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This is why we don’t study this economics stuff in classrooms. We study it in the real world and teach it in classrooms.

It is not whether anyone has worked in the public sector before or has that experience from which to draw. It is in whether anyone has ever experienced being homeless and out of work, without opportunities and enslaved by poverty and despotism. That is the experience it takes to know why it is so very critical to have done the right things in the right ways before this and certainly, now that we are here.

The practices of our “financial class,” bankers, investment houses, Wall Street, speculators and their friendly Congressional legislators have burned down the framework of freedom and prosperity in America long before today. It is why today, we have their results and the crises it has caused that is before us to solve. We have America’s economy to rebuild and opportunity to be restored.

I know why it was critical and important to work on getting changes made to this many months and years before today ever came because of two things, 1.) It didn’t have to be this way and, 2.) I personally know the damage their way of doing things has caused. Now, they’ve spread those results out to a greater population, who is already experiencing it this very minute. I know what that is and what could’ve been done to avert it, while you and your colleagues along with every trader, banker and politician were saying, “it is all fine, everything is just fine.”

So, from the real world I learned the tangible costs of Wall Street having the run of our government and their demand that leadership equals dictatorship. I know what leadership is in a nation of freedoms, rights and opportunities to prosper equally guaranteed to all under a government of representation serving her people. I’ve seen what can happen with that and what has happened without it. The difference lends to us the results from histories of oppression and economic insolvency throughout time and around the world that we now have unfolding here.

Genuine leadership in America has integrity, not pretense, because it answers to the people of America that it serves. Regardless of one’s background, status, nationality, religion, race, gender, age or “wholeness” by some prescribed measure, each and every American individually and as a nation, serves America.

Everyone, whether citizen by birth or oath, or simply physically standing in our nation, is governed by consent of the governed, and nothing else. Not by law, nor decree, nor by money, nor status, nor even by principle are we governed – only, and always only, by our consent. That was the decree of freedom that made this country and it is the truth even today.

There is nothing else that makes it work and nothing else that will work for very long because we have tasted freedom, died for it, lived for it, endured for it and will always fight for it. To not have freedom, rights, opportunities, equality and the possibility of prosperity makes living and enduring any difficulty immeasurable and filled with sorrows.

I know. I have lived in an America without freedom – have you?

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 09-29-08, USA