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What would stimulate the economy? as quickly as possible? (increase liquidity) –

* Shutting down the government for one full day would probably save enough money to pay for the bailout twice over. Just a thought.

* Placing a moratorium on Congress and the Executive branch to stop any and all further spending for one year beyond what is already in place, would probably be more than enough to fix just about everything and have some leftover to send every one of us to Disneyland at least once, next year.

* Stop bailing out and paying for the same things three times over, as someone pointed out on tele news last night, by the time lawyers have billed by the hour to manage these non-performing assets and everything that goes with it, the $700 Billion will be that much many times over. Aside from that, our government has already bailed out these mortgages and mortgage-backed securities twice over as of where we stand today. To what end are we covering the same costs a third time? And how many sources of funds have they hit up for this already? Its a lot more than is being reported. (I say this because I have found many pieces about parts of it, here there and yonder in diverse places of public reporting from international sources to buried reports in US news outlets.)

* Eight elements of broken trust must be repaired, not only in business to public but also in restoration of government to public trust. Without repair of these elements, it will be very close to impossible to accomplish anything of merit.

* Any politician, business executive, decision-maker, legislator and leader who does not know what these eight basic elements of trust are, that have been broken with the public – doesn’t need to hold the position of authority they have. – (and that’s because they also wouldn’t understand why these elements of trust are important and dear to uphold, either.)

* When America upheld this trust, the foundations of prosperity and freedom were strong. As these have been allowed to be broken and abused, the possibilities of both have rested on shallow, infertile ground subject to the whims on one hand and the disdain on the other.

This is not an academic debate, but rather a practical, valid one. For business, prosperity and government are not “games of confidence.” By continued support of those they serve, do they continue to exist and prosper. Therefore, it is truly a matter of genuine trust that is at stake. Without that trust being upheld and given honor – we get the very results we have now.

The eight tenets of trust are:

* Respect

* Mutual Honor

* Integrity

* Willingness to Temper (or Suspend) Personal Gain for Higher Principles

* Fairness and Decency

* Service / (Citizenship)

* Fair and Reasonable Use of Discretion and (Choice), Free Will

* Honesty of a Genuine Nature

(my list – I hope yours is not varied by far from these because these are sound and well-placed. Leadership in any real sense demands these be upheld and kept by honor. They don’t happen automagically.)

Restore these and our economy will grow – without them we will accomplish nothing and our decimation will be our own doing.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 09-27-08, USA