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In the case of the 13 year old girl that was stripped naked at her school and searched over accusations of having ibuprofen which she didn’t –

1. the people who should be paraded in front of the public right now are the school officials who did it for the public to see and the members of the school board who authorized it. They should have to face the public for what they have done to this girl and probably countless others at this school.

2.  this act by school officials was sexual, mental and emotional abuse. If even the girl’s own parents had done it, they would’ve been charged for aggravated cruelty and child abuse, maybe even sexual abuse. Why would the school system be allowed to engage in shaming, humiliating and disregarding the basic inviolable human rights of students suffering their authority?

3.  this case was one that went all the way to the Supreme Court – there would have to be countless others that simply didn’t get to court or were not pursued by the parents. If the schools are this prejudiced against their students, that they wouldn’t know to uphold the basic human rights and values of their communities when it comes to their students, what purpose do they serve in the education system at all? They should be sent to Beirut or Bahrain to teach if that is what they believe – at least it would be in keeping with the beliefs of those places.

4.  the school system that involved itself in this egregious act should be sued and each individual that participated or authorized this action should be personally taken to court for civil and criminal charges against them. They should not have the opportunity to ever work in any situation involving children nor policy making nor in any way put in authority over anyone ever again where their actions have long reaching impacts.

5.  it is vile to consider what this unwarranted and unnecessary humiliating strip search has done to this girl’s life, to her sexuality, to her opportunities for self-fulfillment and accomplishment and to her family. It has served no good to her community nor to our world who needs her. This is not education – it is tyranny and oppression, it is vile and wrong, it is abuse of power and authority – and, it is a malicious use of the trust placed in these school officials to do the job they are paid to do. They should be in prison, not protected by the state and the school system.


13-year-old’s school strip-search case heads to Supreme Court

updated 3 hours, 12 minutes ago

(CNN) — The case of a 13-year-old Arizona girl strip-searched by school officials looking for ibuprofen pain-reliever will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court this week.

The case is centered around Savana Redding, now 19, who in 2003 was an eighth-grade honors student at Safford Middle School, about 127 miles from Tucson, Arizona. Redding was strip-searched by school officials after a fellow student accused her of providing prescription-strength ibuprofen pills.

Redding was pulled from class by a male vice principal, escorted to an office, where she denied the accusations.

A search of Redding’s backpack found nothing. Then, although she never had prior disciplinary problems, a strip search was conducted with the help of a school nurse and Wilson’s assistant, both females. According to court records, she was ordered to strip to her underwear and her bra was pulled out. Again, no drugs were found.

In an affidavit, Redding said,  The strip search was the most humiliating experience I have ever had. I held my head down so that they could not see that I was about to cry.

At issue is whether school administrators are constitutionally barred from conducting searches of students investigated for possessing or dealing drugs that are banned on campus.

A federal appeals court found the search  traumatizing  and illegal.

While a federal magistrate and a three-panel appeals court found the search was reasonable, the full 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Redding last year.

Common sense informs us,  wrote the court,  that directing a 13-year-old girl to remove her clothes, partially revealing her breasts and pelvic area, for allegedly possessing ibuprofen … was excessively intrusive.
The court said the school went too far in its effort to create a drug- and crime-free classroom.  The overzealousness of school administrators in efforts to protect students has the tragic impact of traumatizing those they claim to serve. And all this to find prescription-strength ibuprofen.
The case is Safford United School District No. 1 v. Redding (08-479).



My note –

So, instead of this honors student being involved and focused on the normal activities of growing up and going to college, dating and friendships – she has spent the last six years involved in this view of the US court system. There was no reasonable occasion for the search in the first place. Humiliating and shaming a thirteen year old girl in this way yields nothing of value.

Anyone who actually was selling drugs at that school continued to do so, the accuser who falsely accused her did not have any consequences from the unfounded accusation and the school authorities who would have been put in jail had they done this in any other country are continuing to enjoy their jobs.

There is no excuse for this. Schools are not prisons camps and we do not live in a communist dictatorship, but the way that local authorities have applied our laws have made it look that way in practice.

The school officials involved in this situation should not be working around children of any age. And, how did they do this without notifying the girl’s parents. Schools don’t own the children that are in their care for the purpose of teaching them while they are there. We need a zero-tolerance policy against abuse of power toward school officials and local authorities that are engaged in it.

– And, that the school system and state still does not understand that it was wrong to condone, authorize or conduct strip searches of children such that the Supreme Court has to decide it – is the most obtuse, insane, incompetent, immoral and pathetic excuse for humanity that God has ever created. It does not belong in our country, to have such people as are running the education system in Arizona decide anything if they don’t know any better than that.

– cricketdiane, 04-22-09

The United States needs to apply the tenets of democracy and human rights in the United States rather than continue the conservative Republican violations of human and civil rights of the Bush administration, Reagan administration, George Bush Sr. administration, Nixon administration, and every other conservative Republican held state government.

– It is subjugating our United States citizens in America to terrifying abuses of human rights violations, vile civil rights abuses, pervasive tyranny, inhumane oppression and evil at the hands of local authorities. We have no enemies that we would allow to do this to American citizens. Why should our own government entities and businesses get away with it?