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It isn’t possible to fix fundamental structural deficiencies, weaknesses, corruptions, fractures nor basic insolvencies in massive economic and financial systems with “confidence,” not by “restoring confidence,” not by anything to do with “confidence.”

The only thing where “restoring confidence” is appropriate involves a fraud – where it is no more than a “con game.” Are the news specialists, experts, and government players like Bernanke trying to explain to us that it has been no more than a con game and everyone would need to come back to the game with the same blindness and unfounded faith for it to work?

Listening to Geithner and Bernanke in the Congressional committee hearings today and throughout the recent ones, it seems obvious that it doesn’t matter what concerns that the American people have about bailing out AIG and other huge institutions or about how it is being done generally or specifically. It isn’t important what Congress members bring to the attention to either of these men or their staffs. Their public testimony makes it clear that they are going to do what has already been decided to do regardless of what anyone thinks about it.

When I heard that we can expect an extra $8 a week in paychecks for tax cuts and then today listened to the fact that taxes are going to be added to electric bills, natural gas and other energy necessities using the “cap and trade” part of the budget – I realized that they really don’t care who freezes to death, they have no concern for any citizen in the United States and they are not going to change what they are doing or how they are doing it, no matter what.

The concerns of Congress members were ignored as Geithner continued to repeat his four bullet point prepared bullshit that simply repeated over and over and over and over.

Why didn’t Geithner and Bernanke just come into the Congressional chambers and before the American public since it was being broadcast and say – “We are doing it this way and are not interested in any concerns you have about it. AIG, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and hedge funds that might buy credit derivatives are the only things we are going to save and everyone else in America can just shut their damn mouths and pay for it.”

When I go to the grocery store and can’t buy a roast to eat – when I walk to get groceries because I don’t have a car and can’t afford one – when I don’t get to participate in the economic abundance of America – when I don’t get to have my own business unless I have some collateral to put up against some expensive loan and follow every last trite and ridiculous law, ordinance, regulation, tax law, tax liability, infuriating state and local and federal law –

all I feel is a seething frustration and hatred that grows deeper and deeper against those that would hand billions upon billions of dollars to these shitty little kings of Washington and Wall Street.

Why didn’t the America where I was raised simply teach me the truth – that there is nothing in opportunity, prosperity and freedom available in the United States of America for me nor for anyone like me nor for my children, nor for anyone that isn’t part of the “upper class” aristocracy of America?

It isn’t the land of freedom and opportunity. This has been over the course of the last thirty years, a land where all the stories of 1950’s in the Soviet Union have been the experience here in America. Where they can come into our homes without cause, take us without opportunity to make a phone call or have an attorney, incarcerate us against our will for the least excuse, where we are all guilty unless we can prove otherwise. And, God help us if we don’t have the money to prove otherwise.

The only opportunities I have had is to experience danger, violence and fear in my own home at the hands of men in my life. The opportunities to enjoy poverty to the best of my abilities and talents being completely wasted and disallowed in the communities where I have lived. And, I’ve had the opportunities to be treated to the most ungodly cruel combinations of medical /chemical lobotomies against my will, that have made my life a living hell for more years than I would ever care to remember.