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One thing that our Republican leaders both in our communities and across our nation have forgotten, is that the United States is governed by consent of the governed. It doesn’t matter if it is a business like AIG, or Bank of America or Citigroup, a credit card company, a bank or a government entity like the police that brutalize and kill as it suits them to do so. This is a bad scenario that will come to naught because sooner or later, it destroys itself. That has been true for every society that has engaged in it that way.

– my note

Police Brutality that is inexcusable – this is the America that we get to live in and even our children can’t work and do their jobs without the police acting like they were trained in Nazi Germany under Hitler.

That happens everyday across America – thank the Republican Party and the “conservatives” for creating an abusive police state for us to experience everyday where America used to be.

There is nothing good to say about the police of Dayton, Ohio or anywhere else that engage in this type of abuse of power – they ought to be stripped naked and left off out to sea.

There is not one police officer of this type that deserves to live in America. This is the kind of experiences we’ve all had with police everywhere in America – including where I live.

The police are hateful, abusive, attack people when it is unfounded and without justification. They are harassing, cruel, malicious and violent.

The idea that they are in any way “peace officers” is an aggravatingly sad and pathetic joke.

The police in the United States are today no different than the nightmare of the old SS and Gestapo, or the tales of brutality from the Soviet Union during the Stalin era.

Apparently the US Constitution doesn’t apply to anybody in America when it comes to the actions and choices of police officers and police departments in our communities. They can do whatever vile, psychotic crap they want at any opportunity to use it to anyone they choose whether that person has done anything or not.

And, it happens over and over and over again without regard for human life, without regard for the Constitution or the Bill of Rights and without regard for the law – there is no retribution or consequence meted out to police that engage in this behavior. They are above the law – obviously.

That isn’t a country of freedom with democracy and individual rights – that is something else which no longer resembles the “we find these truths to be self-evident . . . ” and the part about inalienable human rights that are to be available to every person in the United States of America.

Sometime – just put the words “police brutality” in the Google search box and see what the America looks like where we all live, especially if we aren’t an executive at AIG or the sanctified Republican party religious Pharisees.

At what point are “they” going to notice that Hitler didn’t make it.

– cricketdiane, 04-19-09


After seeing the extent to which the banks are screwing around with everyone’s lives by sneaky and conniving, profit gouging activities and raising interest rates, payment minimums, and other actively stupid policies that are anti-consumer and anti-customer, I was already disgusted.

There was a comment on a news “talk show” that they call the news lately, to simply not pay the payments for a couple months.

What would that do? It would make things different, if everybody in America does it – that’s what.

Just don’t pay the credit cards for two months across America and things will change.

* and from AIG – the corporation from hell

feedback@foxbusiness.com <feedback@foxbusiness.com>
FoxBusiness on Money For Breakfast this morning, 04-19-09 – had a short segment about New solution for piracy, but on their website – I couldn’t find it

moneyforbreakfast@foxbusiness.com <moneyforbreakfast@foxbusiness.com>


Blind Amputee Fights AIG for Leg, Wheelchair – Iraq Contractor who worked with KRB
April 17, 2009 – video

found this video – couldn’t operate share button or other email options but watched it

at the same time, on air – there was the continuing saga of the credit card companies and banks raising interest on credit cards to untenable levels, changing rules of the game on those who have credit cards without notice and changing minimum payment requirements – they are also taking accounts and closing them whether the individual has a high credit score or not (currently)


My note – I watched the video and although there wasn’t a lot of information about the extensiveness of AIG’s policy, my guess is that it is pretty damn common way for this company and its business practices to operate. This is obscene considering they serve no useful purpose, if all that they exist to do is to take premiums and bailout money from America’s citizens without ever being honorable when paying out on what is called “insurance” for a reason.

They can all live in the bowels of hell along with the judgmental right-wing fundamentalist conservatives that got us here because they have held the reins of power and used it to corrupt our country, our country’s values, our basis of freedom, our good common sense and our every last business, bank and financial institution into a black-hole of no return.

* And, yes – sometimes I am bitter and there is good reason why that is. But, more of it is that there is no excuse for making a great and prosperous nation of freedom and democracy and successful capitalism with opportunity for all into the last thirty years of a social experiment in elitist, tyranny. It wasn’t necessary, it was a complete failure and it served no one, ultimately.

How stupid is that?

– cricketdiane, 04-19-09


When we, as a nation have looked at regimes such as Saddam Hussein and Stalin, among others of a similar oppressive tyranny – we have been incensed and filled with the wrath of Justice and the Passion of Democracy.

But, we have been living in an America that has been engaging in these same abusive police state tactics and oppression against its own citizens which is still occurring today – this day.

What that means is that it no longer is a matter of opinion – the United States of America in its dealings at the community and state levels is no more than a third world dictatorship of the same caliber as any that have denied human rights, abused its citizens and destroyed freedoms and rights to liberty anywhere in the world.

Brutal dictatorship and human rights violations – describes the experiences that Americans across this country are experiencing at the hands of local authorities across America today. There is no checks and balances, no accountability for the criminal behavior of those police and authorities and no democratic basis of rights, freedoms and opportunities being practiced.

And it didn’t start being that way yesterday – it has been that way since the Reagan years and continued to get worse through Bush Sr. and while the Republican run Congress held power during Clinton’s years and through the last eight years of more Republican and conservative rule.

Why is it that across the world, when religious fundamentalists get ahold of power anywhere, they destroy people’s lives, kill, maim and destroy every last vestige of democracy, freedom and individual rights, tolerance and livelihoods for the majority of people who must live under their tyranny? And it has been happening here in the United States throughout their rein, as well.

America’s schools are filled with intolerance, cruelty, viciousness and bullying. There is forced conformity in our communities through the social services agencies under the Republican rule and policies. Our families have been broken up and our children sold to people who have two parents of differing sexes who own property and go to church.

And anyone that disagrees with them, is angry about it or that has a difference of opinion is locked away into mental health facilities and behavior modification camps then forcibly administered chemical lobotomies with psychotropic cooperation cocktails.

What is that, if not Hitler’s Aryan race dream of purging from humanity all that is not like them? ‘welcome to the America where I’ve been living.

– cricketdiane