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I keep hearing on news broadcasts, anchors ask would it have been better to pass the bailout (regardless of what its called) or do nothing. Since when did those two choices become the only ones on the menu?

So, I take it that the US Congress and Executive Branch, Republicans and Democrats alike, have become a process of blackmail, bribery, strong-arming and buying votes. No wonder they can’t believe constituents.

How could the choice be the bailout or do nothing at all? Where are the packages of real solutions available beyond those two untenable options? Because, guaranteed – we are still going to need them.

– By the way, I don’t know if anyone has said this yet or not – but, people having trouble paying their mortgages can opt for renting out the spare bedroom to college students? maybe, exchange students, young marrieds, friends, elderly, disabled or through some church and social match-up roommates programs. People got to live somewhere, but tell people to be very careful and tolerant doing this. Some things are manageable – get along stuff and some can be very dangerous and untoward. There are common sense guidelines to follow as in any roommate situation and tolerance required. It is an immediate answer to cash strapped homeowners in danger of losing their home.

The other thing is that small businesses and homeowners alike, can rent out space for someone to have an office (in their garage, spare bedroom, den or in part of their existing business or office location.) There are also family reunions and organizations, holiday parties and get-togethers for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas that will need host facilities. It could be a Norman Rockwell moment to combine our holidays and host others for a fair and responsible fee. (I say responsible, because if certain things are going on, insurance on site won’t cover it, but normally existing insurance policies will cover whether a fee is charged or not – check policy, but don’t ask before doing it.  They sure won’t cover, if asked first and say no – pathetic but true.)

Other solutions quickly – people that have been in difficult economic situations say that people will always buy what they need as long as they can. Beyond that, they will buy entertainment and things to feel better and to feel beautiful, safe and comforted, however fleeting. I don’t know if that is completely accurate or not but it appears to be so throughout the difficulties that have occurred around the world and in the US historically. It may be a human thing.

Lastly for this moment, two things –
One, a lot of people including Congressional members, scary enough – don’t seem to understand why socialism and even communism is not preferable to what we already had and why people have fought and died to keep the liberty, capitalism and representative government of the United States intact, including its ideologies and tenets.

– I don’t know how to even start to explain that to people that think its no big deal. But they are wrong about it and I do know why they are wrong. It is a big deal and an even bigger deal that it was done without our agreement or voice.

Two, what is actually going to happen as a result of all of this – is that people will die this winter as the higher prices of heating oil, natural gas and electricity along with the lower purchasing power of the dollar sets in about the same time. That is not only a problem for homeless and nearly homeless and about to be homeless, but also for those whose unemployment benefits run dry without finding jobs and their families. It will also be the case for many elderly and disabled on fixed incomes that have not risen with the cost of going to the grocery or paying higher costs for utilities and everything else. This problem could use some quick attention around the nation now before the winter sets into motion.

The other thing that is actually going to happen that is certain in this – people that aren’t already lost in the muck and mire of maxed out credit cards, resetting mortgages and higher overall costs of being employed or conducting their small business aren’t going to be helped by the bailout tax cuts quickly enough to stay in business nor to manage their household budgets. So – the way people can know when it is really actually bad enough to panic over it is – when the choice becomes whether to buy toilet paper or two cans of tuna. That is that last moment to get actions in motion for constructive change before it all goes to hell in a handbasket. Of course, I always run a little close to the edge – so maybe before it gets to that point would be a better place to get started.

– Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 10-04-08, USA