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FAT CATS Story about Wall Street Party – Cigar Party seen on CNN Headline News 6:44 p.m. ET, 10-17-08

There was a caller that said, government money is being used by these people and they shouldn’t get away with spending it like this. The anchors said, “Oh no. This isn’t taxpayers’ money – not government money.”

And those anchors and Wall Street bastards are wrong – it is OUR MONEY and taxpayers’ money/govt money.

How do you figure its not our money they are misusing playing with it like its their own little stash of monopoly money?

Isn’t it our retirement accounts they are using? The hard-earned money of Americans across the country have been paid into the funds and into the vast resources of savings, 401Ks, retirements accounts, mutual funds and other accounts. Isn’t that the money they are playing with?

ISN’T IT OUR MONEY deposited in the banks they’ve used for gambling and manipulated into any last dime they have?

Isn’t is our money they’ve borrowed and leveraged against?
and OUR jobs, OUR businesses, and OUR futures?

And, isn’t it OUR TAX DOLLARS bailing out their stupid choices of greed and manipulative gaming, gambling and insatiable thrill-seeking desire for money?

Why don’t they have to put together their party money, bonuses, stocks, savings, retirements, perks, over the top incomes and properties to bail out this mess?

Yes, it is government money they are using for their parties, bonuses, excesses and exorbitances now.

These are not the survival of the fittest – there isn’t one redeeming quality among them unless our survival depends on getting a shoe shine and only tipping a quarter.

They have nothing else to offer and if they had to live for three – six months where the rest of us live – they wouldn’t make it.

Thankyou for your story –
Any one of those cigars would pay for me to live an entire month and probably pay a down payment on a car, too.

– Cricket Diane C Sparky Phillips, 10-17-08, USA