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My note –

It is genuinely sad to see that the Republicans just don’t get it.

What is bothering me is the wasteland that Republican run state governments and legislatures, the Republican run administration of the Federal Government and every Republican run agency across the US government has left us. I believed in the things the Republicans told us for so many years thinking that my experiences and those of my children were unusual but that the rest of the country was doing very well. Yesterday, when I was researching how the peanut butter disaster occurred, since it was from Georgia and we are sitting here eating peanut butter, I found some very disturbing information.

In articles from many different sources on the internet, there was President Bush’s admission that he was extending programs for the 53 million people in the lowest income group. I took out my calculator and sure enough – that means about 1 in every 6 Americans during this Republican run “contract with America” has been living in abject poverty with no hope of living in the same America as everyone else.

I also found in an article from Seattle, Washington for students that may consider eating out in the area while attending college there, that 9000 people each year are killed by food borne illness because of tainted foods in the United States. Even the 9-11 terrorist attacks didn’t kill that many people. The Republicans killed all those 9000 people each year and made another 80 million sick
each year with the stroke of a pen. And, those are only the reported cases. And, this peanut butter was sent into the hands of children, schools, day care centers, nursery schools, elderly care centers, senior meals and nursing homes, hospitals and products typically used by families. The Republicans and their insistence on a completely unbridled abusive form of greed, cronyism and profiteering directly caused the deaths of more people than the terrorists have even had a shot at causing across the entire world.

– So –

For the handling of Hurricane Katrina that “Brownie,” ex-President Bush and the Republican party still thinks they handled well where all of us watched people dying in the heat and filth while water and supplies were withheld by sheer incompetence and chain of command pecking order and “politics as usual” from our Republican run US government;

For the thousands upon thousands of people who have died as a result of filthy food supplies from even filthier meat handling plants, even filthier peanut butter making plants and filthy restaurants across the US; and for the tens of millions upon tens of millions made sick by them with food borne illness who missed work, couldn’t care for their families, were hospitalized, missed school lessons and damn near died;

For the hundreds of thousands upon millions upon millions of people across the United States who won’t sleep in their own beds tonight under their own roofs because their homes were lost to foreclosure as a direct result of Republican policies and their support of Wall Street greed and failure to regulate nor to enforce regulation even while charging any one else with every last trite and ridiculous fine, regulation, law and ordinance;

For the millions upon millions of citizens across the US that are now without a job, not having had the opportunity of working for quite some time and that will not be able to find a job anytime soon because of the direct applications of Republican policies and lining their own pockets at every one else’s expense;

For the hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands even into the millions of children, women, families, elderly, disabled, retired, and single-parent households that have experienced nothing but abject poverty, despair and lack of opportunity, hunger, stress, worry, homelessness, and no way out or up nor for a better life;

And, for the trillions and trillions of dollars stolen and spent by the Republican held administrations of the state and Federal government, state legislatures and local governments also Republican run, all of which have been slap run into the ground and into bankruptcy from overspending at the same time cutting every service, social safety net, practical governance program, small business grant and safety system for the public and the consumer and while raising every fee, tax, license fee, registration, fine structure, adding fees, adding taxes, adding requirements, adding required insurances and insurance taxes, sales taxes and every other fee they could come up with;

For all these things and the rest that I will not even name here, I personally hope that every last Republican responsible for any of it loses everything just as they did to me and to my children and to my family and to my friends and to the people of my nation. And, long before that, I pray that the citizens of the United States make every one of these sorry excuses for human beings that hid and bid for their prosperity under the banner of the Republican party and did so at our expense, to pay in kind for every last thing they have caused.

– cricketdiane, 02-15-09