Why is it there was a product that works as a better option for flood control since 2002 and we let the Mississippi River flood whole areas of the Midwest last year? Whose idea was that?

Nauticart water-filled flood control barrier tubes – http://www.noaq.com/

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  1. where can i get more info on these water filled barriers

    • There are several companies making them –

      Independent Flood Defence Products

      Temporary barriers

      Temporary free-standing barriers are erected at a distance from a property or group of properties to hold back, or in some cases deflect, floodwater from reaching the community at risk. They can also be used in situations where a body of water needs temporarily to be controlled to allow work or inspections to be carried out.

      There are various types of barrier on the market – some rigid, some flexible. Each has some unique way of forming a watertight barrier – generally with some form of fabric or sheet. Some use a separate frame to support the barrier. Some are formed by a water or air-filled tube.


      and this one –

      Aqua Barrier – Hydro Response Ltd.

      Aqua-Barrier™ Temporary Water Inflated Dams for Construction Worksites

      The Aqua-Barrier™ is a portable water-inflated temporary dam, designed for construction worksite dewatering and water diversion work. They are manufactured using high quality industrial-grade vinyl, which provides an economical, effective and safe alternative to conventional dam methods like sandbags and earth berms.

      Aqua-Barrier cofferdams are manufactured with the highest quality materials to assure consistent and reliable performance. When you need temporary portable dams for construction worksite dewatering, Aqua-Barrier provides a functional, reliable and cost-effective solution.

      Simply place the Aqua-Barrier into position and inflate from any accessible water source. In minutes, an effective water-filled barrier can be deployed that permits construction worksite dewatering or water diversion work to take place.


      and –

      WIPP – Water Inflated Property Protector
      Be prepared in less time.

      WIPP™ flood barriers can be deployed by one or two persons depending on system size. WIPP™ flood prevention dams inflate quickly leaving time for other emergency preparations.
      Better than sand bags.

      Building a sandbag wall is both time and labor intensive. Simply unroll WIPP™ flood barriers and inflate from any available water source – garden hose, pump hose, fire hydrant even the flood waters.
      After the floods.

      Disposing of sandbags is messy and in many cases there are environmental requirements to meet. WIPP™ flood barriers drain quickly and roll up for compact storage – ready to be used again!

      Hydrological Solutions, Inc.
      800-245-0199 toll free ◊ 936-372-1223 fax
      41232 Park 290 Drive, Building A, Waller, TX 77484


      and this one –


      Water filled temporary cofferdams for worksite dewatering

      Barriers in stock ready to rent – short or long term

      UK Flood Control Limited have a fleet of different sizes of Aqua Barriers in storage available to rent, so if you need them in a hurry, we can get them to you quickly wherever you are in the world. For more information on the Aqua Barrier Water Inflated Dam please browse this site.

      Aqua Barriers are re-useable water inflated dams with a very low environmental impact compared to more traditional cofferdam systems such as earthen bunds and sheet piling. They are excellent for environmentally sensitive project sites. They can be overlapped to form continuous structures.

      Easy and Quick to Install and Remove

      Made from flexible, reinforced PVC, they have an internal permeable baffle system for added stability and security. The deployment and water filling of the Aqua Barrier takes only a few hours. When the project is finished the Aqua Barrier can be rolled up compactly ready for the next project. They are easy to transport and can be stored in a warehouse on a standard pallet.


      UK Flood Control Limited
      rents to anywhere in the world


      and the one from the picture on the post you saw is –

      The NOAQ TUBE WALL is the fastest, lightest-weight and most flexible system on the market today, making it the #1 choice in flood control products.
      For information: http://www.noaq.com

      The NOAQ patented anti-flood system presents a revolutionary and rapid deployment concept in the fight against flooding and its devastating effects.

      The system is composed of two interconnected inflatable tubes that create a temporary flood barrier. The water pressure that is exerted onto the skirt of the TUBE WALL maintains the system in place, naturally & safely. No more need for significant manpower; no more need for specialized equipment and heavy-duty machinery.



      Hope this is helpful – I hope more of these are used this flood season in the US and protect life and property.

      – cricketdiane, 06-15-09

  2. Terry Sarigumba said:

    I am a co-author of a book entitled “Changing Philippine Climate – Impacts on Agriculture and Natural Resources” and I would like to get your permission to use the picture shown above as part of my contribution to the book. I appreciate your kind considertation.

    Terry Sarigumba, Ph. D.
    Forest Soils and Environmental Management

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