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CNN reports that the Texas Tea Party calls for the state to secede from the nation and that would work just fine – we’ll just close the freeways and roads at the state line and let them do it all by themselves

Every transmission line, every cellphone tower, every line for electricity, phone and cable can just stop at their state borders – that would work. They can be their own nation unto themselves. And when food grown in Florida or California is bound for market, they can just take it somewhere else because Texas isn’t in the United States anymore. And, the food grown in Texas and anything else created there, can just stay in Texas for a market to sell any of it.

Airlines and airports can be closed to anything but local traffic using their own controllers, inspectors, security measures and their own durn planes that no longer fly anywhere except inside the territorial space of Texas. Ships can dock elsewhere and the petroleum industry can find somewhere else to call home, as can the space programs and the aeronautics industries’ manufacturers and anyone else that wants to do business in the United States of America.

Truckers can just go around that state and deliver elsewhere. Roads going in or out can be made impassable and everyone in Texas can simply take care of matters as it suits themselves. They don’t need US dollars, so their banking system and businesses can use newly identified and issued money of their own. And, when their checks need to be processed, they won’t go to New Jersey or Ohio or wherever else to be processed, they can just do that themselves, too. They can issue their own credit cards within the state and their own stocks and bonds, while their at it.

Now, honestly, I agree that the taxation in the United States is taking more than it ever should have and the job being done with what probably amounts to a little over 50% of everyone’s income could be done better. But, states do not exist to the exclusion of the United States of America and their rights are intended to be in balance with the greater good of our entire nation and of all America’s people.

Sometimes, the most effective way to do that is for the interests of the States to be given greater consideration, but those situations are, in fact rare, not common. That is why we have support in our Constitution for a Federal government, for a Congress, for the Presidency and for the branches of government within the Federal government. That is also why we work together to serve our national good and the interests of our nation, not just the states where we may live right this moment or where we may have been born.

But, that said – I think we ought to let Texas cede from the nation. It would solve at least some of the problems we have that are a direct result of including them. And, they can take those things on for themselves. When devastated by something, we don’t have to help. Where it comes to basic necessities and livelihoods and shipping and trucking and utilities and upkeep of roads and interstate freeways, choices about the rights of people and rules for the safety and well-being of people subjected to harms that can be done by corporations, and appropriate applications of our Constitutional guarantees and pollution and banking and whatever else, let Texas handle it separated from the United States of America. It would serve them right.

If Texas and conservative Republican party activists refuse to participate in solutions and in creating solutions that work – then this country is genuinely better off without them. And, I hate to say that because they could be such a contributing partner in creating and applying those solutions and in creating possibilities to rebuild our nation and to restore our economy to prosperity. But, if their only contribution is to be oppositional and self-serving, what is the point?

People better wake up and realize that they are first and foremost – citizens of the United States of America and citizens of a much larger world, as well. And, with that citizenship comes a responsibility to participate in ways that include voicing concerns but not to the exclusion of every other considered action that is appropriate.

We are the United States of America. We are not Texans, or Georgians, or Southerners, or Yankees, or Californians or Republicans or Democrats or conservatives or independents or liberals or whatever else first. We are Americans first as citizens and citizens of the World before all else beyond that. Then, we are these other things as a matter of choice. But, it is a matter of choice – not of necessity and not by any basis of reality.

By necessity and by reality – We are American citizens and citizens of the World.

And, by necessity and by reality – We are the living embodiment of the Constitution of the United States of America and We are the tenets of our nation and of our national interests.

We, the people of the United States of America, are the United States of America.

That is reality.

– cricketdiane, 04-16-09

How could they forget?