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Now, that was so rude. I can’t believe I said that.

I think the scariest thing I’ve seen lately is the junior jackasses from Congress coming out to make statements to the press when they are bovines being pushed into it

Not, that having more senior members of Congress is really any much better, but noticing the difference is just about unnerving.

Overseas, the options of taking over banks is simply a matter of logistics. Many of these countries are already socialist states. If our nation and our people had agreed to that underlying principle for our national practices, then maybe it would be an option. But, that isn’t the case.

I haven’t read the Democrats document – but 110 pages! That is more work than they’ve managed to do in the entire last two sessions. This was likely the most flawed document and well-constructed at the same time in the history of the Congress. There are no other options on the table – the golden parachute rule has already been pointed out to be a joke and not applicable to anyone already in place – and the package is very much the same as the plan Paulson offered in the first place. What kind of creative and viable solution is that?

When our Congressional leadership do not understand the basic foundations of the United States that must be honored when applying solutions to anything they legislate, then there is a sorely lacking education level at fault. It isn’t for there to be a spine among them – it is for their understanding of America requires the application of their reason and good sense with the founding principles underpinning the United States and Constitution utilized – not abandoned when it matters.

We can take our passion for these matters around the world and fight for them, die for them and endure all manner of difficulty to honor them. Isn’t there enough guts and honor to do so in Congress?

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 09-29-08, USA