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These are the questions I want considered by our leaders because it might give them perspective and help to create reasonable goals for their efforts. But, I do know they do not have the goals now and cannot hear any of us in America about any of it. I would venture a guess that it doesn’t matter much to any of our government and business leaders because their income and benefits, their retirement and perks are assured.

So, for the rest of us –

Where will America be a year from now?

What will life in the United States be like a year from now, in February 2010?

What will next Christmas be like in 2009? Who will buy gifts?

Who will be able to take vacations this year?

How many children will go to school this fall homeless with none of the comforts of their own homes, their own communities?

By the end of 2009, how many stores, how many businesses, how many factories will be out of business?

Which hospitality industries, airlines and tourist destination businesses will be gone by 2010?

How many more people will work for the US government, State governments, county, local and city governments while more and more people in their communities are out of work?

How many more people will be unemployed? How many more small businesses will have filed for bankruptcy?

How many more homes will have been foreclosed in the US and where will those people be conducting their lives after that event?

Which industries and businesses will have given raises and bonuses to their employees and / or their upper management and executives by the end of 2009? By the end of 2010?

What experiences will we each endure because of the economic recklessness of the US business and banking choices?

What will the stock market look like at the beginning of next year? What will it be in September and October this year?

When will the prices go down for the things that families must buy everyday, every week, every month?

Will there ever be a time that people can hope to own their homes and have any real security in that ownership or will they have lost that opportunity before this time next year?

What types of industries where people can work will exist by the time this year is over?

How many hedge funds will still exist by the start of 2010? How many losses will they suffer?

How many construction projects – commercial and residential will be stalled by next year?
How many charities will no longer exist by the end of 2009?

Will political action groups (PACs) and lobbying groups will continue to hold sway over Washington and the choices made for all of us by this time next year?

How many strikes, protests and suicides will have occurred because of the economic crisis in the United States and around the World as we look back from next February across 2009?

How many shipping, freight carriers and trucking companies will be bankrupt and out of business by the beginning of 2010? Will there be any left?

How many manufacturers will be left in America? Which ones will be able to withstand the loss of sales and stifled credit and which ones are in a position to make it that won’t?

What will be left of America by the end of 2009, the beginning of 2010? Where will our standing in the World be? Will we have any standing? Will any country loan money to us by 2010?

How many people in America will have been disenfranchised by the end of 2010? Will there be a middle class or will everyone be either very poor or very rich?

Will politicians and political parties have finished establishing a police state where the United States used to be?

Will there be new black markets created to have access to affordable things that people need?

Will people scream in anger and anguish or will they have sat back and allowed the changes to roll over them?

How many people will profit from the economic mayhem and what types of businesses will have thrived through this crisis including investment funds and investors?

How many bankruptcies will be filed this year by the time we look back from February of 2010? Will there have been more commercial and business bankruptcies or personal bankruptcies?

When holidays come throughout this year, will people spend money, celebrate, host parties and buy special foods and decorations or will they do something else? As we look back from next year, will there be any holiday spending that was expected or not?

Will businesses end this year and start next year with huge unsold inventories? Will they discount goods to consumers or will they have continued to hold prices at the same place?

Will most Americans have bought a new car this year and will the prices for those vehicles still be tens of thousands of dollars? Will we have an automotive industry by the time 2010 starts?

– cricketdiane, 01-31-09