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I think the people of the United States deserve to know what actually happened when Nancy Pelosi and others were briefed about the CIA’s use of torture and specifically, waterboarding.

But, the fact is, those briefing notes will be kept hidden because the chances are really good that the CIA didn’t clearly show or describe or demonstrate what was involved in any way that would’ve warned the decision-makers of its implications. They didn’t want anyone to stop them.

The difference is whether the CIA in the briefing said they were going to pour a little water over the faces of the captives to make them think the contractors would drown them.

Or, if the CIA said in the briefing that they were going to drown the captives and bring them back from it, to see if they would tell anything that was not already known.

And, whether the CIA in those briefings with Nancy Pelosi and others was conducted in such a way that they showed actual video footage which clearly indicated how the waterboarding and other practices of torture were being done.

The fact is, the CIA and every other intelligence contractor holds beliefs that lies are a tool of the trade. Giving their policies and practices a “frame of reference” that makes them look okay when they are not, is standard operating policy when it comes to decision-makers in Congress, the executive branch administrators, cabinet members, the President and especially, the American people. It has always been that way. And every other intelligence agency in the world works that way too.

The police lie to the criminal to get him or her to confess without an attorney while claiming to be the “good guys.” The CIA and other intelligence professionals lie to the “enemy,” whoever that might be today or tomorrow, and regardless of that saying on their wall, they do not operate in truth, honesty, ethics, morals, or high regard for greater principles. That is not what they’ve been hired to do.

They, [including police officers, security contractors and intelligence agents of our government,] have been hired to screw the enemy agent and pretend they are lovers to get information.

And, to set up tricks whereby information can be gained by whatever means necessary. And, to mislead, lie, steal, shoot the idiot they want to question and ask questions while applying pressure for the poor bastard or bastardess to bleed to death.

These CIA, NSA, police, and other “security” professionals don’t know why the American people or the members of Congress we’ve elected would frown upon things like that, nor why they don’t want waterboarding and other “enhanced interrogation measures” to be used, nor why these things are undesirable.

That’s why we don’t leave decisions about their actions strictly to their own best thinking. It is twisted. Their discussion of it is also twisted. They have training in making it twisted with intentional goals in mind. That is what they are good at doing because we’ve already spent a ton of money making sure they are trained to be like that.

And, when I think of what the CIA agency officials likely told anybody in Congress about what they are doing – including Nancy Pelosi – it probably went something like this –

“We are going to make them uncomfortable and inconvenience them a little but it won’t hurt them in any way. It isn’t torture – we had the lawyers check that. We might pour a little water down on them so they think we might drown them, but we will have a doctor there and a psychiatrist to make sure it won’t really hurt them. That’s okay with you all, isn’t it? We don’t foresee a problem, so there should be a lot gained and no real liability for the agency.”

I wasn’t there and don’t have the privilege of looking over the briefing notes or minutes of those meetings, but I bet the CIA wasn’t forthright about the reality of those interrogation techniques where a clear view could emerge. That is not the way they do things. It isn’t rocket science to figure out that the ability to honestly convey the truth is not one of their strong suits.

If Nancy Pelosi and others in Congress may be censured over this – then President Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and every other jackass that okay’d it needs to go before the world court and be held accountable just as we have done to every other tyrant and oppressive administration across the world.

They knew better. It isn’t possible to waterboard somebody 183 times in a month accidentally. None of them would consider it anything but torture if it were done to them.

And, it wasn’t the only way to do it, didn’t yield the degree and quantity of information they claimed and the only reason to have done it and some of the other things past a point was purely evil, sheer cruelty and sadistic psychopathic thinking.

The Republicans that are screaming for this and that against members of Congress, including Speaker Pelosi are simply trying to deflect the real targets of absolute accountability in this and in other wrongs that defied the Constitution of the United States along with the trust we placed in them.

For me, I want to believe that George Jr. didn’t do this and had a whole bunch of complete jackasses around him that were advising him badly. That is what I want to believe, but the Twin Towers came down on his watch because of the incompetence and infighting he and his cronies of the Republican party created.

And, no good bit of common sense can get through that mess of confused intellectual inbreeding they called policy in any agency they ruled. It is all – every last one of them – mucked up. Every agency, every purpose, every charter, every underlying goal and every policy twisted by their applications of it. But, they were consistent.

To find who actually was the individual or group of individuals behind these choices would be an act of God because the convoluted manner in which they governed and chose to “enact” their principles yielded the exact opposite of what they claimed to have intended – in every agency and facet of American life they touched.

There were reports that our government was broken as the news covered things last year that they found. And, they are right – it was broken and the Republicans who are now screaming against change want to keep it that way. While they are skimming around the People’s pond up there in Washington, they are failing to join with all of us in seeking solutions that will work. It is a disgusting waste of time, effort, good-will and resources.

– cricketdiane, 05-19-09


Nancy Pelosi and the CIA – it isn’t Leon Panetta’s game – His job sits on top of the agency known for lies, it is their stock and trade – the new Director can’t speak for them or their past actions accurately – no matter what they say at the desks of the CIA operatives and supervisors – the US Congress can’t be made into a war zone by the Republicans over this – they are the ones that are accountable for torture and other violations of the US Constitution

Leon Panetta cannot even begin to comprehend the beast that he is dealing with in the CIA. It is backwards, upside down and completely convoluted from anything that normal everyday people would consider right. That is why they can do that job. And, then we train them to be more of the same twisted thinking and actions to a greater degree of the extreme. If you don’t believe it – look into the “perception management” techniques the military and intelligence agencies are taught to use. Not for the faint of heart. – my note.