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The word for small central government is “king” – we’ve already been there, done that and then did it again through the last thirty years –

And, it didn’t work very well. That isn’t what America is intended to be. It wasn’t intended to be run by an aristocratic monarchy. But that is what we’ve had since the nation decided to let the Republican conservatives run things. And, the only business friendliness that has been available during this time was to big business and friends of those in power.

We need a balanced government, neither such a small and centralized concentration of power as to be a king nor to be so dispersed and decentralized that each state acts with contempt for the good of the whole. Unfortunately, when states rights take precedent over the choices of all and over laws that exist for the good of everyone in the country, the states are operating as nothing more than minor kingdoms with concentrated powerful “kingships,” nepotism and cronyism of their own.

That is why we need a balance of power with the rights of the individual protected and the overall good of the nation considered jointly before all else. Each voice must be important and each diverse variant of humanity in America has a place and part to play that is important because we are a nation of great power by virtue of our diversity and freedom to express that diversity. It makes a much greater strength than any homogenization or elitist projected “perfection” which excludes anyone that does not fit that mold.

– cricketdiane, 04-18-09