When I received a very rude comment a little while ago, it sounded just like something I would say, but being on the receiving end of it – I didn’t think I deserved it. But, then I thought about it and I’m honestly not here consoling anyone whose friends or family are experiencing that earthquake. I didn’t even think about it. All I could think of, was that I remembered seeing the L’Aquila name in physics literature, that there is a lab there or something and some very difficult and dangerous things in the area beyond the buildings that we can see. That’s all that I thought about – not people’s feelings, not about consoling, not about sympathy for the worries of those who were here or somewhere reading this.


This is a critical event. It is not a small event. It has happened in a place with very particular chemicals and physics experimentation, hi-tech equipment and facilities in the immediate area. This is no small thing. There are a multitude of people’s lives affected in L’Aquila and in the small towns across the epicenter radius. The buildings that collapsed shouldn’t have been destroyed by this. Every photo indicates bad, bad reasons for why they did. It is not okay.

That all of these people are sleeping in the cold and the rain after going through this and being injured and scared out of their minds is not okay. That all of the surrounding territory has sustained damage but hasn’t had the opportunity of help before the sun went down is not okay. It is understandable but it is not okay –

and here I am far away, one small voice and I know some things – I see some things that maybe somebody should check or make sure get secured. And, I can see some things that I’m damn sure ought to never be done that way anywhere ever again when it comes to building materials and building methods. After watching the horrifying scenes from the school children in China that were in their classrooms when that earthquake came, and seeing the buildings that for the same reasons came down – no, it is not okay. Nothing about it is okay.

I grew up in California and experienced an earthquake that took down brand new bridges and buckled roads and dropped an entire wing of a new hospital and part of a Veteran’s hospital. It should’ve never happened since they knew how to build them to withstand earthquakes and knew they were building in earthquake zones. People didn’t even have a chance.

And they do know not to put high risk, science and engineering equipment and processes where there are earthquake fault lines running through the area, but they do it anyway because for some reason, even to scientists and builders – mountains look solid when they are not. They are fluid and those mountains got there because they moved and they will always move again, sooner or later.

I don’t know if I write this because I want someone to read it or if it is so wonderful to have 10,000 people reading it – I haven’t had that problem, yet. I just can’t sit idly by and do nothing when there are things that might not be considered in the midst of a crisis where four-story buildings have come down.

Immediate things take precedence and then what has been forgotten in the nearby area start to come into play. Sometimes that doesn’t matter very much – but sometimes and in some cases, it really, really does matter. And, where they’ve put a nuclear physics lab underground near two transverse fault lines – it could very well matter.

As well as the fact that if all the resources are committed to one place, then the surrounding towns and difficult situations are on their own. Maybe someone can get to them another way – maybe a text message, a phone call, or get through on email or by another route. But, if those of us who notice or do know, or know where to find information, or see something, don’t say anything – then, what? How does that help anyone that might be helped by that knowledge and those facts?

At least it won’t be because I didn’t say anything when it could make a difference. There is no way it is going to feel okay – this event isn’t okay. What has happened there is not going to be okay – it just isn’t. I grieve it. We all grieve it. And I mourn the loss of each individual life that is gone and each life forever changed by it, and I know that grief overtakes every one of us although we were not there. That is a fact. It is not okay.

– cricketdiane, 04-06-09

I’m sorry if I have made things worse for anyone that is concerned for their loved ones affected by this earthquake. That is not what I intended.

I just want the area to be made safe and secured quickly. And, I want anyone around the world that needs to get in there to help – to get in there and help as quickly as possible with whatever is needed. There is so much to be done.

– CricketDiane