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Getting Money When You Need It – Resourcing – II – 2008 – USA –

Resourcing – II – 2008 – USA

2008 Cricket Diane C Phillips

1.  What do you do if the only resource you need is money?

Make a list of jobs / work / businesses you can do with only a cellphone – (no car – just a cellphone).

Make a list of jobs / work / businesses / sales you can make with only a computer (no car – no phone – just a computer).

Make a list of the nearest holidays, festivals, conventions, gatherings, bike races, themed events, car rallies, motorcycle runs, races, news events and fund-raisers that are already scheduled to happen.

Make a list of businesses / services you can offer that require no money to get them started (even if they require some tools you could borrow or buy).

Make a list (from the phone book and from what you know) of associations, clubs, organizations and churches in your nearby areas and what might they need, want or buy?

Make a list of needs in your community that are obvious based on time of year, holidays, activities that are happening now or in the near future, current concerns and needs you know are there.

2.  If you only need the resource of money and you’ve made these lists, then what?

Find which ideas make the most money for the time put in them. Put a check mark in the left margin beside them.

Find which ideas can be done starting now with what you’ve got – put a star next to the ones of those that you like the most (even if they have a check mark beside them).

Find which ideas will make money the closest to now – the fastest to return immediate money, (give them another star in the left margin).

Take all entries from the list with a check mark, star, two stars or all of the above and write on another paper. These are worth pursuing & save the rest for another time in folder titled – business ideas.

Choose which ones from this list on a new sheet of paper that you most like or want to do. Either circle them, put a star next to them in the margin or write each on a clean piece of paper, (as a title). Then, write the steps you need to take to do them starting today and go do them. Check prices / costs and correct them, if needed, in order to make the money you need. Remember, desperate for money does not mean – give it away for nearly nothing or in the business model, it will undercut its chances of success for you.

3.  You can do this any way you want – but here are some suggestions:

Rather than running out and paying out lots of money that you don’t have – network, ask, approach and be creative. Keep focused on “opportunities” and move on them as you find them.

If you want to shine shoes, paint pictures, do makeovers, mow yards, sell jewelry, sell t-shirts or whatever your service or product is – find a store or vendor that already has the permits and licenses, negotiate to use some of their space and work together.

Or, exchange some of your profits for the space in a corner of their store, their kiosk, their booth, their office or their parking lot / sidewalk. Or, create a special event with them where you can offer your services / products and help to promote their business at the same time.

Art shows and convention vendors can be found online at the website for the show – call them. Maybe they will share their booth for someone to help set-up, break down and watch their space part of the time.

This is not the same as business for a hobby or pastime. These are the “rules” for getting money as a resource in a timely manner. It is an “opportunistic” mindset used in a healthy, profitable way. If you can see how to sell drugs or sex or porn, then you can also sell just about anything legal with the same skills and mindset. The opportunities to meet the needs around you and serve those needs to make a profit is the focus to keep in mind. When these occur, grab them, move with them and price to profit immediately, fairly and positively. This is the basis of acquiring money as a resource anytime, anyplace, anywhere right now.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips

Cricket House Studios, 2008 (originally published May 3, 2009)