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I say the Republicans lied to us about their principles because –
If you value human life, you don’t wait and visit them after their legs are blown off – you don’t put them in a place to get their body parts blown off in the first place.

If you value human life and American principles, you don’t push masses of the population over the brink of poverty and despair while promoting a few to prosper.

If you value human life, you don’t leave their neighborhoods and communities desolate and abandoned because no one can afford to live in any of the safe decent housing available.

If you value human life, you don’t allow businesses to abuse employees and subject them to dangerous and toxic environmental conditions simply to profit the business – you do all that you can to protect employees so they can reasonably work and live full healthy, happy lives during and after working there.

If you value human life and American principles, you don’t deplete all the resources for them to start their own small businesses, you don’t hinder their progress and opportunity with fees and ridiculously difficult regulations nor tax them into bankruptcy. You do make every opportunity available for them to succeed and make every resource possible to encourage them, support their growth and open markets to them.

If you value human life and America, you don’t allow automakers, oil companies or any company or industry to profit at the expense of every national asset and natural resource that belongs to the American people. Nor do you accept these businesses polluting every natural resource used by all, and causing illness, death and misery.

If you value human life, you don’t leave people to die on the streets of their city in filth and heat and toxic waste for days on end while you dick around Washington with your buddies to get your favorite nominated for anything, regardless of what you think about what is important.

If you value human life and America as a nation, you damn sure don’t rig numbers that analysts and decision-makers depend upon for decisions and strategies that make a difference in people’s lives and opportunities. And, you also damn sure don’t pressure those who have conscientiously collected and analyzed those numbers to change them, “frame them to sound better”, or to altogether ignore what they know to pretend things are the way you think they are.

And –

If you value human life and America, you don’t turn her cities into wastelands of poverty, crime and the nightmares of human slavery.

Amen. And, all God’s people said – Amen, because that’s the truth.

And, that is not all, either. Among other things . . .
There are no words to adequately describe the horrors of living in America under the reign of a government that couldn’t reach down to tie its own shoe without somebody else doing it for them, who couldn’t decide to get anything right because they compromised and traded off instead of constructing “all-win” solutions and that managed to spend $10 trillion dollars while screwing up everything they touched.

And, no I don’t need anyone on the news or in the business of analyzing the current economic situation to know that our economy has gone to hell – anybody actually living in America rather than on the ski slopes somewhere can tell that. Why the jackasses in Washington and Wall Street and their elite little group of banking friends can’t tell that and couldn’t notice it long before last February is a problem for the historic record to determine. I can say that it isn’t because even one among them valued human life, American principles and the United States of America,

– cricketdiane, 01-26-09