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Why would it be so important to me to make every effort to either stop these bailouts or cause them to be done in the right way?
Written by Cricket Diane C Phillips, 09-27-08

When I watched earlier this year as my Secretary of the Treasury and my Federal Reserve Chairman lie before Congress, I felt heart-broken and tears filled my eyes beyond my ability to reason through it.

I had seen things that led me to believe that they were working on the problem in their respective fields. That moment, a peace died in me about it and I knew they each had made a choice to lie to my Congress and to my people of America. I felt forlorn and alone but most of all, ashamed of them and very afraid.

So, I began to do everything I could think to do such that a message might get through to them that we had to get these things done now, how could they say it was alright when we all knew it wasn’t? And, I began to ask myself the question, “what would make men otherwise conscionable, break their oath of office and their oath to testify truthfully to Congress in order to lie?” I could not find any answer that made any sense.

How could someone know, well before last year, of the critical nature of this economic blight and sit in oath to us and to Congress in Oct., and then in March, relating a completely altered and exact opposite of the facts?

I began trying to express it to those who might understand, hoping that an explanation would be found by the news, the President, the players in the game that were at risk, somebody. But, still each night as I watched the scenes play on the news, every interpretation of the facts I had seen were extrapolated to mean something else.

They had experts explain “bubbles” and how it was just a little bubble or market adjustment, that had already reached its low and would rally when the bulls got going again, but each day the analysis I made was evidently showing things in a far different manner.

I think it was in Feb. Of this year that I tried to explain it to my Dad, my sons, my son-in-laws and daughters, who weren’t as patient with me as some, and certainly more patient than they could have been. They said, “why are you worried about this? It doesn’t have anything to do with you.” And, they are right in some ways, but in this case, I think that it was either my inability to explain its importance or their lack of specific knowledge. Either way, it was very annoying to try explaining this and be told I couldn’t know anything about it and that it has nothing to do with me.

But, I went on trying to get word to those who could do something about it which likely didn’t help much. And, I started checking to see if I had misread or misunderstood the documents I had seen. I redid the analysis earlier this year, about a thousand times, (about Feb., early March), checked and rechecked numbers and sources but it continued to come out the same. These analyses I made continued to be confirmed and verified from other sources, as well. I had a hell of a time figuring it out.

You know, sometimes numbers, analysis and calculations / equations can lead to results that are not in line with reality. It is said in the statistics and engineering fields that anything can be proven with statistics on either side of the coin and in between. So, I began making statistical checks against reality in every element of my computational models. I rarely write down the models but commonly note figures used and where they were derived, (and sometimes, how they were derived.)

For each check and cross-check the verifications came now from reality. Real people had been losing their homes, more and more so every week, every day. Jobs were being lost at a staggering rate but unemployment figures failed to show any significant increases. I found out later that the new way unemployment numbers are given by percentage is only the number of first time applications for unemployment benefits and no reflection of the total unemployment numbers. Models of business activities continued to be high projections, bad models from financial “experts” and real tables of continuing declines with rising costs.

Right about there, it wasn’t rocket science anymore. I noticed more and more about real situations that seemed to have more idiocy at work than common sense where the losses were in human life, critical infrastructures and sorely lacking resources were the culprits. A dam that doesn’t hold, I would call a sorely lacking resource, for certain and I did. Well, to an extent, re-allocation of moneys and good resources, cutting corners, using cheap materials and poor engineering and safety practices were the cause. Each time was bringing me back with more data, more facts and better questions.

At one point, this spring I asked Dad if our government needed the dimensional model I was using and he said they have it already. I would’ve sent it along if it would’ve helped but since they are already using it, I still wonder what the difficulty was in using it to understand the situation, (especially the macro-economic one.)

And, I don’t fully understand how the “experts” could get on television, likely paid for it and either lie or be that misguided. Its still hard to fathom. But I do know now that they had to have known better in many respects. Some things are not a matter of opinion or rhetoric and simply have no advantage by debate. I always thought that “experts” would, by definition, tell the truth. But, I can see they don’t have to do so. There is nothing but conscience to compel them to tell the facts accurately portrayed.

Except in Congress or a court of law where it is the law to tell the truth this time and every time. But there, I and everyone else have watched those in authority lie – those on trial lie – attorneys lie – and people hire them to do that lying well. They don’t look at it as lying, though and they call it by other names like “arguing the case,” and “rhetoric” and “paid expert analysis to support one’s side of the argument.” It’s a whole industry.

Okay, but not in some things. Its on the list, lying to the President, the Vice President, the Congress, Secretary’s of certain departments and agencies, for certain – to the Court and definitely to some committees of Congress, to the Generals, to the International Tribunal and to the Pope are all big lying no-no’s. They aren’t to be tolerated ever in a real absolute way. This is one of those things that is very illegal and wrong to do as well as dumb at the same time. However, in certain circumstances I would lie to a General in a heartbeat, so that certain things are kept in the hands of those authorized to have them, like the Vice President, certain Congressmen and occasionally, the President. But, I wouldn’t put a General’s life in danger doing it.

I think that is what bothered me most about seeing the lies perpetrated about our economy and the reality of our situation. It put people’s lives in jeopardy and many have died after losing their jobs, their homes and often their family’s well-being. They’ve tendered a job well done and received a shot at homelessness. Some didn’t wait to see how it all turns out and some turned to activities that weren’t safe nor good, and some blew themselves and their families to kingdom come rather than to face the experience any longer.

People have gotten hurt. Chances are pretty dismal in our economy now when we actually have had time to have fixed it. Huge numbers of people across my nation are homeless and without jobs precisely because of this after having worked to have them. I tried to get some ways to deal constructively with these challenges into the hands of community leaders hoping to encourage them to help people being affected by this and they have helped in extraordinary ways. Many people are shoring up each other as neighbors and communities to restore hope and encouraging each person around them to move through this experience anyway, no matter how tough it is.

I know that its “none of my business.” I’ve certainly had enough opinionated ideas and comments to have covered any three hundred opportunities to express them over the course of this year. And, I have expressed them. And, sometimes I haven’t. Many things I have kept to myself and for the better, or not, I don’t know. I do know this, I am a citizen of the United States first and foremost, before and beyond all other things. I am a citizen of the world. I was born into freedom and I have the duties of freedom. Sometimes in the United States, I have the rights of that freedom and sometimes, I am denied those rights without reasonable cause. It is the way the US has been in my lifetime. Especially surprising is that it has been such a common experience for huge populations in my country of guaranteed rights and freedoms. These are no longer secured.

But, I still have the duties of freedom and as a US citizen. It is my business what happens. It is my job to do what I can. Anyone else can do that in the way it suits, although their citizenship demands that it is their business too, whether they know it or not.

Written by Cricket Diane C “Sparky” Phillips, 09-28-08, USA