Submitted on 2009/04/11 at 9:33pm

To say that Assergi was NOT affected by the earthquake is wrong! My grandmother’s home in the old part of Assergi was damaged! The top-storey of the home caved in and by now, perhaps the whole home may have collapsed although we don’t know because they haven’t been able to go back in…

my reply –

I am very sorry to hear that. It looks like there are a lot of communities throughout the area that have sustained damage but it is very hard to find pictures or information outside of L’Aquila. The lady that had written to me saying that Assergi was fine, had talked to her Dad on the phone and it was before there was very much coverage from the area. I’m sure there are places that are very difficult there now because many buildings that are still standing are damaged in some way and apparently there have been over 450 “aftershocks” of varying intensities since this happened. I sincerely hope those people who live in Assergi and other communities will receive help to survive the aftermath of this and to rebuild. Please let me know, if there are volunteers going into that area or specific organizations going in to help and I will post them here for you with their websites. Thankyou for letting me know – cricketdiane