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*** Real Life Living in the United States of America from 1980 – 2010 ***

Under the Rule of the Republican Party in America –

Iran, China, Russia and Cuba put together haven’t tortured and killed as many American citizens as the Republican Party, the George Bush administrations, the conservative Republicans’ social and business policies, psychiatrists, pharmaceutical companies and lack of regulation for food and product safety in the United States have tortured, maimed and killed.

We look at those countries as enemies because of their human rights abuses. What kind of country have the Republicans created under our feet over the past thirty years they’ve been in power, where the human rights violations and abuses in the United States are even more pervasive, more consummately evil and more extensive than in any of those countries or even, all of them put together?

Is it because those countries being kinder than us – took people out and just shot them in a ditch instead of poisoning them with peanut butter sandwiches using salmonella infested peanut butter, rather than killing them with E.Coli bacteria from mishandled meat products because of inspectors who didn’t want to offend their Republican “handlers” as we did, or torturing them with chemical restraints sponsored by psychiatry?

Is it because those countries took people off in the middle of the night to shoot them instead of what is done in the US by taking people out of their homes in the full light of day and then subjecting them to chemical lobotomies using the most horrendous cocktails of pharmaceuticals that hell has ever designed, causing them to kill themselves or commit acts of violence resulting in the deaths of many?

Whose side has our conservative Republican government run by Christian fundamentalists been serving? Our enemies haven’t killed, raped and tortured as many people as the business and social policies of the Republican Party have done right here on our own soil using all the trappings of making a profit while they’ve been doing it.

And in all cases, it would’ve been a kinder, more merciful death if our government’s ineptitude, profiteering and social policies through its big business friends and mental health systems / pharmaceutical companies had just shot the victims. Instead of US citizens being forced to endure a tortured experience of food poisoning, or the horrendous drug side effects of psychiatric drugs, their cars bursting into flames while driving them, suffering the effects of lead poisoning, air pollution and exotic chemicals every where they might live, wouldn’t it have been more humane to simply take 100% of their rights away, take all their money and property, shoot them out in a ditch somewhere? Our people have suffered every vile human and civil rights abuse at the hands of the conservative Republican party run government along with the torturous way it was accomplished plus the mental and physical anguish of a nation’s betrayal of trust before dying or killing themselves or killing themselves and others, under the duress and effects of prescribed psychiatric drugs.

Didn’t we used to call those that do that to our people – “enemies”? Isn’t that why we made some countries into our enemies – for their human rights abuses and violations of civil and human rights? Is it any different if our nation tortures and kills us with tainted peanut butter, vomit inducing tainted meat, compliance cocktails of psychiatric pharmaceuticals, defective cars, trucks and household products, homelessness, derision, exclusion from the workforce and economic opportunities, filthy and dangerous hospitals, health and mental health systems that are killing and maiming people for private profits and by abuses of authority, police brutality and government corruption?

Isn’t it the same enemy and the same evil when it is done that way / meted out against the citizens by their government? Isn’t it still genocide even when it is accomplished in a more sophisticated manner? Don’t we count among those enemies of the US, those that do these things which result in deaths, physical maiming and violations of human rights, abuses of authority and brutality? Is it any different when the perpetrators are wearing Armani suits and driving Porches on their way to their church or Republican Party breakfast?

“Nobody accuses these perpetrators who have committed inhumane violent actions against women, against the poor and against both prisoners of war and the regular people of America, as insane. No, they’re given fine opportunities and will go on to work somewhere else putting forth their distorted and malicious views of the world. In fact, if history serves anything it is to tell us that every one of these perpetrators in America will be treated like kings while the rest of us are treated like slaves and otherwise useless aggravations.” – my quote from a couple days ago.


To tell the truth is to say that in the United States of America – you will experience these things, not to pretend that it is not so.

If you are a woman, you will be raped. You will be beat to death or nearly to death in your own home. You will, if you survive, watch your children be taken from you and abused by others the state deems to raise them and they will be put on psychiatric medication such that they can’t think, can’t function, can’t learn, can’t play and can’t write their own name for their hands shaking. When they sleep, there will only be nightmares and darkness while their bodies tingle and feel like thousands of bees stinging them and their ears ring with a high pitched constant painful buzzing. They will never eat a meal they can enjoy because it makes them sick and nauseated. There will be no friendships or dating because the drugs give them diarrhea so they smell like that and endure that humiliation at their school and around other people every other day.

And, you, as a woman in America, will get to experience those things too because the state, your family, your doctor and your community will force you to take those drugs, too. Except that you will also find that the dizziness prevents you from driving or walking across the room to get something without running into things and getting hurt. You won’t sew, or write or read or be able to follow a thought because those drugs are meant to prevent those things to keep you out of trouble and prevent you from saying or doing anything that others might not like. But, you will know. You will know your children’s suffering and sorrows as you watch others abuse them in ways that you would not at the hands of strangers that are housing them to get the money paid by the state for them.

And, you as a woman in America, might get a job, might get to work at something, might start a business, but more likely you will be poor and homeless and surely excluded from the workforce because you are forced to go through the mental health system to get a job. There is no employer that wants to have a full-time well paid employee that has been deemed to be difficult which is evidenced by the fact you are “diagnosed” to need mental health services and psychiatric medications. So, don’t expect to have 40 hours of work at minimum wage or your own home or your own business or your own opportunities to get money as other people do. But, you can’t have your children back and your life back, unless you do just that.

And, if you get a lover, a boyfriend or another husband, you can expect that he will beat you within an inch of your life with whatever is around until you are so bruised, broken and in such pain, that you won’t even want to go on. Then, you will be given even greater doses of and combinations of medications until your body is racked with pain day and night, your ears ring, your hands shake and no one will listen to you because every sound that you utter sounds garbled and confused. Your vision will be blurred, double-vision that twitters and moves instead of ever focusing rightly. Your ability to think will not pursue more than half a thought at a time but every feeling of worthlessness, hopelessness and despair will be amplified and pervade every moment. You will have muscles that twitch uncontrollably and to take a walk means every step is awkward and unbalanced so you will shuffle your feet to feel your way along.

Your lips will be swollen and cracked like having been in the desert for many days in the hot sun. Your thirst will go on day and night with a feeling like a mouthful of dry cotton all the time until finally your teeth fall out from lack of moisture in your mouth. Then, nobody will hire you, nobody will want to be with you and nobody will listen to anything you can muster together into an intelligent sentence because you have the after effects of the drugs you’ve been given to “help” you.

The many days of not being able to go out in the sun and having these drugs strip the vitamins, minerals and electrolytes from your system will leave you vulnerable to every sickness with sick looking skin and sleeplessness, nervousness and both the pain from being physically abused by domestic violence and from the psychiatric drugs themselves. Headaches and nausea will make every moment of every day an intolerable eternity that never seems to end and it will go on for years and years and years.

And, anytime your community, county or state wants money – they will use you and your children to get it by “serving” you some more. The police and local fire services will harass you and your children will be bullied, harassed and brutalized at their schools by their school officials, foster parents, social workers and mental health “professionals” along with abuses by other students and you will watch it helpless to do anything about it. Sooner or later you will end up in jail for some inane, petty something like not having your married name on your ID or saying something your neighbor doesn’t like or walking outside without your shoes on, and in jail you’ll find that every other disabled woman in the community is sitting right there in the county jail, too.

Your ex-husband that beat you till your bones were broken and your beauty was hidden by black and blue bruises and bloody gashes, will sit in his new house with his new wife and explain to everyone how obvious it is that you were the problem all along. And, your family, your community and your friends will agree with him. He won’t spend time in jail or locked up in a mental hospital with medications forced on him or restrained on a board for 16 hours pissing all over himself with his eyes rolling back in his head – nope, that will be done to you for your “mental health”. This is the United States of America that you and your children will experience because it is all that is available to you and the only thing that the Constitution of the United States or the Bill of Rights will ever mean to you and your children in practice.

Then, all the accomplishments and dreams of accomplishments, which are yours alone to give to the world, your motherhood, your youth, your beauty and your opportunities will be shoved down your throat as something you had that you wasted. Because that is how we do things in America.

– cricketdiane, 04-22-09