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Bush administration hopes economic summit will reassure citizens.

Source: Chicago Tribune (via Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service)

Publication Date: 12-AUG-02


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Bush administration hopes economic summit will reassure citizens.

Byline: Jeff Zeleny

CRAWFORD, Texas _ Hoping to reassure Americans that his administration has a firm grasp of the country’s economic struggles, President Bush is interrupting his vacation Tuesday to convene an elaborate meeting of business executives and a sprinkling of blue-collar workers to give the White House a first-hand account of the state of the nation’s economy.

“The president believes the best solutions are found outside of Washington,” said White House spokesman Scott McClellan. “That’s why he wants to hear directly from working Americans and small investors, who are the backbone of our economy.”

While the public still expresses faith in the Bush administration’s ability to handle national security, Republicans are growing increasingly nervous about the political effects of a sputtering economy and are eager to portray the president as deeply involved in achieving a swift recovery.

The White House, too, is constantly mindful that the economy helped derail the re-election campaign of the president’s father a decade ago. To underscore the seriousness of the subject, the president summoned seven members of his Cabinet and…