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ADP National Employment Report Shows U.S. Employment Decreased by 693,000 Private Sector Jobs in December
January 07, 2009: 08:15 AM ET


Amazingly, there are over 4 million people on unemployment currently, according to a quick note by the news anchors a couple days ago. If there were any way to get real time numbers, the real percentage of unemployed and underemployed in the US would have to represent a greater and more significant portion of the employable population.

Since, the numbers of employable individuals, according to the US census – from probably 2000 – like that helps any – is around 151+ million, is our government really trying to make us believe that unemployment rests at less than 7%?

What happens when these people who have done their jobs are laid off while those at the top of companies that have run their businesses into the ground are kept?

Do these numbers yet underscore the failing purchase power that is being built into the marketplace? – Which drops more jobs and opportunities from the market and floods that market with a greater and greater glut of products unsold, properties unpurchased, commercial properties empty and higher numbers of businesses going out of business.

A few jobs added through infrastructure programs including “eco-friendly golf courses” for Dayton, Ohio – are not going to be a fix for this situation. Unless there are resources that America can provide to markets throughout the world, we are simply feeding on our own tail.

– cricketdiane, 01-07-09, USA