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So, let’s see what we’ve got here . . .

Every piece of property in America has been sold three times over –

once when the seller received their price from the buyer’s mortgage,

secondly, when the bank or finance company charged 8 times the price of the property for the mortgage on it,

and, third, when that mortgage was sold to a secondary market packaged with other derivatives and mortgage-backed securities.


So now, every piece of property in the United States is no longer owned by anyone in our citizenry who would occupy and conduct their lives from it. That means, we don’t own America anymore.


Every property is now owned by banks around the world, foreign investment groups and other businesses rather than by anything or anyone in the US. Even the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage products are sold off into the secondary markets so they can make more mortgages. Therefore even those properties are literally under the ownership of businesses elsewhere.

As much as some American banks and companies do own groups of these mortgage-backed securities, they are not people in respect to this property ownership – not homeowners – not those who would be members of the community – not church goers – not raising their families in those homes – and have no vested interest in the improvement and upkeep of the homes.


There are several serious flaws in this system and ideology of mortgage / home ownership / commercial property / real estate and property ownership. The first of which is that those holding the mortgages actually own the properties, not those people that are paying on the mortgages.

The more serious flaw, however, is that now none of the property in the US is owned by the US nor by its citizens. How can people be paying for something that they will never, never, never own? Why would they pay for these homes and properties when some foreign banking or investment group is actually being paid to pay off their debt in the property and those Americans paying the interest and principle will never own it?


Another reason this system is flawed, has to do with the pragmatic logistics of owning thirty thousand properties in the US when these have defaulted on their mortgages and the company of ownership exists elsewhere in the world. Not only did these companies, banks, hedge funds and investors never have a plan for this – they also have no real intention of using these properties as homes or businesses.

The properties are no more than a number on a page of assets somewhere – the real properties behind them mean nothing in this tally while the only real use the properties do have is no longer viable and no longer utilized. At the same time, those who would have use of the physical real properties among the citizens and businesses in the US have no genuine access to ownership of them. What purpose then do they serve?

When there exists no part and place for the citizens of a country to have real ownership in property and businesses of their country – there also ceases to exist any vested interest in support of the interests of the country and its communities, its governments, its existing businesses, its ideologies, its security, its assets, its improvements, its survival.


Now, the bankers, government officials, chamber of commerce leadership, lobbyists, Wall Street, and various other leaders of the United States appear to be trying to find a way to keep the same old game going. So, the real question is not what will restore the credit markets.

The real question is – how we will take what we have and go to something new that evolves from what it has been?

So we take these bankers out of the game for the very treasonous and criminal harms done to the United States and the World? Do we restore ownership of all mortgages, credit, properties, assets and US business interests of the US to the US?

Do we let those companies be destroyed that are holding to prices that are inflated for purposes of making money on the credit required for any purchases of their products, services or properties, including automakers and sellers of real estate? Do we stop subsidizing lobbyists, banks, financiers and foreign interests, profit-driven oil companies and pharmaceuticals?


How much of the problems would be solved if we make it the law that if a bank or finance company originates a mortgage, it must hold that mortgage for at least two-thirds of the life of the mortgage or for its entire term?

How much more of the economic problems in the US and around the World would be solved almost immediately by removing all credit derivatives from use – allowing no new ones to be made and by forcing all existing ones to be resolved before the end of 2009? What if that includes all credit derivatives, credit default swaps, mortgage-backed securities, bonds and commercial paper of any kind – all of which would be resolved before the end of 2009 and then never allowed again?