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New Music created yesterday actually and recorded today – by Cricketdiane


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* My Note –

I had to take an art break and create some music. There was great fun looking at the nanotech stuff and pitching hell over the political wars going on at our expense, but I had to do something with the feelings from seeing the young lady on television that had lost her baby because her boyfriend threw the baby out the window onto the freeway. She was filled with such grief that she sat on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse, put her head in her hands and shook with tears and sorrow.

It should’ve never happened. That young woman had been wronged by many years in the foster care system and was getting her life together, caring for her child and just wanted to be loved. That man took her vulnerable position in our society and used it to take a woman he didn’t respect and didn’t deserve. He beat her mercilessly and the judicial system gave her no protection from him, no justice for her whatsoever, and no freedom to be safe in her own home or for her child to be safe. She didn’t deserve that. Her child didn’t deserve that and yet Florida judges literally caused the violence against this woman and against her child by letting this useless, violent bastard walk free after abusing women over and over again.

Today, as I was posting the story about Florida keeping a man in jail for four years because he had put toilets and spare airplane parts all over his house as a political expression of protest, and the thought of her came to me – that the man who threw her child out on the freeway had beat her and poured household cleaners all over her face which could’ve blinded her forever, and he was supposed to be in jail for vile actions he had already done to other girlfriends and women before her. He would’ve never been there doing that to her if even one Florida judge had stopped him, but they didn’t.

The judge gave him probation for the violence this man had already done to her and let this man come back and beat her again, take her baby and kill him. And, she’s supposed to be taking care of herself, her baby and working on her school classes – not having to protect herself from the most cruel torture and danger in her own home from a violent man that the judges wouldn’t put in jail and keep there.

I would love to get ahold of the judges in both that case and the case where the State of Florida not only denied freedom of speech to the man that spent four years in jail for doing nothing criminal, but had charged him with a felony for putting toilet bowls on his own house. I would like the entire world to take those two judges to task for what they did because it was criminal and it was hideously wrong in both cases. They completely denied and abated the US Constitution along with the laws of any sane reasonable society, including ours – no matter how some Republican governor, legislator, judge, lawyer or evangelist “frames” the perspective of it for us.

I hope all those judges, social workers, police, and legislators responsible for both of these travesties of justice, are all chained to that piece of wasted humanity, Richard McTear Jr. throughout eternity in a pit of vipers and fires that torment them every moment of forever in hell. And that’s the truth.


TAMPA – Seven weeks ago, Richard Anthony McTear Jr. broke Jasmine Bedwell’s door, hit her several times, broke items throughout her apartment, held her down, and poured household cleaner on her face and head, sheriff’s deputies say.

A neighbor called deputies, and charges were filed with the state attorney’s office.

Five weeks ago, McTear threatened to go to Bedwell’s home and kill her infant son, according to deputies. They say he later bruised her enough for her to be taken to a hospital. More charges were filed.

Investigators say McTear followed through on his threat against her son early Tuesday by beating Bedwell, throwing the child onto a concrete floor and then kidnapping 3-month-old Emanuel Wesley Murray and throwing him out of a moving car onto Interstate 275. The infant was found dead.

[ . . . ]

•In yet another domestic violence case, McTear entered the apartment of his then-girlfriend Louvena Cromartie through an unlocked back door in February 2008. McTear punched Cromartie in the face and pushed her to the ground, Hillsborough County sheriff’s spokeswoman Debbie Carter said. Cromartie was knocked unconscious. McTear pleaded guilty to felony battery and was placed on probation through June 2010, records say.

[ among other things . . . ]



And then I put two and two together – that was in Florida – and this was in Florida – thanks, to the Republican administration there – we have both these cases and probably a lot more like them. The judges and politicians are cut from the same cloth and it is evil. They have wronged us by doing these things to people – to this young woman and her child and her life – and by denying this man’s rights to freedom of expression. Those judges are criminals that did this in both cases and in any others like them. It isn’t rhetoric – these are facts.

Litterbug released after 4 years in jail

Published: May 21, 2009 at 5:37 PM


Alan Davis of Seminole County was originally convicted in 2003 on a felony criminal littering charge for what he called a political protest,

In 1999, he began covering the roof and yard of his home with toilets, airplane parts, scrap metal, a giant statue of buttocks and other objects his neighbors found objectionable. He was sentenced to one year in jail



So much for Freedom of Speech and freedom of expression guaranteed under the US Constitution – under the monarchy of the Bush Administration and the Florida Republicans in power.  – My Note

This man spent longer in jail for this than OJ did for going into a rage and killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend. He also spent longer in jail than any of the young men in Pennsylvania will spend for brutally beating to death, a 25-year old man who was the father figure for two young children and went to work everyday.

This man spent longer in jail and was given a felony charge while Drew Petersen runs around free for years after killing two of his wives and he spent longer in jail than many of the people who have perpetrated some of the most horrendous, violent and brutal crimes against women in this country during the last thirty years of Republican administrations. How could they have taken the principles they told us they believed in and apply policies that made it possible for so many gross wrongs to occur as a direct result?

And, what is it with the Republicans – they only believe in freedom of speech and expression to the extent that they like it or agree with it or its one of their rich friends doing it? – my note


Then, I was getting my email and noticed this on the little comcast news fly-around –

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A mother playing with her children at a park spotted a little black sneaker sticking out of the sand underneath the playground equipment. Figuring a youngster had lost his shoe, she bent down to pick it up. It was strangely heavy.

She had made a ghastly discovery: a dead little boy, buried in the sand.
[ . . . ]

Albuquerque police said Tiffany Toribio, 23, confessed to suffocating her 3-year-old son, Tyruss “Ty” Toribio, as he slept on the climbing gym — a crime so cold-blooded that neighbors struggled to comprehend it, and even veteran officers became choked up.

[ . . . ]

Toribio was homeless and sleeping in the park, having been kicked out of her mother’s home and a friend’s apartment in the days before her son’s death because she was ignoring the boy and withholding affection, investigators said.

“What makes this story especially sad was when asked the reason why she took Ty’s life, Tiffany said that she did not want him to grow up with no one caring about him the same way that she had grown up with no one caring about her,” said Police Chief Ray Schultz, his eyes watery and his voice thick with emotion.

What had baffled police after the discovery of the body was that the chubby-cheeked boy appeared to have been well-fed, showed no signs of physical abuse and was wearing a matching outfit that seemed to suggest he had been well-cared for.

Schultz said Toribio attempted suicide in jail and was under close observation. A single mother, Toribio had no criminal record or history of drug or alcohol abuse, the police chief said.

[ . . . ]



In the rest of the story, there were people quoted that they would’ve helped – well they damn sure wouldn’t have because they didn’t and they didn’t do it when it mattered.

The little boy and his mother were left to sleep in a park – who helped her to learn to nurture that child? Who helped her learn to have a good time and enjoy her life and be productive with her new role in the world as a woman, as a mother and as a participant in her community? Who did that?

Or was it that she’s right – there was no use for either of them based on the actions, attitudes, inaction, apathy and coldness of those very same people who are mourning now?

– cricketdiane, 05-22-09 – LIVE