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Comment on Republicans created bank bailout for $700 billion dollars and now talk about deficit spending? by Jonathan
The  Republicans are saying they want to see Pres. Obama plans, which includes accountability, infrastructure repairs (which will create jobs), help for the common home owners, fail.  They call it socialism.  But, they rushed through the bailout of Wall Streets and banks and they cannot account for the money.  The common American Tax payers got nothing but a fat bill from the Republican’s bailout.

Is the Republican party anti-Joe Plumber?  For years they have supported policies and laws that have weaken the ability for the common workers to thrive.  Nothing for America’s infrastructure, nothing for job security, but give to the big corporations, turn wars into profit enterprises, and blame it all on the Democrats.

My Response –

Yeah, I’ve noticed that too. I’m starting to wonder whose side the Republicans are serving. It isn’t in their best interest to decimate our population because we will no longer be supporting the purchase of products and moving moneys which makes money for them, for their friends and for their business interests.

However, in every state and across previous administration policies promoted and applied by the Republicans, as well as in local, county and city governments where they have been in power, the common denominator is found in the results we can all see. Houses and neighborhoods stand depreciated and denuded of American life, American families and community. Results of their efforts are also found in the failing businesses of all sizes with commercial and retail properties standing empty and unused. Layoffs are massive and most are permanent with unemployment in many counties around the country well into the double digits no matter how they count it.

We are taxed at every turn and for every thing we need, for every resource we must have and on every dime we earn or make through our decent and intelligent efforts. And, for those taxes, services to every concern of the public conscience is cut, stripped bare, delayed, underfunded, or altogether abandoned. Many states have shovel ready projects because they haven’t been funding them in order to have the funds to suit other purposes which in many cases, none of us would have agreed to fund whether repaving the road to their own house while leaving others in disrepair or refusing to fund winterizing programs so they could re-sod their favorite golf course at public expense.

There is clear evidence that socialism meant nothing to the Republicans when their friends in the banking and investment banking industries wanted money. When AIG – a profit-making publicly traded company had made trillions of dollars in bad decisions, I didn’t hear one Republican party opinion maker, leader or member say anything about how handing them billions of dollars and taking over their board was socialism in application.

It seems to me that the Republican party lied to me about their principles and the reason I say so, is because I can see the footprints of their principles and policies in action and by the results of their efforts. In all honesty, they might reconsider their belief that image, perception and “confidence” are the only things that matter in America and in the World. They are obviously wrong. Sooner or later, the facts do become evident and here we are.

– cricketdiane

P.S. and I think we need to take Boehner around to the IRS and get him a special waiver so he never has to pay taxes again so we can see if his plan will work or not to stimulate his personal economy. In the time the Republican party’s insistence on applying what he keeps on demanding has been wasted, how many things could we have all gotten done?
Their plan didn’t result in anything besides what we’ve got now – why would we lower the taxes of the rich and corporations and let them use fantasy-based “off-balance” sheet accounting ever again?

** And  **

If bankers, businesses, corporations and wealthy investment houses, brokers, investors and hedge funds had been required to use cash, assets, securitization of debt, collateral to debt obligations and credit by the rules the rest of us have endured, they wouldn’t be in this mess, now would they?

– cricketdiane, 01-26-09