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On CNN’s Lou Dobbs show tonight there was an “expert” saying that we have lost x number of jobs (over 2 million) and because each month another 1.5 million jobs are needed in order to absorb the greater number of employable, therefore we need to add 4 million jobs in America. So, I wrote this to their email because that was about too stupid to not send something to correct it.

I’m appalled at the degree of willingness of paid “experts” to subject us to their perception management tactics, “framing” and interpreting the issues for us, expressing misguided and disingenuous “facts” loosely based on reality, and pretending or projecting that reality is different than it is. Those are the tactics that got us in this mess and kept it going until we’ve damn near lost America because of it. (anyway, I didn’t write this part to tell them at the Lou Dobbs, CNN show – I wrote this below and sent it –

When there are 11.1 million people unemployed and 8.6 million people forced to work part-time when they neither need or want to work part-time (by US government’s low-ball estimates), that is conservatively 19.7 million good-paying jobs America is missing. So, how many jobs need to be put in place right now isn’t even in the neighborhood of 4 million as described by the expert on your show.

America needs 20 million jobs to replace those that have been lost as evidenced by the numbers of unemployed and underemployed currently plus an additional growth of +/- 2 million jobs per month to accommodate our growing population of employable individuals.

The grossly underestimated numbers given by your expert on tonight’s show was a continuing failure by academics, experts, government agencies and news organizations which has been and is still aggravating the problem. There can be no solutions where our larger community believes our economic difficulties are only a fifth of what they actually are. Your audience living in its own small communities around the globe, but especially in the US, already know that the problem is much greater than you are saying because it is being experienced first hand. Why don’t you and your producers know that?

– cricketdiane, 01-20-09