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“We’ve made it pretty clear to our members that we are supporting this bill,” Boehner told reporters after the meeting. “We also have made it clear to our members we expected as many of them who could vote for this to vote for it.”

After bashing the bailout plan for more than a week, rank-and-file Republicans are starting to accept what Boehner and others stated early on: The current economic meltdown is a bad situation – and a massive government intervention in the financial markets is regrettable response – but it’s their only option at this late stage in the crisis.


Never once did these sorry ass-scratching sons of bitches like Boehner say – this bailout of the banks is socialism – is wrong and we won’t do it – will create a bigger deficit we can’t afford.

I watched CSPA N during the appropriations committee hearings on amendments to the current stimulus bill. I noted the Republicans stonewalling, undermining any support, following party lines at the expense of common sense and voting to strip the stimulus package of any and all support for regular people in America. They don’t care about the American people, they don’t serve the American people and never once considered their actions when forcing us to pay for their bailout of Wall Street friends and banking interests – most of which they are indebted to and profit from. It is disgusting.

Now, after oppressive tyranny that has run America and her people into the ground over the last thirty years, the overspending that cost us a ten trillion dollar deficit under their control, and no real rights or freedoms left to American citizens, businesses that are in utter ruin, huge unemployment and our country sold to the highest bidder around the world – even our enemies are laughing at our Congressional “leaders” and Republican party.

What a pathetic joke on all of us – and they still talk about us like we are donkeys or asses to be manipulated by stick and carrot. They are screwing us all still today because they refuse to consider being part of the solution or of creating solutions and insist on continuing the same old propaganda and the same old game to profit at our expense.

I refuse to be a citizen supporting the Republican party or the Democratic party, the banks, the big business billionaires, the credit derivatives gamblers, the hedge funds, the stock traders, the brokers, the real estate moguls, and the crap they have forced down all of our throats. There is no change so long as they all stay the same.

Somebody in America ought to sue the shorts off every one of the legislators that voted for the bailouts to banks misappropriating our money to do it. And, a class action suit should be made against the Republican party for misrepresenting their principles to those that have supported them. They didn’t use those principles in action and they should be held accountable.

– cricketdiane, 01-23-09