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CNN, at 2.23 p.m. today, 09-29-08, on your broadcast – Your male anchor in response to the vote in Congress, made the comment that the (American people and Congress) –
“Need to close your eyes and swallow it.” – (and pass this bailout because we have to have it this way, just this way, only this way and right now, right now, right now..)

He also said before that,
“There are not principles in the market …Principles don’t work in the marketplace.” (roughly paraphrased)

That first one was a lewd and graphic comment. The only comments I can think of (in response) are also lewd and graphic, to say the least. But I would say this, on the record, – maybe the fact that principles are not in the markets and do not work any longer in the markets – identifies the problem at its most fundamental.

He is telling us (along with his Wall Street, banking and business friends / political friends) that those who are forcing this on the American people have the idea that in some way – this line of thinking that we should “close our eyes and swallow it,” is appropriate. And, guess what –

Raping the US Treasury, our governmental authorities of office, our systems of economic prosperity and freedoms, our opportunities for a future, our free market model / capitalism and the American people is unprincipled for a reason.

If I have anything to do with it, I’ll find a way to viral video this particular attitude your male anchor conveyed such that maybe our business leaders can begin understanding where the attitude, “close your eyes and swallow it” belongs. And, why principles matter and rape or putting America on her knees to gratify them is unacceptable.

And thankyou for letting us all know that Wall Street actually was, (and is), intentionally saying, “America – suck our dicks” – “Close your eyes, swallow it and enjoy it.” while we rape, pillage and plunder the United States for our own gratification.


Isn’t that special.

– Cricket Diane C Sparky Phillips, 09-29-08, USA

P.S. – I apologize for the graphic and lewd response to your CNN anchor / reporter and the buddies he supports, but – No, Hell, NO.

And if that is the only thing our banking industry, Wall Street and Democratic Congressional leaders supporting this intend, then they can learn why principles matter at their own expense and “suck off their own dicks.”

I would take the time to find out why the Democrats and few Republican that voted, yes, on this bailout were so interested in having it pass and to what self-interest they were serving. However, there is much to do that can help solve the problems before us and my efforts would probably do more in that arena.

I still wanna get ‘em, though and ask what kind of thinking made a socialist / communist response to a capitalist problem make sense to them. I really do. But, there are greater resources that will be devoted to that and to finding out what interests they serve.

And, it sure would be nice to kick them in the butt – one good time, just on general principle. The idea that nothing anyone has said made any difference to them is such an incredible abuse of their oath of office that it defies any concept of representative government.

Who conned them into that? And, I’d love to kick their butts too. I’ve come to hate bankers, traders, and high-paid jackasses that serve no one of us, including those of the political variety.

But, I’ve a choice to move some mountains or bother with them. I guess I’ll get some shovels.

Written by Cricket Diane C Sparky Phillips, 09-29-08, USA