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Do people understand that they will be paying 75% of their income in taxes after this year?

Do people understand that between all the tax increases from income tax, state taxes, gasoline taxes, excise taxes, capital gains taxes, federal taxes, sales taxes, ad valorem taxes, property taxes and everything else, they will be paying out 75% of any and all types of income to our government?

That isn’t a bill for our children and grandchildren – We are the grandchildren and children who were left with it from the last thirty years of nonsense.

On top of that, the news and government leaders believe that 6% in our unemployment numbers, when it only relates a small percentage of the actual unemployment in the US. Without employment, there are not going to be consumers. And, without consumers – the top 2% of the population can’t support the majority of businesses, enterprises and consumer-goods.

What did they think would happen when the stones from the base of their “pyramid” were crushed?

And would somebody please tell the ideots of the Obama bunch that there already is an agency whereby bridges are built, dams are created and other infrastructure projects – its called the corps of engineers and the department of transportation.

Leave it to the Democrats to solve a problem by creating another agency that needs funding without getting a damn thing done to solve anything.

Why didn’t the Democratic party and acorn and the other jerks of socialist doctrine who wanted affordable housing to be available to the poor – simply make employment opportunities available to them which would have increased their standard of living and given accessibility to home ownership in a sustainable way?

Or was that not who they wanted to prosper?

Why do the Democrats not hold the Democrats responsible that established this crisis by their actions?

Written by Cricket Diane C Sparky Phillips, 10-12-08, USA