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Current 2008 figures – but they aren’t comprehensive in any respect –

The 159,000 tally of total job losses — government and private payrolls — was the most since March 2003, when the labor market was still struggling to get back on its feet after being knocked down by the 2001 recession. The picture was even darker for private employers. They cut 168,000 jobs last month, the 10th month of such losses.


Why does this say private employers cut 168,000 jobs which is more than the “total tally”? And nowhere in this article does it mention that the figures are only new first-time applicants for unemployment benefits and not a real total at all.

It also doesn’t mention that government and health services added a huge number of jobs – now are these on paper jobs or is anybody with a warm body getting them or what? The US Treasury just added a large workforce from the out-of-work buddies on Wall Street and attorneys as asset managers for the bailout.

How many jobs were really lost, if the government hadn’t shored up the numbers by arbitrarily adding jobs (before the bailout.)?