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What I’ve learned from recent searches about “reward offered” on google – is that regardless of how happy the Wall Street traders are that go to lunch with the news folks – America is not very user-friendly for women and children, for people who are different, for people who are poor or for people who are in any way vulnerable. It is not the same place for the people on Wall Street or that work in Washington’s government sanctuaries and in wealthy neighborhoods.

I learned that if I know someone that would buy a $800,000 castle home in Idaho, I could make $25,000 for getting the owners and buyers together, but the state of Idaho might give me trouble for not having a real estate brokers’ license according to the one comment on the article.

Also, I discovered that there is a $5 million dollar reward for some Mexican drug kingpin that has escaped from a maximum facility jail. That would likely be hard to get considering that this guy and his friends have killed several thousand people in a drug war that continues in Mexico and at times, in the US.

It seems apparent that both mail trucks and post offices have been hit by armed robberies in the past few months which doesn’t make national news, but there are rewards being offered for information in those cases. There is one in Jacksonville, Florida where the post office was robbed, one in Kansas where a postal employee was robbed of postal materials and another two in Texas have rewards offered.

There was a robbery which managed to acquire 26.5 million veterans records whether they knew what they had taken or not and there is a reward in that case, too, although it happened in 2006.

I found out that there is a $100,000 reward for information about ricin sprinkled letters that ended up in some South Carolina post office in 2004 which never seemed to have been solved, also. The letter was addressed to the Department of Transportation, so I can only guess that somebody was really pissed off about missing their exit somewhere. Or, the jackasses had used eminent domain against the wrong person who didn’t take it well.

Another thing that I found was that last December, in 2008, there were a bunch of letters with a white powder in them that were sent to 40 governors and to several US embassies overseas which were postmarked from Dallas, Texas and North Texas. There is a $100,000 reward for information in that case too, which is still unresolved.

In California, I discovered a $250,000 reward is being offered in the case of severed phone and internet lines which required no more than a trip to a hardware store and climbing down through a manhole cover, although I don’t understand how that could happen without anybody noticing anything. It is a lot like the 10-foot guitar that walked off in Florida that had been in a public place when it was taken. I don’t understand how that is possible, but there are rewards for bringing the parties in either case to justice, (well – to the authorities, but nobody saw anything.) The phone and internet companies are seriously wanting the saboteur for cutting those trunk lines.

I found out that Microsoft and others are offering a $250,000 bounty for information leading to those people who created and put online a computer virus called the conficker worm which was supposed to activate on April Fools’ Day but didn’t. (But, it might yet.)

There are animal rights activists that are waging a war with car bombs and everything, not only in California but around the country who are staging let the animals out of the pens raids on mink farms and doing other violent and dangerous stunts. A number of rewards are being offered to put a stop to their activities. I never saw anything on the news that said – oh, by the way, animal rights activists are firebombing UCLA medical researchers cars, etc.


And, by the way – Georgia is adding two new nuclear reactors to go online in 2016 and 2017 which is going to be increasing our bills before they ever go online to help do anything because not only is our tax money paying for them to be built and we are billed for the electricity – we are also paying to build them with increases on our rates. Surprise, surprise, surprise as Gomer would say. All, that thanks to our Republican Governor – Sonny “done let the cows outta the barn” Purdue.


From the UTD University Village where students are supposed to safely live – burglaries are common enough that a $5,000 reward is being offered in an attempt to get it stopped. There are actually a lot of missing persons, especially women and shootings happening at University campuses and nearby including crimes recently where the intent was burglary, such as recently happened in Georgia also.

There is a reward of $50,000 offered for information from the January Ohio crime where 4 tons of coins stolen from an armored truck facility run by Brinks security which is beyond good sense how they left with it or had enough time to move it in the first place. And, this story taught me that Super Bowl rings were stolen that I never heard anything about on the news either – seems that some of this stuff would’ve been more important than some of the stupid things I’ve heard broadcast this year.


The reward for a family that disappeared is described in a story that doesn’t make any good sense at all. Truck found, people not found. The family was last seen on Dec. 23 and they didn’t start a search for them until January 3, this year. What are all those satellites in the sky doing if they can’t even help resolve a case like this? A man, his wife and their 3-month old son just isn’t ever found? What is that?

But, I found out that this is not all that uncommon in America over the last few years. It doesn’t make the news because it has become a thing that occurs so often, which is really pathetic actually. There have been so many women beaten to death, children killed by men dating their moms and homeless people beaten by groups of teenagers that it isn’t even newsworthy anymore.

Women, daughters, wives, elderly, disabled, homeless, impoverished and the children of America are being savagely treated all across the United States and it isn’t even news because it is so business as usual, commonplace and frequent, including the obscene brutality being given to them as great America’s concept of freedom, dignity, and rights for them. ( and it is what I’ve seen and experienced too, and I know many others that have endured it – some who have survived and many that have not.)

I also discovered that a $40,000 4′ x 40′ aluminum ramp that weighed 1200 pounds and a dock were stolen from a lighthouse without anyone noticing it get up an leave. Who are these people that felt they needed to take that and how did it happen that no one saw anything that big get up and leave? Is anybody at home in America? They are offering a reward.

A $75,000 reward is being offered in the arson case of the animal rights activists versus the car in true UCLA fashion. And in this Dover case, there is a picture of the guy who robbed the bank with nothing hiding his face and the police still can’t find him so they are offering a reward for help with it. I think there are a bunch like this including one that had five or six bank robberies done by the same person which inspired the police to give it a name like the red balloon robbery guy or something. It has a reward, too.

And, I found out that New Jersey is dicking around because they’ve mismanaged their money like just about every other state and have a shortfall deficit of around $2 Billion dollars that they admit to. The real figures are probably substantially higher and they’re expecting to cover it with a bunch of other inside finagling. Par for the course.

And, disgustingly enough, while the Republican Florida State Governor is handing out some inane message about Happy Mothers’ Day – he and his administration have directly resulted in this horror that happens to women across “his” state and his sister states everyday –

TAMPA – Seven weeks ago, Richard Anthony McTear Jr. broke Jasmine Bedwell’s door, hit her several times, broke items throughout her apartment, held her down, and poured household cleaner on her face and head, sheriff’s deputies say. And then, this week he threw her three-month old baby out a window of his moving vehicle onto the freeway because he was mad at her.

I discovered that while people in America and the press are outraged at some Middle Eastern judge deciding it is okay for husbands to slap their wives over spending too much money, the same people aren’t concerned whatsoever by the domestic violence, cruelty and brutality occurring against women across the United States, in every state, every single moment of every day. There isn’t a Hallmark moment that will ever fix this. Mothers’ Day doesn’t mean anything in a very basic sense while even one woman, daughter, child or member of the United States is being treated in ways that most people wouldn’t even allow a dog to be treated.

We wouldn’t put up with the Taliban treating our women that way even in the “war zone” so why would we put up with it happening in America commonly and pervasively as has been happening every single day for many, many years? Why does the war zone have to be in our living rooms, our bedrooms, in our bathrooms, in the safe harbor of our homes where it should be a sanctuary of safety from the whole world of dangers that are “out there, on the streets and in the bigger world?” Why can’t our children sleep safe in their own beds, wives sleep safe in their own beds, girls and daughters be safe in their schools and churches and in their own neighborhoods?