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California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is threatening to make deep education cuts and auction off some of state’s most iconic properties — from the San Quentin state prison to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum — in order to close current and future budget shortfalls.

Other properties on the governor’s list include a landmark concert hall called the Cow Palace in Daly City, Calif., and fairgrounds in Sacramento and near San Diego. It’s unclear how much the proposal could actually raise.

The governor’s office said the sales would be made two to five years from now and would not help close the current deficit. The state projects $15.4 billion in fresh red ink for the coming fiscal year, which begins July 1.



What moron in the Republican Party came up with this plan? I would love to know who is making these choices and advising the Republican governors, State legislators and Federal legislators on how to apply the principles of the Republican Party because they are wrong and they continue to be entrenched in being wrong to the detriment of us all.

And, this “solution,” just as other “solutions” being pursued and demanded by the Republican administrations are not solutions at all, they don’t solve the problems, they don’t help the situation and they continue to be wrong. It isn’t possible to be that stupid, that greedy, that short-sighted, that abusive to the power and prestige of the office and that twisted in applying the basic tenets and principles promoted as the beliefs of the Republican Party.

That’s why I would love to know what moron or group of morons is actually making their policy decisions for them. And, I want to know where they got their damn stupid ideas from as well. Are those advisors reading from Mein Kampf or what?

check here for what that is –



The people of California own her landmarks. They are not the same thing as a business asset available to sell when the state needs a few dollars. That is not their purpose, and the state (no matter who is running it) is not operating in a vacuum, is not an island unto itself and is not its own sovereign nation in the Middle East or South America somewhere.

In the United States, every state government and all of the agencies of the federal government are stewards of the resources which belong to the people. If they are not serving the interests of the people and protecting those interests, they do not serve a purpose in that position of government and need to go work at McDonald’s or somewhere to learn what it means to do that.

A state government may look like a business but it is not a business because the resources upon which it stands belongs not to the profits of its own service to the community, but rather are donated by the people it serves. The power and resources given to the states and federal government come to them by consent of the governed, not because it has been earned rightfully. There would be no way to earn it rightfully – these are not underwritten by the American people as businesses.

When the monarch mentality of the California Republican governor and his advisers suggests selling landmarks that belong to the people of California and consequently, to the people of the United States – it is the product of some very short-sighted and twisted interpretations of their power as elected officials. It is not only an abuse of that power, but it is perverse in the way that thinking considers California’s resources. This is not supposed to be how money is made while paying over 1500 lawyers on the state payroll over a million dollars plus each per year when all the benefits, salaries, per diems, health and dental insurance, perks, bonuses, 401K and savings matching dollars, pay increases and pension allotments are tallied.

Actually, I think 1500 is probably a very, very low ballpark figure. There are staffs upon staffs upon staffs for everything from the judicial to the legislative branches of the California budget which have staffs upon staffs of attorneys on top of attorneys to advise every department independently and speak on their behalf if the need arises. Just sell some attorneys – California won’t have a budget deficit anymore.

( Do like Boeing and lease out their services to Saudi Arabia or something – the state of California gets $700 – $800 per hour and the whomever is the attorney still makes the $350 per hour that the State of California is already paying them. ) No more shortfall. Don’t lease them to Georgia – we have a Republican governor and enough problems of our own as it is.

– cricketdiane