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Top Mexican cartel suspect arrested

updated 58 minutes ago

MEXICO CITY, City (CNN)  — A top drug cartel suspect with a $1 million reward on his head has been captured by Mexican soldiers, federal authorities said.

Raymundo Almanza Morales, known as “El Gori,” was arrested Wednesday in the city of Monterrey in northeastern Mexico, said the National Defense secretary. Three men suspected of being accomplices also were arrested.

Mexican officials say Almanza is a top leader in the Gulf Cartel and offered a $1 million (15 million peso) reward in March.

Authorities said they confiscated five firearms, 21 kilograms (46 pounds) of marijuana and five vehicles.

This was the second arrest of a top cartel suspect that Mexican officials announced this week. Rodolfo Lopez Ibarra, known as “El Nito” and believed to be a top lieutenant in the Beltran Leyva cartel, was arrested Monday at an airport in Nuevo Leon state, said the Mexican National Defense secretary.



Mexican official resigns after mass jailbreak

updated 2 hours, 22 minutes ago

Mexican official resigns after mass jailbreak

* Story Highlights
* Report: Top security officical in Zacatecas state, Mexico, resigns after prison escape
* 53 inmates escaped in city of Zacatecas, helped by 20 men; no shot fired
* Governor thinks inmates part of Gulf drug cartel, operating in northern Mexico
* Interpol issued security alert for 11 of the “most dangerous” men

The prison break took fewer than five minutes, he said. He believes the inmates are likely connected to the Gulf Cartel, a powerful drug cartel operating in northern Mexico.

The news of Chalico’s resignation came as the international criminal police organization Interpol issued a security alert for 11 of the men, whom it said Mexican authorities have identified as the “most dangerous.”

The alert, or “orange notice,” includes identifying details of each fugitive to help law enforcement officers in their search, Interpol said.

It identified the prisoners as: Juan Enrique Almader Becerra, 21; Pablo Banuelos Esponoza, 30; Heriberto Centeno Madrid, 39; Ruben Delgado Gamillo, 28; Santiago Hernandez Naranjo, 36; Daniel Martinez Solis, 22; Joe Reyes Martinez, 33; Juan Antonio Saucedo Diaz, 33; Jesus Maria Soto Calderon, 52; Jose Florentino Soto Estrada, 30; and Erick Jesus Soto Estrada, 25.



“1-800-555 – call me (if you love me) ”

I’m writing a new song.



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Information from: Roswell Daily Record, http://www.roswell-record.com

Bush: It’s ‘liberating’ to be out of office
6 hours ago

Former President George W. Bush speaks at a reception for high school seniors…


Bush, in one of his few public appearances since leaving office in January, told the students that leaving office lifted a heavy burden.

“I no longer feel that great sense of responsibility that I had when I was in the Oval Office. And frankly, it’s a liberating feeling,” he told seniors from Artesia High School.

He received a warm welcome in the southeastern New Mexico community, the Roswell Daily Record reported. Bush declined interviews and no video cameras were allowed inside.

[ Etc. ]

The crowd gave him multiple standing ovations and after his speech he was presented with a sculpture of an eagle taking flight from a torch. The sculpture will be dedicated at City Hall on Memorial Day in honor of Bush and America’s veterans.

Information from: Roswell Daily Record, http://www.roswell-record.com



Litterbug released after 4 years in jail

Published: May 21, 2009 at 5:37 PM


Alan Davis of Seminole County was originally convicted in 2003 on a felony criminal littering charge for what he called a political protest,

In 1999, he began covering the roof and yard of his home with toilets, airplane parts, scrap metal, a giant statue of buttocks and other objects his neighbors found objectionable. He was sentenced to one year in jail



So much for Freedom of Speech and freedom of expression guaranteed under the US Constitution – under the monarchy of the Bush Administration and the Florida Republicans in power.  – My Note

This man spent longer in jail for this than OJ did for going into a rage and killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend. He also spent longer in jail than any of the young men in Pennsylvania will spend for brutally beating to death, a 25-year old man who was the father figure for two young children and went to work everyday.

This man spent longer in jail and was given a felony charge while Drew Petersen runs around free for years after killing two of his wives and he spent longer in jail than many of the people who have perpetrated some of the most horrendous, violent and brutal crimes against women in this country during the last thirty years of Republican administrations. Why do they think that is right?


And, what is it with the Republicans – they only believe in freedom of speech and expression to the extent that they like it or agree with it or its one of their rich friends doing it?

What is that, if not elitist crap?

– my note


From pot to “pole” tax: U.S. states seek economic help

Fri May 22, 2009 3:36pm EDT

The nonpartisan think tank Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says that 19 states have cut public health programs for low-income children and families, and at least 21 are cutting programs for the elderly. Nearly half of the states in the union are also cutting education.



My Note –

At a time when the United States needs every citizen educated to the level of a Masters’ Degree in order to stay competitive in the World, the states are taking away from those opportunities and funds for increasing the levels of knowledge and applied intelligence available to anyone.

That is cutting to the heart of the matter – whose side are they on? We don’t have enemies that do anywhere near the damage they are doing on a regular basis across America.

It is broken and will stay that way for generations, if we don’t do something now – which stops the stealing of funds from public libraries, colleges, universities, public schools, education, community programs to insure good health and opportunities for all.

If they taxed marijuana, there wouldn’t be a deficit. If they taxed the people going to prostitutes, there wouldn’t be an American of any age without school paid for by the States and the US government because there would be a wealth of money to do it. But, no – the politicians and particularly the conservatives, don’t want education available for everybody because that would raise the stakes of the game where their own B-grade and C-grade investments and friends couldn’t compete.

The fact is – it would make America able to compete and to survive for a long time to come by creating the means for prosperity and restore a front leading edge position to the United States once again. We’ve gotta do it.

– crixcketdiane, 05-2200