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The conservatives say they believe in freedom and individuality according to a CNN expert just now – but “freedom for everybody” such as Cheney and this conservative expert describe is apparently a qualified freedom – for them and for us

*** Obviously, the freedom described by conservatives that they want for everybody does not include freedom for anyone that is not like them, whose lifestyle is different than theirs or whose ideas and religious beliefs differ from theirs.

That is the very problem that has created the intolerance, the bullying, the abusive police state tactics, the ridiculously massive prison populations across the nation, the institutionalized and chemically lobotomized dissidents, the overwhelming use of cameras and surveillance throughout America in anticipation of insurgency or civil unrest.

We, the people are apparently an inconvenience to them until its time to spend our money or work for nothing to make them rich.

– my note

If you don’t believe me, just listen for yourself. Any suggestion to conservatives or Republicans that Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, President Bush or others responsible for the torture of US prisoners be put in a small box stooping for eleven days and prevented from sleep, does not yield a “yeah, sure – that would be okay.” Nope, the first thing out of their mouths is that it is wrong to do that to somebody. “That would be wrong. You can’t do that to people,” is their first thought.

And, the same people that loudly boast how it isn’t torture to do those things that the CIA did, change their mind when it is suggested that they experience it or someone responsible for it have to endure it. Police brutality doesn’t mean anything to them either until it is their children, their loved ones, someone they know or they themselves who are experiencing the psychotic police departments the rest of us have been putting up with.

Try listening and see for yourself whether “freedom for everybody” in the estimation of conservatives and the Republican party movers and policy makers has a concept of everybody that includes you or me or anybody you know that may not be going to their church or golf club.

And, apparently not only does freedom of speech only apply to them, it also only applies to those that agree with them when they get their way about it as they have had for the last eight plus years. Across America, there have been constantly disintegrating communities brought on by the economic brutality, the social intolerance, and the systematic destruction of the underpinnings of every American family which has occurred at the hands and policies applied by Republicans and conservatives over the last thirty years.

It isn’t because of freedom that has happened. It isn’t because of liberals or Democrats running the show. It isn’t because of gays or lesbians or the sinners or the poor because none of them have been running the policies of this distorted conservative Republican big business government for the last thirty years. The Republicans have run the Congress into the ground, they’ve raised the deficit by trillions before the recent stimulus ever had to be made, they’ve destroyed families, communities and business opportunities for the majority of Americans across the country, they’ve created legions of homeless and poor and starving and suicides that occurred because of bullying and local police brutality is rampant and common everyday in America everywhere.

The conservative right-wing hate-filled, intolerant, self-righteous think-tanks, officials, leaders and policy makers have destroyed the very fabric and status of America. There is nothing good from doing it this way – they have wasted our lives and destroyed our freedoms for nothing. The profits they have made from doing it leave them unsatiated and filled with greed that is never satisfied and personally, I hope that is their experience for eternity. Did they really believe the delusion that they are better than the rest of us?

– cricketdiane, 04-19-09

Note – The United States has been instrumental in pursuing and bringing to prosecution those that acted in the Gestapo and in war crimes all over the world, in bringing down demagogues that operated tyrannies and engaged in police brutality all over the world — so why is there no accountability for the same crimes in America against human rights, against civil rights and against our Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Geneva Convention agreements?