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The two conclusions that I’ve reached from the information I found last night about the people involved in the economic policy decision-making are –

  1. a lot of our government’s policy, analysis and plans are coming from a limited pool which means a narrowly-perceived set of options and facts are available to them, and
  2. the meanings and options derived from these facts are being determined by a few rather than by many which is closed-minded as a loop that ever agrees with itself.

Those interpretations and their underlying analysis would consequently, have other options and ways of looking at the situations unavailable to it.

So, rather than having a feast upon the table from which to choose a vast range of possibilities, it would appear very limited in scope, instead.

Distortions of fact can happen for any number of reasons inside a “family” system where no other options or ways of seeing things are given credence. It can cause distortions of fact and it creates ignorance among otherwise intelligent and educated people either by deferring to one of expertise or authority – or because of desired expectations and wanting to believe a certain way which is easily preyed upon.

Non-integrated, non-comprehensive analysis with faulty interpretations can be furthered without hindrance, having no real checks and balances in place within such a closed family system. Situations, that were not comprehensively analyzed could be and are being portrayed in a certain manner and lead in turn to solutions not based in accurate analysis of the facts.

(It would be like having a group of people say, and even insist that it is not raining when it is, because the only perception they have of it has not occurred outside where it is raining. Then, the faulty solution would be offered to, “not take an umbrella, it isn’t necessary.” Does it change the fact that your nice suit is going to get wet when you go outside? It is raining, in this case, whether the analysis and opinions are given accurately or not.)

** The reason I thought it was important to find out more and post it online, about the people and their associations whose economic policy choices are being used for decision-making we will all endure is because it is a part of the whole picture being excluded. Their connectedness tells me that they operate much like a family only trusting that which comes from within their family and little of what comes from outside it.

Since we have endured their faulty solutions already and are to endure them again, it is important to know how they have arrived at their “only” alternatives and believed those would work.

Granted that graft and corruption influences any decision-making process, but xo does our willingness to believe in faulty premises. The faulty premise in a closed-minded narrow perspective is that it is the only “right” way to see it. And, that therefore, it is correct. Unfortunately, that does not make it so. Reality is complex and cannot be defined nor limited by an inadequate interpretation of it.

(There was a time in West Georgia when I lived there, that a bunch of the old men in the community decided to amuse themselves by pulling one over on the younger men in the morning coffee set and where they worked. So, the told all the young men that the only time a woman could get pregnant was while it was that “time of the month” but not any other time – then when the young men asked any one of this little group of elderly men to confirm whether that was true, they would assure them it was no matter what those stupid city people taught them in school.

Of course, all of a sudden, a number of young women, early married women and both married and unmarried women in the community “got themselves pregnant.” And, with the tales of each pregnancy, these old men sat at their table roosted in the diners around town and laughed and teased the young men and laughed and had the best time out of it. But, doesn’t it suggest that real damages can happen in closed-minded places where any reason, even for amusement can be at the heart of misinterpreted and conveyed information.) This is the truth – it really happened in a little town at the Georgia – Alabama line in 1989.

– Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 10-30-08