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The Fat Cats are looking out for them. The rule of the rich is “spend money, as long as it is NOT mine” and this bailout managed to give them exactly that.
Credit Default Swaps turned into a huge scheme that had no basis in financial stability, and they managed to use those swaps to sink housing, the economy, and virtually bomb the entire economic well-being of the entire world.
Question here. Any constructive ideas on what to do now?

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Yes, actually I do have some constructive ideas about what we can do now – including some that I’ve already published on my blog. Under these headings are some of them –


The basis of the current economic crisis, the credit default swaps and trading on thin air started in the 1980’s with changes made to encourage debt-for-equity swaps and other twisted thinking – my views – February 4, 2009


What will we look back at 2009 and see when it is February 2010? What will the America be that we will have experienced by next year? – January 30, 2009


Thoughts and Solutions for the US and Global Economic crisis – continued January 30, 2009


Our economy has very real systemic problems with the integrity of its fundamental structures. Maybe they ought to fix the holes in the bucket before putting more water in it. – January 30, 2009


Don’t buy credit default and derivative instruments out of the game – undermine their premise and destroy the legal use of these credit default instruments. They are unregulated, unauthorized, unqualified and unsecured. – January 30, 2009


A few more significant solutions for the economic crisis – and a thought about “confidence” versus Trust and Integrity – January 30, 2009


Possible solutions for the US and Global economic crisis –
– January 29, 2009 – This is the best, easiest to read list of solutions.


What will people in the United States do differently if they know that they will not have a job for five years no matter what they do to get one? – January 27, 2009

The news stations and the labor department is spending time and money telling the American people how to fix up their resumes, in the same old paths of thinking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even make an approach to the current problems in the situations people face.

The fact is, no resume is going to stand out in the 20,000+ that were handed in to a company in the same three days. No matter how experience is conveyed on that resume – no decision-maker is going to see it unless it is printed on pink paper with flowers all over it. – January 27, 2009

And, the rich, the corporations, the Republican policy makers, the wealthy investors and hedge fund brokerages want more taxes on the poor and middle class, more taxes on every item and on every movement of our own money we have made and more taxes on it when we make it. But, for them, they want less taxes, fewer taxes, more tax exemptions, lower fees for services they use our government to do for them and fewer uses of government moneys and services to serve any of the rest of us.

They are the ones who think they are entitled to live better than the rest of us, have greater opportunities than us, have better education available to them and their children than to any of us and to live as greedily and as grandly as any sixteenth century king of Europe. And they want to continue to do so from our backs, from our efforts, and from our minds, time and talents while holding us under their foot.

The rich, the bankers, the wealthy investors, the hedge fund managers, the high-paid professionals and corporate executives will never be satisfied, their greed never satiated. How could any CEO need another $107 million dollars to live on beyond the millions they’ve already been given? How many more personal aircraft, yachts, fleets of expensive cars, country club memberships, houses, vacations homes, and $6,000 chairs could they possibly need?

Their decision-making skills have driven their companies into the ground and still they are paid, bonuses and “retention bonuses” given, benefits protected and retirement funds increase. And, that after literally stealing the pension funds from millions of loyal and decent employees who did their jobs. And, that after literally putting thousands of people who did their jobs into the unemployment lines. And, that after literally destroying the value of the companies whose helm they took and ran it aground. – January 27, 2009


from: Being Stuck on Stupid Regularly – Cricketdiane – 2008 -May 30, 2008
On Integrity – On Choices and Stuck on Stupid – USA – by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips

Integrity is not supposed to be an uncommon, unusual nor unique trait. It is a characteristic that encompasses more than consistency and performance statistics. Those two components rarely prove a thing, in and of themselves. Any good con-artist intending to cause undue and unreasonable harm to another can usually manage to contrive the reasonable appearance of those two qualities.

True integrity means that not everything I do is to impress you or anyone, in fact. Integrity actually does mean an undying, unassailable knowledge of accountability. It serves as the guiding foundation of principle for decisions and the actions which result from those choices. It belongs always and eternally in me right this moment, no matter who I am or who the world perceives me to be. And, this is true for each of us whether we accept it or not.

The determination of my integrity although exampled sometimes in decisions, actions and consequences of choice is not a matter of opinion. Neither mine nor anyone else’s opinions will ever reflect the true characteristics of integrity that were present at the moment of choice. For that I am responsible, and no shift of perception nor change of anyone’s opinions will ever alter that moment of fact regardless of the outcome and consequences of the decision.

It is true, whether the eventual impact is positive, negative, consequential or seemingly, inconsequential. Every thing each of us does or does not do sends ripples out across a vast and infinite landscape of time and event horizons / scenarios. Not one of us chose to live and not even the first of us created itself. This is an absolute in the theory and applied science of living integrity, human life and dynamic interpolations as such must include it.

True integrity accepts this responsibility not as justification to deceive the conscience but rather as accountability to it. There are no other constants that each of us ultimately endure each waking moment throughout eternity. It is likely that this eternity began sometime yester-years before this day and extends far beyond the scope the mind can perceive of it, in this and every moment of the now being lived. That is the tangible accountability of reason, action and choice.

Where my integrity moves beyond now is never fully mine to determine – what I do with it is. As human beings living in a sea of now eternal, each of us is a complex dynamic organism with strengths and weaknesses. Any of which may be utilized in the correct time and measure to create choices and decisions which enhance even weaknesses into assets, and conversely – strengths into assets or liabilities depending on use, measure and timing. Integrity demands, by its nature, that we actively consider our interpretations of events in a broader template. The choice is ours.

And, aside from having these solutions for bigger arenas listed above –

What do I want the American people to do? – Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips – 2008 – May 29, 2008

What do I want the American people to do?

Stop. Look around. Listen to the real sounds of the real world. Take note, stop worrying, fix what is broken and implement workable solutions that hold possibility of working. Get on it – Let’s work this:

1. We are going to have to make our own jobs.

2. We are going to have to engage in horse trading to get what we need.

3. Use our ingenuity & resourcefulness.

4. Use our talents, skills & knowledge.

5. Create workable solutions to our problems, issues & circumstances.

6. Feel the feelings we have about it all and let go of them once experienced.

7. Be innovative, inventive & creative.

8. Play hardball when necessary.

9. Recognize common needs to fill for the money we need.

10. Rejoice in rebuilding our America.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008


Getting Money When You Need It – Resourcing – II – 2008 – USA (On Resourcing) – May 3, 2008


Resource Management – Acquiring Stuff – 2008 – Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips – USA – May 2, 2008


A Letter To Our US Congress and Government Leaders – Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips – 2008 – April 23, 2008


– And for families and individuals now in economic disrepair –

For The Sake of Literacy – Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips – 2008 – April 13, 2008
For The Sake of Literacy – About Comprehension Speed Reading – as I know it.


Literacy 101 – for College Educated Individuals and Anyone Else – Cricket Diane C Phillips – 2008 – April 12, 2008


US – Global Economic Crisis – We are up the creek – You wanna paddle or what? – Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips – 2008 – April 12, 2008


On The Intelligent Use Of Resources And Actions During A Personal Financial Mess – Cricket Diane C Phillips – 2008 – April 1, 2008 – This is an extensive and practical “what to do” when everything goes to hell in a person or in a families’ life through unemployment, foreclosure, credit cards maxed out, etc. –


but, beyond that, as an overall plan on a larger scale – I think we are going to need a “Plan C” –

As I’ve watched the efforts of our politicians, lobbyists and business leaders / bankers / Wall Street hounds – it has occurred to me that we are going to need (at the very least,) – a Plan “C” and maybe “D”, “E”, and “F”.
To me, that means rather than starting a war, we need a monumental project that awakens the healthy passions and inspires the American people.

It apparently won’t be global warming nor environmental issues although those are critical for us to resolve. It obviously can’t be the space race since none of us want to live on the moon and have to get back just to go to Kroger and Wal-Mart.

And, it is very unlikely to be alternative energy, transportation changes, alternate fuel or any of the wonderful funky car designs that have already been prototyped.
There is a great untapped power in the innovative spirit of the American people which must be awakened for any good “Plan C” to work. Right now, as long as people can text or gps to find what they want for dinner – they don’t care.
– cricketdiane, 02-06-09


and from April 27, 2008

This is an economics test that I just made up this morning – which is very basic. However, none of the answers have anything to do with confidence in any form as a term of valuation. If your answers are in any perspective based on the idea of “confidence, credibility, and / or housing” – thet need to be changed to something else for this test’s answers.

If you know anyone in the government regulating businesses, banks, financial institutions, markets, market analysis or financial investments and financial consultants, – send this test to them by email and ask them to try it out and send you the answers. It should be interesting. This would also apply to any and all that are leading businesses, marketplace activities, stock market activities, financiers and financial advisors, et al.

The test answers will be available on another site than this and the address for them (probably at MySpace or YouTube) will be published later today, 04-27-08.


Written in entirety by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips on 04-27-08

Note – (no reference materials were used for this test – but you are welcome to use any that you need.)

1.  What are the seven factors that impact (ECOM) economics?








2.  What are the three factors that determine the value of any and all currencies?  (currency)




3.  What is an ( *example ) exceptional, extreme market factor that influences, impacts, and often undermines currency value / valuation of assets?


4.  What is the primary factor that influences the market value of all other things?


*** This test is simple and basic, but for those who believe and have been taught that “confidence” determines those values of market place assets and dynamics – it will be hard to shift away from that thinking. Look for the real, tangible values that profitable and true economics / economies utilize for their foundations and in their thinking about those dynamic forces.

Copyright 2008 Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips

April 27, 2008


(the answers)


A Couple Quick Things – As A Practical Matter –

We need to get on the same page with a few simple rules –

good to follow all the time but especially critical right now –

1. Always, this time, every time, put keys, cellphones, any other go with you stuff like your wallet in the same place or with your shoes & socks that you wear to go someplace. This includes pda’s, palm pilots, day runners, blackberries, laptop case, camera / camera case, etc. (Ipods et al.)

2. Awareness of the immediate surroundings is an odd nicety some other time. Now, awareness of all immediate surroundings anywhere you are at any time is critical to your well-being and the well-being of those you love and hold dear.

Some people will not handle these economic adjustments well. This is a fact. What “great ideas” they have need not include you nor anyone you love, if all of you, including your children, senior citizens, crazy cousins and you, your spouse and significant others pay attention. And, I don’t mean paranoid anxiety.

Keep it slow and steady, firm and aware in the here and now. I do mean for a targeted common sense approach about it –> extra everybody watching on lookout that is in the car during lane changes on the freeway and surface streets, making everyone in the car participate in navigation, landmarking, interacting intelligently about the surroundings and noticing the red-light you’re about to slide through before you are in the intersection doing it.

And, through an awareness as you come home for basic things like doors ajar, changes in any of the appearance of your home, which lights were left on, etc. If anything is out of place, get back in your car as if you’ve forgotten something, make sure the kids and whoever else is with you is in and drive to the nearest precinct, grocery or other open, well-lit place while your children dial 911 on your cellphone. Don’t play. This is a time that some folks will use as an excuse for poor choices and bad behavior.

The other important part of this is thinking through regular activities in a slightly different way. Targeted common sense approach about it means not hanging out in line at the bank and similar places. If there is a line inside, go to the atm & pay attention to what is going on around you. Take the common sense steps to be safe.

Don’t put packages in the trunk at the mall, grocery or shopping centers. Get in & sling them into the backseat after you lock the doors. Get your keys out as you leave a store, grocery or mall & have them in your hand as a weapon if necessary and get to your car, buckle up, and get gone. Don’t play circling the mall to window shop or take a short cut through the parking lot right now. Too many people have their mind elsewhere in those parking lots. Just imagine its Christmas and follow the same good sense to arrive alive, please.

3. Listen. Hear everyone & everything around you – stop blocking it out. It won’t drive you crazy – you’re already crazy. We all are and we each came by it honestly. That isn’t an excuse for acting stupidly, or not taking this situation seriously.

4. Park, walk and do only in well-lit, well trafficked & well-patrolled areas. Anywhere else, save for another day – maybe five years from now.

5. If someone comes up on you to rob you – pretend that this person just called your Mama a whore & knock ‘em into next week. ‘Cause that idiot is gonna kill you whether you give ‘em the money or not. And while you’re at it – don’t try to talk to a fool that is foolish enough to be doing that. He or she doesn’t need to be saved right now – the sonofabitch needs to be stopped right now so they can be saved later. So, THINK —>

T – Take the son of a bitch DOWN.
H – Hike the gun or knife cause he/she obviously doesn’t know what they’re doing.
I – I have a Right To Live and you ain’t taking it away from me.
N – Never, Never, never leave the SOB his knees to walk away with.
K – Kill that S.O.B.’s desire to ever do this agaiin to anybody –> disarm, defuse, & destroy his/her ability to cause harm.

—> And, believe me, this process does NOT require killing anybody to do it. In fact, the toes he has and your ability to duck should be your first on the list gut instincts. That S>O>B> can’t think when he gets a stubbed toe – same as us. Then, take his weapon and secure it because obviously he doesn’t know what he’s doing or he’d be doing something else.

6. Carrying a lot of credit cards, wads of cash or a check book, wearing $300 – $400 shoes, and getting out of $100,000+ cars are just too stupid for words right now – so fix that.

7. In any “good deal” situation, especially right now –> if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t play it. And, never let a third person in between you and your money unless you’re dead already and it doesn’t matter.

April 6, 2008


For My Favorite Truckers – Anybody Got Iced Tea Coming This Way? – Cricket Diane C Phillips – 2008

“For Our Trucking Industry Drivers, Independent Owner-Operators, Individual Owners, Company Drivers, et al.”
2008, Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips

1. For increased gas mileage:

a.) high-pressure wash entire engine and “under the hood” as well as chassis
b.) have all maintenance work you’ve been putting off done immediately – fine tune her
c.) get some sludge master product to clean out each system appropriate to it – oil, gasoline lines, pumps & systems, hydraulics and transmission –> have any & all gears, bearings, pumps, vacuum lines and seals – all changed to new ones if they are worn or compromised in any way.
D.) Have brakes and brake lines checked for integrity and transmission gear ratios checked by computer diagnostics for any slippage and have it corrected.
E.) Anything that can be done to clean up and perfect the performance of your engine and your rig will increase savings in every gas mile you run.

2. Keep up with it –

Have maintenance performed at 5000 – 6000 miles with slightly higher viscosity oils added and all systems checked. If needed –> add sludge master stuff in any and all systems that need it and top off all fluids. Make vapor lock check on all pneumatic & pressure defined systems.

Any line, seal or bearing that is in need of repair – repair it now. Your trucks’ engines should sound like a purring kitten – not an aircraft carrier on steroids. That chunk – a – chunk – a – sound you are hearing is costing you more in gas than the prices increasing at the pumps.

–> Changes of tires, greasing bearings and axles properly, keeping engine cavity & underbelly clean –> all reduce drag and friction eats up fuel. Now is the time to buy those aerodynamic drag reducing collars that are more efficient than what you already have.

If you haven’t already bought and installed an electric motor / generator system for your rig – get one. This will likely save about 30 gallons of petrol a run and it reduces wear on systems that can use that performance to decrease your overall costs.

3. The biggest thing is this –> THINK. Learning more about the mechanical, diesel, systems engineering and materials science of your rig will help you in many ways. Get some college books about it or download the course materials on MIT online free download site. These things are the core of what has created your “ride”, and you need to know them.

I say this because sometimes, somewhere – you fixing your truck may be an important method of protecting your money and second, you knowing everything you can about performance as it was taught to the engineers who designed your systems will help you to think of better ways to get high performance and increased petrol mileage out of it.

The number one thing that will both save you money & make you money right now is the 5000 – 6000 mile upkeep and maintenance – ( the more closely the basics are guarded, the more likely there is better mileage and less costly downtime for repairs.) She should be purring like a kitten when you pull off, if not, go back and make them do it right. And, I don’t mean maybe. (And then get the manager of the place and tell them what happened, give them one shot at never doing it that shitty to anybody again, etc. etc. etc.)

Let’s get down and dirty about this for a minute –>

If you’ve ever owned a motorcycle, you know some things about engine / transmission / overdrive performance that are also applicable to your rig ( within the law ). Use them and let’s get on with this & the next time, ya’ll wanna stage a protest –> circle them wagons around the oil companies’ HQ for two days and make them camp out in there in the offices. That oughta get their attention. (Just don’t break any laws doing it – we don’t have any money to come get the bunch of ya’ll out of jail anywhere – so you’ve got to be smart about this stuff – make your point and please don’t make stuff harder on people like the rest of us that don’t have any money, either.)

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008
Cricket House Studios – ATL, GA1, USXA1 – USA1 – 04-05-08

“Creating the Tangible from the Impossible every day for real-life, real-time, real-world dynamic workable solutions that do work.” – brand slogan and quote of Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 08

Cricket House Studios – ATL, GA1, USXA1 – USA1 – 04-05-08

“Yeah, well I know ya’ll already knew about everything on here but now it is in a form to explain to your spouse – how come you’re about to spend that money getting it done today.”


If you really wanna do this:

1. Get scissors, pencils, paper, spiral notebooks, 3×3 sticky notes, 3×5 cards in every room (even in several places in each room.) And use them the moment any idea comes into mind about a problem personally or in the world at large. Grab it that moment and more, better, workable ideas will come.

2.  Be everybody’s (1st ) first assistant, gopher, to get it guy / gal, what’s the problem fixer for every and any and all teams you have around you – (including your children, spouse, friends, work, church events, social clubs events, etc.). Be the person who grabs the plates, throws away the eggshells, cleans off the counters and hands the cooks the milk or whatever they need.

3.  Write it down, record it into a vr – voice recorder and play with it later, file it, post it, write it yourself and share it as it is needed by someone, anyone, anywhere anytime at the moment they can use it.

4.  Be bitchy, demanding and insistent when it requires it – otherwise don’t. Just be yourself with all your character and personality shining, play, work and have fun. Enjoy the ride.

5.  Lastly, use what you have, do the best you can, and dream big / do it all as the situation requires. There are 36 hours in every day and 8 or 9 days in a week, crammed into each and every 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. That’s not to say, staying up day and night but rather to use coordinated, efficient and organized methods of comprehensive actions. It gets things done.

There is nothing better in the world than living life because that’s is really all we have.

Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 2008

April 5, 2008


National Esteem, Inspiration to Participate, Citizenship, Creativity, Practical and willingness to apply logistical knowledge to actions, and “Fly-By-Wire Thinking” / “Thinking On Your Feet” Abilities – these are what we need now.

– cricketdiane, 02-06-09