CD manufacturing

Ace Pix International, Inc.: a full in-house motion picture / television production and distribution company

Ancient Pictures: a Seattle-based motion picture and commercial production Company, as well as a networking center for writers to meet, enhance their skills and network in the film industry

Apotheosis Pictures Productions: an independent film production company and the developers of the ScreenForge screenwriting software for Microsoft Word. ScreenForge is the best and most affordable screenplay formatting software available for MS Word, and a viable alternative to the much more expensive stand-alone screenwriting programs

Ariz Television Producers: TV show, commercial and documentary production company in Puerto Rico. They offer cameras, mobile units, two-man crews, locations in Puerto Rico and the Carribean, and more for international clients

Armageddon Productions: creators of the 1997 home video release “Bloodletting,” they develop and produce feature films, digital visual effects and music and movie soundtracks. They have also developed screenplays for other companies, such as Full Moon Pictures’ “Witchouse” and “Alien Arsenal,” and Regent Entertainment’s upcoming “The Brotherhood”

Assembler Films: a company that has shot and released films in Italy, Japan, India, the U.S. and Canada, to name a few

Belarus Productions: Minsk-based independent production company, providing assistance to film-makers and broadcast journalists. TV production, film production, crew hire, equipment rent and location scouting in Belarus

Big Pain Productions: one of the first internet based movie production companies. Dedicated to independent and amateur film makers and actors throughout the world

Big Sky Web Studio: multimedia Web site production studio specializing in streaming audio/video production and TV like webmercials utilizing Macromedia Flash animation technology

Black Cab Productions: an independent film, music, and literary production company specializing in horror, bizarre, and dark works

BlackFish Films: quality international productions specializing in non-broadcast projects for educational, military and corporate projects. Shooting 16, 35 and 70mm. Free goodies for independent producers

Blokland Pictures: specializing in the development, production, and distribution of feature film drama; serving the international specialty marketplace

Bloody Fun Pictures: no-budget video/filmmaking, since 1996

Brainwave: in the business of producing their own peculiar brand of entertainment for over a decade: films, radio plays, songs, etc. on the smallest budgets imaginable

Brillig Productions: exploring creative areas of filmmaking; developing narratives that range from the fanciful to the bizarre, visual designs that push the limits of independent cinema, and story-telling techniques that are inspired and inspirings

C21ETV: one-stop-shop providing multimedia design, implementation and programming, VCD business cards production, video/TV production, digital, broadcast, industrial, post production

Cabbola Productions: a full service all media production company that caters to people and businesses on all levels of the industry. Their services encompass all media production from Film and TV through interactive CD-ROM’s and presentations

Cabiria Films, Prague: Filming in East Europe – locations & production services

Cambridge Films: an independent production company

Chicago Film Production Company – DDB Productions is a full service media and film production firm. They carry state of the art equipment and an experienced professional staff

Cinedictum: a production company which produces cinedicta. Described as a form of film-aphorism, cinedicta are very short films whose concise narrative holds both entertainment and moral value, while addressing universal themes

The Commercial Factory: specializing in the production of high-quality television commercials, from the original idea to broadcast ready

Coten Films: an independent film production company specialising in corporate and private video work, Web design and new media. Responsible for the action comedy feature film “Cop on the Edge IX” and the forthcoming “Days’ End”

Crystal Pyramid: broadcast video production company in San Diego, California

Dega Lazare Productions: movies and other multimedia productions being made in the small town of Kahnawake by teens. From action/adventure to horror and comedy, it’s all there

Dereko Entertainment: a small, independent and privately held feature film production company based in Los Angeles, California. Whose goal is to produce and release one or more feature films per year, both domestic/international territories

Dixon-Cain Productions: an independent entertainment production company specializing in music video and film production located in Los Angeles, California

Documentary Educational Resources (DER): produce, distribute and promote anthropological and documentary films and videos

Double G Video Productions: a video productions company providing a wide range of service and talent bank for your productions needs. “From gold to gold let Double G video productions get your story told!”

Egygrip: a skilled team of professionals based in Egypt, and capable of managing every step of the video or film production process from concept to completion

Emerald Oceans Entertainment: a multi-media company with film and music divisions. Founded in 1995 as a film production company it has evolved into its current broader base, which is helping it establish its place in the industry

Eye Light Media: creating films, videos, music and Web sites from a Christian world view

The Farnham Film Company: a UK-based TV production company interested in co-production–particularly of children’s programming

File5 Productions: producer of market-specific sports videos by writer-director-actor David Lima

Film Forum: New York’s leading movie house for independent premieres and repertory programming

Firefly Entertainment: established in 1994 to allow aspiring talents and interested persons to achieve their goals in film, television, and theatre. The group has won multiple awards, is comprised of members of all ages, and is based in west central Pennsylvania

Footloose Productions: film and video production company specializing in documentaries, commercial films, photo shoots, movies, and music videos

Four Horsemen Films, LLC: an independent film production company in New Jersey

Gimpy Chicken Man Productions: independent film makers specializing in stop-motion animation and video production. Check out their past films and upcoming projects

GMC Productions: teenage independent film makers on a low budget. See screening room with video clips, and check out past films

Goldader Film Productions GmbH: creates and produces feature films, TV movies, commercials, music videos, 3-D animated shorts, interactive CDs and DVDs, educational and corporate films, CDs and DVDs

Gulliver Media Australia: producing award-winning television documentaries and videos

Harrington Productions: content creators for video, film and new media. Based in Maui, Hawaii, they supply field production packages, crew and post production. Client list includes ABC-Sports, ESPN, E! Entertainment, NBC, BBC and The Discovery Channel

Headscrew: working entirely in the film medium, they provide affordable commercial shoots for local Seattle businesses, create traditional clay, cel, line and computer animations and also stage location shoots for studios who are unable to re-locate a full crew for short periods of time

Hellfire Productions: independent DV (digital video) horror filmmakers

Hocus Focus Films, Israel: Filming in a foreign country could sometime become a metaphysic experience. In Israel, life itself is. To cut Red Tape, achieve Green Lights, and avoid Blue Holes. Contact a production house that can accommodate all your needs

Hollywood PA: the world’s first Global Movie Set. This is an independent film, shot in Central Pennsylvania. You were able to watch it live from the set, interact with the cast and crew and discover the passion and pain in filmmaking

Iconoclastic Entertainment: dedicated to finding and creating the finest screenplays on the planet

Image Producers: a full service video and multimedia production company working on a local, regional, national, and international basis. Their creative staff works together to develop the concept, write the script, shoot the footage, and take the project through post-production to deliver the finished product

IPC Films: IPC is a production company looking for ideas, projects, scripts, talent, and investors

Jam Productions a San Francisco Bay Area video/film company that does broadcast quality commercials, special event filming, indie film projects, multi-media and more


Jam Session Productions: a minority/woman-owned midwest-based film and multimedia company whose projects have included music videos, commercials and PSA’s, training films, industrial films, TV program segments and more

Janson Media: an international program sales and distribution company, a “content” company. We have licensed programming to over 180 countries around the world. Please see our Clients page, for a fairly complete list of the broadcasters and cable and satellite networks to whom we license programming

Jelmack Productions: founded by Chris Mack and Jason Licht in 1998, and committed to making digital movies for film, television, and the Web

Jeti Films: an independent film company based in Louisiana

Jetstream Films: a film and TV production company based in the north east of England. Their aim is to produce quality productions through their own development or by helping production companies worldwide

Kaizen Films: their mission is to develop new technologies and techniques to enhance the production of motion pictures, while maintaining cinema as an art form

Kinetic Image Co., Ltd.: an Ohio-based motion picture production company that, for nearly twenty years, have specialized in creating exciting motion picture entertainment on budgets that would shame a cat. They created a number of well-received cult items which have graced the schedules of the USA Network and Cinemax

Kiwi Film & Video, Asia: a Hong Kong and Singapore based film and video production service company catering to a broad range of clients from around the world; fully-equipped camera crews is their specialty

Larry Taylor Productions: dedicated to providing creative projects for family entertainment, including movies and television programs, as well as the construction of a new and unique style of theme park. The vision: To put the heart into every picture.

Leaf Pile TV: Tune In: This TV variety program is filled with a swarm of segments composed of local events and artist interviews which provide musical entertainment and hilarious sketch comedy. Leaf Pile also has freelance videography for your major rock video or demo. Check out our exclusive camera packaging

Lighthouse Entertainment: a small Italian company with a limited budget that creates short films and movies in Europe and the UK

Little Ricky Productions: feature films that reach the moral conscience of America

Lucine Entertainment, Inc.: film, TV and music productions and worldwide distribution

Marquiss Bros. Film Productions: dedicated to bringing you the best in high quality entertainment. Their site will include books and articles on some of the secrets of special effects, animation and movie making

Matrixx Entertainment: The World’s First Virtual Movie Studio(tm). Services include: producing, financing and distributing independent feature films; Web site, production and legal consulting for entertainment clients; books and manuals on filmmaking and more

Media Movers,Inc.: full service localization company offering services in dubbing,subtitling,voiceovers & production in Asian, Indian & European

MEV Films: established in 1989 to produce inventive films that utilize the talents of industry professionals and individuals who wish to have the freedom to make creative independent movies

Miracle Motion Pictures: working to assemble a talented group of actors, writers, producers, directors, camera persons, makeup artists, lighting specialists, music directors, etc. from the New England area who wish to volunteer their time in order to bring to life independent films that would otherwise never be made

MPTV: offering on-location video production, graphics and animation design, AVID video post production, Macromedia Director authoring, and many more services

mptv.com: Film, video and audio production and distribution

Mundiali Entertainment: providing a venue for the production of lower cost motion pictures ($15 and $20 million each) and television programming (based on a cooperative agreement between Mundiali and either a television network or special project investors)

Overboard Productions: an independent film production company headed up by Matt Fore

Parallel Afternoon Productions: independent thinkers with a vision that strives to be unequaled

Peace Record Company: a multi-faceted audio/video production company offering video editing, acting video demo production, video/audio tape duping, video projection and sound systems rentals, wedding videos, on location multi-camera video recordings of special events and more

PH Productions: services include business and personal consulting and coaching, project development, script writing, video production, video biographies, television programs, infomercials, commercials, photography and 3-d animation

Pleased Sheep Productions: a British no/low budget film and video production group, based in the northwest of England (Blackburn).

Prema Productions: produces independent feature films in the $500K to $5M budget range. Contact us for a free consultation on your next feature


Production Services Arizona: since 1971, providing quality, production services in the areas of video, multimedia, and animation graphics. Serving clients worldwide from Korea to France, South America to Canada in medium to high budget corporate marketing and training venues. Full collateral support through PS/A’s graphics dept.

Rawbass: design and production of all types of artistic media

RCW Media Works: an independent production company that realizes that it is not the size of your budget that determines quality, it is the dedication and heart that you put into your projects

Reality Crash Productions: showcases original and creative projects from writers, artists, film makers and critics. They are looking for people to contribute to the site. You retain full rights for your work and a web page is provided for you

Revival Entertainment: this team is producing films of the highest quality in Surrey England

Rigged Productions: film and video, cartoons and art, writing, music and audio, and other works

River Productions: an independent film company located in Los Angeles, CA, headed by Michael J. Isgrig (writer, director, producer), Lynn C. Grant (writer, producer) and Kym R. Wulfe (executive producer, head of business and legal affairs)

Roman Pictures: a motion picture production company which primarily produces “budget-controlled” feature-length movies that are licensed for distribution and exploitation in the direct-to-video, cable, TV and satellite markets

RosArt Multimedia, Inc.: a truly multimedia company, producing digital media like Web sites, CD-ROM’s and kiosks as well as traditional media such as television, print, or radio. They can handle all the needs of your project, now and in the future

Rubicon Productions: a Colorado-based film and video production company with over 20 years’ experience shooting and producing quality broadcast, corporate and educational projects. Ron Arrowsmith, owner

Running Dog Films: a new British film company dedicated to making films using cheap and affordable technology combined with proven no/lo budget production practices

Shades of Day: the art of independent film and video producing. Extensive database of cinema related resources

Sharpshooter Worldwide: a television production company that specializes in on location filming, any where in the world. Their motto is: “We don’t go after awards or publicity. We just do the work.”

Smiley Crew Productions: a California-based film crew specializing in both TV and film. Their main agenda focuses on their popular cable access comedy show, and their pro creative, anti “trend” statements

Smorgasbord Productions: a small company involved in the production of multimedia. Film, video, animation, graphic art and comic books are their products

Sparxlight Productions: independent production company in New York City. Site also includes filmmaking community resources, services and forums

Starsmead Production Ltd: comprehensive production services for television and film

Stonepine Productions: an independent film production company founded in March, 1999 by Michael Spohr. They also provide many important film production support services — especially business related — for other independent film producers

The Studios at Las Colinas: a full-service production and entertainment facility located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex; offering complete music, film, video, and multimedia production capabilities, as well as parties and events hosting

Suede Interactive: an in-house production facility (located in the NY Metro area) for radio and TV commercials, audio/video/film productions and Internet services (Web site design, search engine placement, e-commerce and hosting)

TAF Productions: an independent production company, based in the Netherlands, that specializes in executive and unit production services. Additionally, they create their own screen productions

Tangled Web Productions: a feature film production company that writes, directs, and produces their own projects. They currently have four projects in development

Telenet Communications: video, audio and multimedia production using DV cameras, non-linear editing software and audio foley

Terrazas Video: Southern Arizona’s largest production facility. Film, video, grip, lighting and stage. Visit their Web site for a complete list of resources

TEWS Entertainment: founded by Tim Sullivan and Erik Woods in 1995, responsible for “Of Fortune and Glory,” winner of the Best Picture award at the 2000 REwind Video Awards in Calgary

Thrae Entertainment: your source for no-budget moviemaking on the Web. Provides information and insight into the world of movies without the burden of large financial resources, a place for moviemakers to share their experiences and information about their films

Toronto Pictures: a production company, with its own film-school. Under the leadership of internationally-awarded film director, writer and producer Bruno Pischiutta, they specialize in producing feature films, documentaries and TV series

Transworld Video Productions: from idea to shrink wrap; Cable TV to Network. Duplications and conversions to the world formats: NTSC, PAL, SECAM

Two Dollar Pistol Films: specializing in the writing and production of independent feature films, shorts and documentaries and providing a wide array of digital production services for independent, private and corporate projects

Two Shes Productions, LLC: artist management, film and music video production

Unknown Productions: independent movie production with distribution from Cinematrix releasing, giving the world another entertainment choice

Variety Plus Enterprises, Inc.: serving the lower Westchester and New York City community since 1984. They specialize in creating stories, screenplays, and feature length motion pictures

Video Verite’ Productions: independent films and video production services since 1989. Committed to providing informational support and experiential opportunity to independent film and video artists everywhere. Founder Christopher Young is an award-winning filmmaker and one of AV Video Multimedia Producer magazine’s top 100 producers of 2000

Walden Enterprises: Minnesota’s fresh new video production company, specializing in video production for non-profits

Walnut Grove Productions: the independent film/TV production company of Susan Frost and Candy Jensen. Their movie, “Victory Road,” is an adult drama with a sense of humor. It blends mystery, action, a diverse and non-stereotypical cast of characters, metaphysical elements, and a strong “classic blues” musical background to create a unique, refreshing viewing experience with broad audience appeal

Waterfront Productions: a Chicago, Illinois-based production company that shoots and edits complete projects on film and video. Separate packages are available for just shooting or editing, if needed

W Film: an independent film production company based in Cologne, Germany. They also organise film events and screenings, including “Night of the Shorts” and “Night of the Docs”:Êone evening eventsÊdedicated to presentingÊinternational short films and documentaries to the cinema public

Who Dat Music Productions: in Astoria, New York, is the developer of the Who Dat AudioLogo® brand identity for the Internet. We have produced elements for CD-ROM, DVD, Streaming Media for the Internet, Web Site Developers, Multimedia Productions, Interactive Productions, Original or Library Music for Film and Video, Narrators and Voice Over Talent, Web Casting, Corporate Presentation and the entire production if necessary

World Filmworks: a company designed to create musical/theatre productions, music videos, commercials, and short films, with an eye toward the ever-increasing presence of the Internet as the future of distribution

Young Man Kang Films: a writer/director with more than 20 films and more than 50 TV commercials in his portfolio

Zhong Mei Productions: a privately held Los Angeles-based company dedicated to exposing the masses to theater, stage and film, currently offering audition / marketing seminars for film and TV taught by Claire Sinnett

Zone 5 Pictures: the source for all of your business media needs, including film and video production, studio photography, Web development, graphic design, feature films and animation/3D



Internships for the Center for Defense Information described below

Washington, D.C.

Mission Statement
The Center for Defense Information (CDI) provides expert analysis on various components of U.S. national security, international security and defense policy. CDI promotes wide-ranging discussion and debate on security issues such as nuclear weapons, space security, missile defense, small arms and military transformation.

Since 1972, CDI has produced research and publications such as the acclaimed Defense Monitor, numerous books and monographs, and engaging conferences.

To ensure the ability to provide objective analysis, CDI accepts no U.S. government or defense industry funding. To encourage the intellectual freedom of the staff, CDI does not hold policy positions.

CDI is part of the World Security Institute, whose divisions include the Center for Defense Information, International Media, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, Azimuth Media and International Programs with offices in Cairo and Beijing.

Experts and Staff

Center for Defense Information

Affiliated World Security Institute programs

Board of Advisers

Click here for a complete listing of CDI’s Board of Advisers.

CDI Internship Opportunities

Click here for more information about CDI internship opportunities.


Internships (Partially Paid) – Guidelines and dates for applying
Next date for applications is July 15, 2009 for Fall 2009 internship


Are you ready to explore a new world of career opportunities?

Discovery Communications is the world’s number one nonfiction media company, with a reach that encompasses television as well as digital media, retail products and online educational services. Our goal of helping people to explore their world and satisfy their curiosity depends on maintaining a creative and entrepreneurial environment where individual expression, achievement and recognition go hand-in-hand with our business objectives and performance.

Please note: In April 2009, Discovery Communications and Hasbro Inc. announced a joint venture children’s television network, expected to debut in late 2010. At this time, active recruiting for the joint venture has not begun. Please check back in the future for information regarding opportunities with the joint venture.

Search For Jobs Now
Discovery Communications is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.


Discovery Sites

* Discovery Channel
* Animal Planet
* Discovery Health
* Discovery Kids
* Science Channel
* Planet Green
* Investigation Discovery
* Military Channel
* FitTV
* HD Theater
* Turbo
* International Networks
* Discovery Education
* Discovery Enterprises International (DEI)

Digital Media

* Petfinder
* HowStuffWorks
* TreeHugger

Discovery Store


1st International Conference on Materials for Energy
First Announcement

You are cordially invited to participate in the
First International Conference on Materials for Energy
to be held from July 4 to July 8, 2010 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

A global challenge is avoiding negative effects from the current energy system on climate, environment and health and to find ways to replace fossil fuel supply.

New materials can contribute to a positive development in this direction in several ways, for instance by influencing the energy efficiency of industrial production and of household energy use (e.g., through fuel cells, catalysis, reduced friction losses), and by offering schemes to clean up harmful emissions resulting from various energy technologies.

Materials are important to efficient harvesting of sun light, harvesting energy from temperature gradients with thermoelectric materials, providing energy storage technology e.g. in batteries and via hydrogen storage, and enabling light-weight materials for transportation.

Materials are central to every energy technology; the future will place increasing demands on materials performance with respect to extremes in stress, strain, temperature, pressure, chemical reactivity, photon or radiation flux, and electric or magnetic fields.

The programme of this conference will cover current topics and recent progress in the science and technology of energy and new materials, including the nanoscale origin of macroscopic properties. In detail all aspects of materials for energy production and conversion, energy storage, energy transport, and energy saving will be addressed.

* Do you research or work in the fields of energy production, conversion, storage, transmission, transport, distribution, or saving?
* Do you work in new materials, advanced composites and functional nanomaterials?
* Do you want to hear cutting edge talks on science and applications of new materials, including nanomaterials?
* Do you want to make contacts for collaboration or commercial exploitation in materials for energy applications?

If so, then this conference is for you!

The organizing committee will ensure maximum benefit of scientific communication and opportunity for cooperation among the participants.

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DECHEMA-Kolloquien 2009/2010

Unsere Kolloquien im Wintersemester 2009/2010 starten wieder ab Oktober.

Die neue Programmübersicht finden Sie hier ab Mitte August 2009.

Auch im Wintersemester 2009/2010 möchten wir mit den DECHEMA-Kolloquien wieder über aktuelle Entwicklungen auf den vielfältigen Arbeitsgebieten der DECHEMA informieren und Ihnen die Gelegenheit bieten, über Fachgebietsgrenzen hinaus angeregte Diskussionen zu führen.

Die Kolloquien sind kostenfrei und finden, soweit nicht anders angegeben in einem der Hörsäle des DECHEMA-Hauses statt.

Auch in der kommenden Saison sind wieder DECHEMA-Kolloquien in Luckenwalde, Magdeburg, und Rostock geplant.



My Note – This show just happened but it has some great video clips, live feeds that were done during the show and other info – pretty nifty


29. Internationaler Ausstellungskongress für
Chemische Technik, Umweltschutz und Biotechnologie

Frankfurt am Main,
11. – 15. Mai 2009

DECHEMA Homepage

Live von der ACHEMA

Wir danken allen Teilnehmern und Ausstellern, die zum Gelingen
der ACHEMA 2009 beigetragen haben!



Kooperationsbörse “Regenerative Rohstoffe und Energieträger”

Montag, 11.5. bis Dienstag, 12.5.2009

Halle 4.2, Stand D18-E19

Mit der internationalen Kooperationsbörse zur Sonderschau bietet das Enterprise Europe Network eine Plattform für Unternehmen und Forschungseinrichtungen, um neue Kontakte zu knüpfen, innovative Technologien, Produkte und Anwendungen zu präsentieren und Partner für gemeinsame Forschungsprojekte zu finden. Damit wird dem wachsenden Bedarf insbesondere kleiner und mittlerer Unternehmen Rechnung getragen, effizient, kostengünstig und gezielt nach Kooperationspartnern zu suchen. Über das Enterprise Europe Network – mit ca. 600 Kontaktstellen die größte Technologietransfer-Organisation der Welt – werden Unternehmen und Forschungseinrichtungen aus den Bereichen Biotechnologie, Chemie und Energie gezielt für eine Kooperation akquiriert. Zudem ist eine internationale Beteiligung gewährleistet.

Kooperationsbörse “Regenerative Rohstoffe und Energieträger”




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