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Man Shoots Wife in Face…Sentenced to 7 Years
Posted Wednesday, April 13, 2005 ; 09:33 PM


NEW YORK, May 8 (UPI) — Thomas Culp’s lawyer insists the U.S. man shot his wife Connie in the face by accident and hopes to reunite with her when he gets out of prison.


Connie Culp, who has publicly stated she forgives her husband, underwent the world’s first near-total face transplant last December. Thomas Culp is serving a seven-year prison term for attempted murder and is expected to be released in 2011.


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This combination photo released by the Cleveland Clinic on May 6, 2009, shows images of face transplant patient Connie Culp before (L) and after her 22-hour procedure. A medical team at the Cleveland Clinic performed the first face transplant in the United States. Culp, who sustained a traumatic injury from a gunshot, had 80% of her face replaced in the procedure. (UPI Photo/Cleveland Clinici/Handout)



from some of the comments recently made on this story –

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5/8/09 at 4:38 PM

mitchell, please cite your referenced “hundreds” of scientific studies that show domestic violence is 50/50.

In truth, the men are the primary aggressor 85 – 90% of the time. I can teach you and others that are confused by the myths and mis-perceptions of domestic violence. It is truly a horrible plague on our society. Calling the truth the truth does not make you a man hater.

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5/8/09 at 12:43 PM
LF….I am gravely offended by your overt misandry. You have obviously got a big chip on your shoulder, but you have a severely skewed view of the world. I do not know a single man that fits the description you give. Your misandry is overshadowed only by your immeasurable ignorance regarding the realities of domestic violence, which, according to literally hundreds of scientific studies is known to be instigated and perpetrated almost 50/50 man to woman or woman to man. You should truly be ashamed to propagate such vile contemptable gender hatred. Men in America every day give all they have to give so that their loved ones can have a good life, and be happy, and comfortable, without regret. Men go to work every day whether they are sick or tired, not for themselves, but for the ones you claim they seek to own. And for the record, mothers abuse their children more than fathers, this is based in fact also.
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5/8/09 at 12:31 PM
“People who love you don’t hurt you”

That cuts both ways. Obviously, she did something that hurt her husband terribly to cause him to feel it necessary to try and kill her and himself. He was not deemed insane, so it had to be situational distress, and it’s root cause had to be her. What would make you want to kill your spouse and then die rather than live with the pain of it?? Think about it. I absolutely do not advocate any sort of violence in a relationship, but I think it very childish to pretend that our loved ones could not hurt us more than a stranger ever could. This man was obviously distraught beyond our ability to even comprehend. Ask yourself why. Husbands,, be nice to your wives, even when things go bad, wives, do the same for your husbands, remember, you loved them enough once to want to spend your life with them, respect one another.
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My Note –

One thing that I noticed in this case –

That shotgun did not get itself up and put itself in this man’s hands. That is no accident. Anytime there is a domestic violence situation, one question I have is “when was the moment of choice, of free will, of intention to cause harm?” I would say that when a situation occurs, the moment of decision comes not when the knife enters the body or the trigger is pulled, but when that weapon found its way into the hand. It didn’t put itself there.

When the hand on the end of my arm succeeds in an action, it is because my brain started it there – whether it is to hit someone or to accomplish something better. Blind rage because of hurt feelings can be powered by the ego until there seems no recourse but to act. However strong that may be – it is still the will and an active choice of intent that must be made to inflict harm. That shotgun did not get itself up and pull its own trigger.

A man that uses his fists and anything he can grab to beat a woman or child to death did not do so without volition. He made a choice to do it that way. That is the intention to do harm which is exhibited by those actions. And, to be honest, that is not a good person acting badly. It is a dangerous person acting as they see fit, when they see fit to the detriment of everyone around them. It is also a very basic contempt and disregard for the life of another. It fails the test of conscience and conscientious concern, respect, love, generosity,  consideration and endearment. It isn’t love.

– cricketdiane