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To the staff producing the Chris Wallace show and Mr. Wallace –

It is utterly disgusting to see the waste of time, film, money, effort, broadcast opportunity and interview opportunity that was on tonight’s segment with Larry Summers.

Why ask questions that the Republican party is asking when the rest of us want to know how 11+ million people currently out of work and over 8 million people forced to work part-time are going to be given opportunities by what is being done now. Explain why you let him get away with stating the efforts are because of 3.6 million jobs lost over the past year. Don’t you think we would all like to know whether the Washington group understands the real numbers involved or not?

I don’t care what the Republicans think about tax cuts anymore – they’ve done it and it gave us this. I don’t care what the Democrats have to say about spending anymore – they can’t outspend the mess we are facing. The only thing your report offered is a sick and sinking feeling that none of these people know what the hell they are doing.

The IMF projections may be .5 percent growth for the world, but for the United States – they are projecting -1.6 percent growth (that is negative growth), and their estimates and projections are always very conservative. Why aren’t you asking these people questions about these future events that are unfolding beneath our feet?

Why would you waste time asking stupid questions that have absolutely no bearing on solutions that it will take to resolve the real problems in our economy? If our government guarantees the $60 Trillion dollars in credit default swaps, credit derivatives, and financial derivatives pools for private equity to purchase them – are we going to be paying the difference when they default?

Who are you using to formulate questions in this situation – I know your staff has macro-economists that can explain what these things mean. Do you really think the American people do not know and can continue to be led around by their noses on these things? Are you kidding?

We have an imbalance of payments in the neighborhood of (negative) -731 billion dollars – any idea what that means when China starts giving emphasis to domestic integration and supply of resources rather than being a participant in the stupidity and arrogance of our economy? We’ve stopped producing about anything except credit derivatives which are now propping up our corporations, banks, financial institutions and every non-profit, school system and state government budget. When are you going to ask the “financial team” in Washington about that?

And, when are you going to find out for us how much longer our dollars will actually buy anything we need? Why do you let anyone on your show get away with saying that a few hundred million here or there is going to fix this – whether its used to build classrooms or pay another 50,000 police officers? We have levee systems that are based on technology from 150 years ago which regularly cost life, limb and property, we have ridiculously dangerous situations in our infrastructures that are given little or no funds to solve and entire communities look like a third world country all across America.

Our industries are only profitable in many cases because the investments in credit derivatives and hedge funds had been offering some income streams and that only worked as long as everything continued in an upward direction. And, you are on the air with the man who could answer some of these questions wasting time saying the same three things the Republicans have been filling the airwaves with since last weekend’s retreat and since they decided to stonewall the House Stimulus Bill.

* I would love to know what they are going to do about it that approaches reality in the rest of America beyond Washington, D.C.’s romper room mentality and Wall Street’s black hole that is sucking every last dime into its aristocracy entitlement system.

How about seeing if you can find out some of that stuff for us, how about it?

– cricketdiane, 02-08-09