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I said that when the stock market dropped to the 7500 mark on the Dow, that I would see what I could do. And, I still believe the real value of the Dow is about 6500 more or less, but before we get there –

The players in this charade of financial genius are going to have to fix the mess they have driven into the unpredictable chaos that is evolving before us each day. There is absolutely no willingness to do so.

Therefore, the solutions are limited by much talk and little real action.

So, in honor of reality – write these sources of this mess and explain it to them in terms they and their friends can understand –





Office of Constituent Services – Republican National Committee


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– I figure this is the paper that is available in the bathrooms of the Capital to read up there in Washington. They definitely need to hear something new.


Email the folks at the Hoover Institute that had a heavy hand in the economic policies that we are enduring and having to fix that were perpetrated by Republican Party cronies and other business leaders.

Then, when it gets to 6500 on the Dow – let me know.

Hopefully, there will be some change in the way bonds are being handled and bondholders are using their ill-gotten advantage to improperly crush the companies they were supposed to be “helping.”

Otherwise, we won’t have many companies of any appreciable size or quality left by the time they are done. How many valuable national assets and resources do we have to lose before those who can help fit the appropriate solutions to the task will have done so?

Nearly every corporation and company in America is a national asset and a valuable resource – or they wouldn’t have been in business this long. Now, what will we do to keep them vibrant and viable founded upon solid ground financially with healthy profitable potential available to them in a reasonable, ethical and prudent manner?

Somebody please explain to the Republican-oriented that they are not wasting our time at anything but their own expense for every moment they waste and want with it now. After barely surviving the duress that our economy and our people are enduring and have been enduring throughout their reign – I think they should have to help fix it and I don’t mean to re-install fantasy accounting and fantasy happy horse shit about how wonderful things are while they rob us blind.

– cricketdiane, 02-18-09

When the Dow got to 7500 – I figured it’d be about time to do something last minute to make things better – but I don’t have a clue about how to encourage real citizenship in corporate financial structures of bonds and leverage and hedge funds and dodging reality based accounting and political persuasion and buying favoritism and, and, and, – financial “thinking paths” ad nauseum.