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LONDON — Waterford Wedgwood, the maker of classic china and crystal, filed for bankruptcy protection Monday

Crystal, china maker Waterford Wedgwood files for bankruptcy

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International Herald Tribune Home with Global News – Assorted Sources – check along right hand boxes for overview headlines


– halfway down page on left is link for chart showing mortgage defaults projected sometime before August 2008



United Press International – global news






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These are some of the sources I use, but I also watch Bloomberg, CNN and CNN International, FoxNews, FoxBusiness, CNBC, Headline News (a CNN product) and BBC America (which is more like a game show than the news but they’re fun anyway.)

I don’t trust any of them to tell me the truth – so do whatever it takes to check the facts as they actually exist makes the best sense to me. There are other places online to find facts obviously, but personally, I look for leads more than interpretation so I can locate sources, facts and accurate figures.


And, there are at least four things I can think of that will solve our financial crisis / economic crisis in America – and the business leaders, politicians, government leaders and others in a position to do so – aren’t going to do any of those things either. And – I would venture to guess others have solutions that will work as well and these leaders aren’t going to do those things either,  or in fact, anything else that could work until it is really too late to matter. Doesn’t that say it all . . .

– cricketdiane,