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Note – The United States has been instrumental in pursuing and bringing to prosecution those that acted in the Gestapo and in war crimes all over the world, in bringing down demagogues that operated tyrannies and engaged in police brutality all over the world — so why is there no accountability for the same crimes in America against human rights, against civil rights and against our Constitution and Bill of Rights and the Geneva Convention agreements?


Since the conservatives put Reagan into office and took over our country’s governance, there has not been a woman or child in America that has been safe in their own beds, in their own homes, or under the roof with the person they came to love and trust. Domestic violence rarely holds the perpetrator responsible and yet if a man is assaulted in a bar fight or out on the street somewhere, the full extent of the law comes to his aid.

Crime has been rampant in every city, town, county and outlying district despite a third of the population being put in jail and forced to live in prisons across the country. There isn’t one place in the country where a child can safely play out in the yard at dusk and in many cases, even in the middle of the day anywhere. Children are taken from their beds, women are beaten to death in their own homes, our daughters and sons are raped in cities and countryside alike, drugs and drug industry warlords run more of our country’s choices than we do and there isn’t one safe place to call home in America.

So, why don’t we all pack up and leave, you say? No, why don’t those vile enough to have destroyed this country while at the helm have some consequence for running it into the ground and then we’ll all just stay and enjoy living in a free country again.

I will always remember – I will never forget.

There isn’t a day that has gone by during these years that it has been the America we want it to be, except for the rich, the Wall Street bankers and the politicians. They’ve got it fine. Everyone else is living in America, the land of poverty and injustice at the hands of profit-driven greed, malice and intolerance, police brutality, eminent domain and sovereign immunity.

In America, if we were willing to confront reality, our expectations would include being viciously assaulted, or even killed, in our own homes by our husbands or boyfriends or fathers, being further victimized by state social systems that make money by herding us through their facilities, being subjected to a hellish existence as our children are taken away to be raised by and often abused by strangers, and enduring never-ending poverty, destitution and despair.

And then, as if that isn’t enough, if we accepted reality as it really is and has been in America for the last thirty years, we would know that the only thing we would get out of it all would be the cruelties and sniping of our fellow human beings, not love, not compassion, not consideration, not justice, not kindness, not a hand of hope, help and healing. The only thing America’s leaders and political conservatives have for us is desolation and a waste of every talent, intelligence, skill, knowledge, experience, creativity, innovation and invention that we could have offered.

I will always remember – I will never forget.

There was a little man on the tv that ran around the New York stock exchange screaming like a crazed heathen that said, “we don’t want to pay for people keep their homes – they shouldn’t have gotten those homes in the first place.” The news stations carried it over and over and over, having been so proud to have found a newsworthy moment of such impact and passion.

That little man has made money off every one of those homeowners who are now losing their houses. That is how he and his friends make money – that is why they work in Wall Street instead of making a living at something honorable and productive. But, his opinion is newsworthy. He is the one that Washington wants to hear and that news station owners want to see, if we are to believe the news producers who chose to play it over and over.

If I ran around screaming like that saying what he did, in Atlanta, Georgia or in Marietta where I live, there wouldn’t be two hours before the police here would’ve picked me up, locked me up without a phone call and within a short period of time thereafter our “health authorities” would have been forcing a high dose of Halidol or Thorazine into me while having six people hold me down. That is what I and any other woman in America gets for expressing an opinion like that.

In fact, I would say that any poor person of any color, race, nationality or sexual orientation gets treated much as I do – and we certainly don’t get news coverage for it. Our voices aren’t heard. Our opinions don’t count. We aren’t given rights. There is no access to an attorney or an advocate for days, weeks and sometimes longer. Our friends and family members aren’t generally alerted, although they can have any of us put away with no more than a word and police will come into our homes without a warrant to lock us up without even a crime being committed whether we are any danger to ourselves or to anyone else.

Now, see if we accepted reality for what it is in America, I would’ve known that I would never make a living ever. I’m 50 years old now, I can say that. I would have known that having a small business or starting a business was never going to be available to me or to my daughters or to my little family. No wonder people are offing themselves. They are living in reality and everyone around them is telling them it is something other than what it is. Why would anyone say to a woman that she is safe in her own home when every last shred of evidence proves that women are being beaten to death every day in America in their own homes with the person they trusted enough to love.

I will always remember – I will never forget.

There will never be a day that passes that I don’t think about the tens of thousands of people who have died from food poisoning simply because our business leaders didn’t want to be bothered with all those nasty little regulations that made it so difficult for them to do business and make hoards of profits without consequence. That is true as well for the pharmaceutical companies who have profited by making people live in an intolerable hell as a result of their profit desires at the expense of everyone.

It isn’t possible for that many drugs of varying kinds to have the same set of side effects which make it impossible to function, to do simple things like taking a shit and to eat a meal without throwing it up. There isn’t a likelihood that by coincidence a great variety of pharmaceuticals have a common side effect of pneumonia, organ failure, coma and death. Then what is the point of taking it? If it doesn’t make life better, what are they selling?

General Motors wants the American people to bail them out but their cars are commonly being recalled because people die in them as a result of that company’s manufacturing and business choices. They don’t need to be in business if that is how they do business. We don’t keep places in business that cause harm to people. What would be the good in that? Let people work at a company that takes its place which treats the consumer and the working members of its business in honorable and conscientious ways. No one else in America would get away with that – why should they?

It isn’t that there are double standards in America, because that wouldn’t begin to describe it. In the last five years, news story after news story have described “the system” in America as broken and it didn’t start there by a long shot. It started when the fundamentalists and religious right-wing conservatives decided we should all do it their way. But, “their way” doesn’t work for everybody else in America or anywhere, in fact. And, it isn’t supposed to either. God did not give them my life to live, nor anybody else’s. Why our government decided to let their choices run everybody’s life is beyond my understanding. What could they know of what other people need to do, or need to have, or need to say, or need to live? As it is, the only thing they have created besides chaos, confusion and destitution is homelessness, despair and let’s not forget, criminal behavior at the highest levels of our country where there used to be honor.

I will always remember – I will never forget.

When I watched the Olympics in Beijing, China and saw the journalist that was arrested for taking pictures of a protest about the Tibetan issue, it was obvious that it wasn’t happening in America because the Chinese police didn’t beat the crap out of the reporter before holding him on the ground and Tazing him two or three times, or shooting him “accidently” while on top of him. That is how its done in the United States from New Orleans to Oakland, New York to Atlanta and everywhere in between on every single day across America.

And, that reporter would probably still be in jail today, if it had happened here because there is no good sense to any of it. The laws are only used when the government decides to use them against regular people, working people, and poor people. That is why someone with a marijuana cigarette on them can spend two years in jail, lose everything their home, their children and everything they own, and the “professionals” that tortured people with inhumane, cruel and obscene acts are living happily ever after with a pension and benefits and a bonus and a salary over $100,000 a year in a nice house in a safe pretty neighborhood where their children are safe with two cars in the driveway and a yacht in the harbor.

Nobody accuses these perpetrators who have committed inhumane violent actions against women, against the poor and against both prisoners of war and the regular people of America, as insane. No, their given fine opportunities and will go on to work somewhere else putting forth their distorted and malicious views of the world. In fact, if history serves anything it is to tell us that every one of these perpetrators in America will be treated like kings while the rest of us are treated like slaves and otherwise useless aggravations.

No one is going to hold the bankers accountable that have driven our country’s economy into the ground and no one is going to hold those that tortured or killed prisoners accountable. There is something to be said for the fact that laws which don’t apply to the rich or to the well-connected is no law at all. And, that is what we have. It has been a monarchy – an aristocratic monarchy, much of which is still in operation and still determining how the rest of us live and what our opportunities will be or won’t be.

I have already been the victim and I’ve been the rescuer. I’ve been the hapless fool and the wizened idiot shriveled beyond repair, but I’m still here. That makes me either one of the lucky ones or unfortunate enough to have to live through more of it, depending on how I look at it. But, I’m still here for right now. And, I did not drive this thing into the ground.

It was not my choices that made America cruel and her heart wicked in deceit and greed and power-mongering by the hands and minds of the Republican Party and the conservatives who’ve been running it. I am not the one who did that. I did not create her injustice, nor did I cause her police brutality, cronyism, victimization of those least likely to be able to protect themselves from authorities and abuse of authority by those in power. Those are neither my sins nor my crimes against humanity.

But, I might have one or two I can claim. It is about to be my sin against humanity that I never lift a hand to help. That I might indeed have to answer for, because I am within a hair’s breadth of doing just that. The more I hear and the more I see of those who have been in power claiming to have had no hand in it being driven into hell – the more I think that it is not about what I do, but about what I do not do at this point. And, I can choose to let it go and to do nothing to help fix it, because there is not one thing worth saving among them. And there is no use trying to catch a falling knife – might as well back up and get out of the way.

I will always remember. I do remember and I will never forget.

I’ve never lived in an America where I will get to buy a house, where freedom exists and I have rights to my country’s Constitution or where my children and I have the opportunities that exist only for the rich and politically connected in America. It doesn’t matter what talents and knowledge we have, access and opportunities only exist for a few in the country where I live no matter what I’ve been told in books and what people want to believe about it. Real life is the way I’ve experienced it – not what I want to believe it so.

– cricketdiane