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Insists on corporate responsibility to bolster consumer and investor confidence and protect workers’ jobs, pensions and retirement;

Implements a comprehensive national energy policy that will create thousands of new American jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil;

Accelerating depreciation so businesses can invest more and hire more.

The President signed into law tough new corporate accountability standards that tell workers that what’s fair on the top floor should be fair on the shop floor.

Confidence. A critical component of saving and investing is confidence. The President wants to return ethics, integrity, and accountability to corporate America so that investors can be confident they have the facts they need to make informed decisions. The President’s agenda exposes acts of corporate corruption by increasing coordination with a new Corporate Fraud Task Force.

The President’s agenda moves corporate accounting out of the shadows by creating a new independent accounting oversight board to police the accounting profession. And the President’s agenda protects small investors and pension holders by giving workers the same rights as corporate executives. This Administration will investigate, arrest and prosecute corporate executives who break the law.

Invests in today’s workers by providing education and training opportunities to learn new skills.

Wages are rising faster than inflation;

Owning Part of the American Dream

Increasing Homeownership. Owning your own home is the cornerstone of stability and long term financial security. But for many Americans, homeownership is out of reach. The President wants to tear down the barriers to homeownership for all Americans, and increase the number of minority homeowners by 5.5 million by:

* Providing downpayment assistance through the American Dream Downpayment Fund;
* Increasing the supply of affordable homes through housing tax credits;
* Tripling funds for organizations like Habitat for Humanity that help families get their first home; and
* Simplifying the home buying process.

Innovation, Opportunity and Entrepreneurship. Small businesses are the heart of the American economy because they drive innovation and create new jobs. The strength of our Nation is built on the strength of our ideas. The President wants to reward this creativity and innovation and create thousands of new small businesses, including women and minority-owned small businesses, by:

* Tearing down regulatory barriers that prevent the creation of new small businesses and jobs;

As the President continues to pursue his agenda to create jobs; open foreign markets to American goods; help Americans save, invest and keep more of their money; and foster a new ethic of corporate responsibility; our economy will continue to grow.

President Bush, August 2002


*** Reading these few excerpts from President Bush, I note that we have really ended up with something else. However, the administration certainly has known there was a gross problem with corporate irresponsibility and leverage of credit products that were faulty and imprudent, among other things.

Why did they let it all come to this and between here and there, allow these to be sold throughout the world to many countries’ operating capital budgets?

Was the sum total of their efforts involved with engaging the “framing” of the problems in unemployment and other attributes of the economic reality to appear better or different than they were (and are)?

– Cricket Diane C Sparky Phillips, 10-03-08, USA